[Insert Name Here] Plays..
  • so i decided to start a little video series..the first in the series is "Tony Montana Plays Syndicate"

    before i get into the series properly i wanted to post this up here and get some feed back from you guys.

    Tony Montana

    Postal Dude

    Halo Marines

    all feedback, good or bad is welcome

    (thanks for the tip on embedding )

    More Details: basicly i took some sounds of characters, in this case it was tony montana from scarface, instead of doing a full playthrough of a level i recorded the whole level and cut it down to 3 minutes (basicly cuting out story and wandering around) i then added voice at specific points trying to make the coment as relecant as possible..though i feel i should of uploaded the postal dude video instead of this as a tester as the postal dude one is funnier.

    each level with be a different character, this is the intro level..the next mission is the Postal Dude
  • ahh ill try to watch this soon im currently raping my internet uploading some vids of my own

    from what i have read in your description sounds like a gd idea
    do you care to provide more details?
  • in order to embed, simply copy the basic URL of the video page and place that in between [video] [/ video] <---- there would be no space between the "/" and "video"
  • Edited OP, thanks for the comments guys :) and thanks for the tip on how to embed Slix
  • Interesting idea you got there. Looking forward for the next part.
  • thanks for the comments guys, OP updated with the postal dude
  • Funny stuff, keep it up :)
    oh by the way both videos are for the Halo marines.
  • monochromaticx said:
    Funny stuff, keep it up :)
    oh by the way both videos are for the Halo marines.

    thanks :), i have no idea what is going on but it keeps putting it to the halo one even when im using the link for the postal dude one..im just gonna go ahead and URL them instead..no idea why this is going all screwy

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