Back in the Day
  • Celebrate all things nostalgic and retro in this thread...

    The only criteria I have is that your first sentence must start with 'Back in the day....' and you have to talk about something true(ish)

    I don't care if it's that you remember when you used to watch star trek and geek out about it with your buddies at the library lunchtable later, or maybe you're reminiscing about when you were younger and healthier and had a wicked day with the football team.

    If it's a wicked memory to share, let's talk about it :)

    EDIT: Some truth-bending allowances will be made for tall tales.
  • Back in the day i rocked a My First Tape Recorder by fisher price. Those cassettes of my lovely baby voice are somewhere, also watching the movie Titan A.E. was my daily ritual
  • Back in the day I remember sitting all day in an arcade playing mario 3 or sf2. When playing sf2 my friends use to take bets when someone wanted to play against me and I won most of the time and then that money was turned into more games. I would play other games as well but those were the ones that I played the most. I miss those days sometimes.

    Also back in the day I remember going to the movies and it only costing $1.50 per movie... Those days are long gone now.
  • Back in the day, I ran errands with my dad in a cycle we called the "Costco Run". The activities of said run included driving to Costco with some hard rock playing in the car. We'd pick up a weeks worth of supplies (occasionally getting a new dvd or something for fun), then would head over to McDonalds across the street to have a good o#3 Large with a Diet (coke) for me and a #2 Large with a Diet for my dad. We did this for years and it was a great bonding experience for my dad and me. This stopped during my sophomore year in high school when I transfered to a new school, and started watching my diet.
  • Back in the day I remember chilling with my buddies in band, playing Mario Kart DS, on the bus to and from band events, with the max players. Foul language was shouted, middle fingers were extended, it was a good time. I remember back to the time before band would start in the evening, chilling in the band room, fucking a round like total idiots. I remember coming to school after a huge gaming announcement, and spending all of our free time discussing the 30 second clip during every moment of free time. I remember having extended discussions about the balance of TF2, the new weapons, what our team should look like, and so forth. I remember getting home, post school and band, hopping on onto my comp, auto logging into xfire, and getting into a voice chat. We'd Boot up CS:S, TF2, DOW, ect., and play till the wee hours of the morning, crash, and do it all again. That shit was two years ago, I'm in college now, 13 hours by car from my home town (for 2 years now), with a lack of friends entirely, let alone friends who were ecstatic about gaming and geekdom in general. It hasn't been long since then, but man, I miss those days.
  • Back in the day I had two paper routes (one in the morning one in the afternoon), caught the bus for 2 hours to and from school (3-4 hours total... it's skuzzy math :)) so I didn't play much. This was back in the eighties/ nineties when you when gameboys were brand new so I didn't do much on the bus but read textbooks (or YA Novels like Robotech, Hardy Boys or Chronicles of Narnia) and talk. I lived FAR from school, last (of my friends) to get off the bus so I'd befriend the (city, my school didn't have a schoolbus) bus driver (one was actually my cousin... I didn't know this till I talked to her though), local deviants and such. I especially loved the paper routes, especially how FAMILIAR they got once you memorized where they went- much like city streets when you have a car. My town was small enough that you got to know a little about who your delivering too as well. OK it wasn't that small and I get to brag cuz my customers LOVED me cuz I'd stop to say hi or pet their dog from time to time.

    I didn't do a lot of playing back in my day but I LOVED it all the same and wouldn't change (much of) it for the world. This taught me important life lessons like the meaning of hard work and social skills and I find that helps me (though laws like talking to the bus driver is rather illegal now... but I always thank them when I get off :P) as I get older.
  • i hate saying back in the day..makes me feel old
  • I thought me mentioning George Bush's presidency would make you all feel young!!
  • My in the day I remember having to order anime series through websites who would record them onto VHS tapes and send them in the mail. It was the best and quickest way to get shows because the internet wasn't as lightening fast as it is today. Then IRC came along and I went to anime channels and downloaded all kinds of music and episodes. It was awesome.
  • Back in the day I would wake up early to watch cartoons even though the only show I wanted to watch was yugioh I would watch everything leading up to the new episode. I would also pack a backpack filled with yugioh cards so I could play with my cousins when we went to our aunts house. Oh can't forget the gameboy and having to bring a link cable everywhere to have Pokemon battles.
  • Back in the day we owned an honest-to-goodness typewriter. My parents were luddites. This was about 1995, just when the internet was becoming popular. Back in the days of Netscape. I was finally forced to buy something with which to type my reports. Because typewriters were like $100 and computers were like $1500 or more, my parents decided a typewriter would do. It had a 'correction' feature which would white-out mistakes you made if you pressed a certain key. Or you could pre-type it in the small 200 k memory and have it print out automatically. not unlike MS Word, there were always formatting errors. It's dead tech now, but I used to love watching that thing go when it printed.

    it was very much like this:


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