Starhawk (PS3) free beta
  • Starhawk is a third person shooter with a build and battle system and dogfighting on top of the usual mechanics. It is fast-paced run and gun, with many levels of play and tons of skill. It is currently free (FREE PEOPLE!) and they just released the 1.3 patch that has a huge beautiful map and super cool jetbikes (The bikes handle great and have a jump button and feel like a cross between a motorcycle and a horse.) and tanks. My review of the initial Starhawk beta is up on the review area. This version of the beta is practically half the game. They enabled the clan system for goodness sake. Word is that it is up and running until March 27th. Did I mention it is free? Do you like games? Are you really a gamer? You can totally figure out if you want to buy this. People complain noobtoob is dying, well here is a free AAA game we can play together.

    Respond here if you want an invite to the Noobtoob clan. You can PM me if you want to play more casually sometime. I have a mic.

    We should try to have a larger event. I am very flexible on time next weekend. Please post if you are interested in an event and when you think would be good. I could do 10AM US Eastern on Saturday March 17th. That would be noon Sunday in Tokyo and 3PM Saturday in London. Let me know if I fucked that up. If we are not trying to connect Europe to Japan via the US, then lots of times are possible.