Big Chief Battles S3E2 - Dragon Punches to the Face
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    Big Chief Battles is a weekly video series that usually has 2 friends battling against each other. Sunflower and Locke are now joining forces to take on the rest of the world in Street Fighter X Tekken.

    Episode 2 features three matches where the boys go toe to toe with some Canadians.
    Feel free to comment, and let us know all the pro tips because we are looking to make it to the top. Thanks for watching.

    PLEASE help us achieve victory!! We need the comments and criticism!
  • Definitely seeing the progress guys, keep it up!

    Analysis time:

    One thing I noticed when you guys block stuff, is that you tend to either jump away from your opponent or try to counter with something that tends to be a little too slow; try to get used to using quicker pokes that can potentially lead to big damage more often. That way your opponent doesn't always have momentum to keep pressuring you.
    By the way, whenever someone goes for the launcher chain, be aware that it's very unsafe for them if it gets blocked. That means you can easily punish them for it with a meaty combo if you block that baby combo! So that one Ryu/Akuma player that kept doing it was basically getting away with murder, don't let that happen! Make him eat shit!

    Also, although you guys are aware of the self tag still didn't actually use it. :p
    Remember, you can tag yourself in off of ANY connected move, regardless of whether or not it's blocked or if it actually hits. So basically, if you tap your opponent at all, your partner can press MP+MK to get in there right away. Be ready to save your partner, Sunflower!

    You guys should also get into the habit of doing the launcher tag (pressing light, medium, heavy, heavy), and try keep both of your life bars up. When you're not in, your character recovers "gray" health VERY fast! Also if you ever feel outmatched by a certain character, definitely try to get your partner in there earlier to see what he can do. For example, Juri seems to give Raven some trouble, whereas Zangief fared a little better.

    Although a good portion of Tekken characters don't have distinct anti-air moves, try using Raven's standing MK for anti-air to keep those annoying shoto-tards from jumping in constantly. Keep working on those combos too, Raven is a monster once you get him down! :)

    As Locke mentioned while you guys played, try not to throw out EX moves too much as a sort of "hail mary". On wake-up especially, most players won't be just standing still next to a grappler so try to get out of the habit of doing EX-Spinning Piledriver. Instead, anticipate what they're going to do: if they jump straight up, protect the Russian skies with a lariat!

    Keep it up, dudes!
  • Good shit guys! I'm loving the "self-filmed documentary" style that you have going.

    Definitely listen to all that Snake has said, but I have some more to add.

    1) Normals, normals, normals.

    Personally, when I start to learn a character, I think the only thing that matters is mastering their normals. Try to understand which normals are the best at: AA, Air2Air, quick pokes, far punishes, and (for characters like gief) normals that just stuff their jumping out attempts. Once someone jumps at you, and you automatically press your best AA normal, I'd say you can then go on and try learning their special moves.

    2) Don't jump!

    Unless you're trying to apply pressure after a knockdown, I would suggest almost never jumping (unless there's fireballs and stuff). This game has made jumping a more viable option by making more AA's like the DP trade more and such, but I still think the risk/reward for jumping is highly in your opponents favor. Just look at Rolento's AA Cross Art.

    3) Normals!

    I don't know if I've mentioned this but man normals are good, and I don't mean mash them out (I hear you locke :P). You only need to push a button once for an attack to come out. Make each button press deliberate, it's one of the hardest things to over come when learning a fighting game. But having a meaning behind every normal you throw out will improve your game like crazy.

    If you're up close, 90% of the time you want your fastest attack. When you're not close you want the attack with the most range or biggest area coverage (usually the heavy attacks). If you do decide to jump you need to figure out the best Air2Air so you beat out your opponent more often then not. Yes every more has some type of use, but you want to play the odds and use moves that are better the majority of the time.

    Another thing that Snake mentioned was you were letting your opponent get away with murder. Missing a launcher is very unsafe and lets you have your way with them (assuming you know how to hit them). Figure out a fairly quick move that has some range so you can punish those whiffed launchers and DPs.

    You're only going to find these normals if you're actively looking out for them. Take mental notes on how good each move is in a given situation.

    Sorry I can't give specifics, I'm just unfamiliar with the characters you are using. If you want help I'm more than willing to help you in training mode to figure all of those out. Might as well make use of the online training mode, right?

    Locke, Raven's st.lp is his fastest move (3 frames, you can't get faster than 3), next is c.lp and, but leaves him negative on block so I wouldn't use it.
  • Normals. Normals. Normals. Gonna spend time with Huger and Normal time.
  • Alright so Locke and I spent time in training working on our normals.

    Then we went out and lost every match, and Locke has 0 BP now.

    We're going to get better, dammit...we have to...
  • Worked on normals last night, turns out I am a spaz when I get under pressure. I will overcome this before next episode. Both Sunny and I were working on finding out what normals are best where and it was definitely worth the time and effort.

    I have a couple good BnB combos that I have been working on as well. I don't have them down 100% but they can do damage. My problem is trying to find an opening in order to pull them off effectively. I'm also having trouble punishing blocked launcher combos, which is ridiculous! That should be the best time to get in a combo, but the recovery seems to be really quick (lag????) Anyways, I'll try and get a couple games in before we record to see if I can punish those whiffleballs.

    Next, we need to get some synergy going and get those tag combos in.

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