St. Patrick's Day
  • happy Saint Patrick's day everyone.

    was wondering what Saint Patrick's day means to you and how you celebrate it if you do.
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!

    The holiday means absolutely nothing to me, but still, it's a holiday! Enjoy!
  • I've traditionally had some very bad luck over my life with coming of the Ides of March, so usually Paddy's Day signifies a day of getting even with fate. I get happy with friends, have a great time despite anything and everything that might be going on.... de-stress and forget about life for a day.

    Today, however, I have homework to do. So by all means have mine :D I'll catch up when I'm done
  • means if I surface into public I wear green... that's all :)
  • had to work most of the afternoon away and am under drinking age so, meh. Back to my oh so delightful stories i suppose.
  • There wasnt enough excuses to get drunk so us American act like we we care or know anything about the Irish.Maybe I wouldn't be so cynical if I got a day off like the other holidays I don't actually care about.
  • I spent all day traveling and do not go out of my way for the holiday, anyways. Exciting!
  • Well somalian was right about one thing. Its an excuse to go out and drink....or as I call it, Saturday. However I grew up in a second generation irish house so I know a wee bit about ireland and im sure there are millions of others in the country that are the same.
    I also worked all day though so didnt have my usual corned beef and cabbage.
  • I dont do anything unless it is on a weekend that I have no kids so yeah... pretty much never but when I do I have an excuse to put on a pretty dress and get smashed and pass out in the cab on the way home. This year... not one of those years. So I sit at home playing games and watching Thomas the Tank Engine!
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    I spent all day traveling and do not go out of my way for the holiday, anyways. Exciting!

    I did too, spent almost all day in a car and being sick. I did stop in Springfield Illinois to see the Lincoln Museum though, which was awesome, and anyone who ever happens to unfortunately be anywhere in IL besides Chicago on a trip should certainly go there because again, awesome.
  • At my college it means getting up early, and getting drunk as soon as possible. To me personally, it means nothing. I don't drink, and I had to work.
  • I have to say; I didn't really do very much on St Paddy's day; my objective was to relax xD.

    BUT! Here's how my buddy spent it.

  • Nothing, it's just another day to me. Never celebrated it probably never will. I only occasionally drink and I hate parties so pretty much what this day is I hate :P.
  • An excuse to get drunk? lol. In Scotland we call that a weekend. If you want to go get drunk, go do it. You don't need a special day for it... And whats with all the green wearing? Go to Ireland, people don't walk around wearing green all the time lol.

    Like most 'holidays' I take the stance of, if the holiday isn't for you, then don't celebrate it! I.E. If you're not Irish, why the hell would you?
  • It's a time for people to get through the 5 levels of drinking.

  • i live in norther ireland and i normally celebrate it with close friends and a lot of drink but this time i was ill so i spent it at home with my gf it was still a gd time

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