PAX EAST 2012 - Who's Going?
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    ROLL CALL - Who's going to PAX EAST 2012?

    Who's Going

  • I'm going!
  • I am totally going.
  • arrrrrgggg jeese i dont i will have money this year :(:(
  • I will be attending
  • Would you guys like a Noobtoob lanyard to wear? If someone was willing to hand them out, I'd gladly send you a dozen.

  • I will be there. Looks like Anime Boston is going on down the road at the same time.
  • I'll be heading up there for the weekend, as well.
  • Nerds. 10char
  • Hey guys! Not going myself but hope you all have fun :D

    Don't forget to post photos and videos up, we'd all love to live vicariously through you (...for PAX and PAX only).
  • I have this theory that at the Super Monday Night Combat booth they will be having a Combat Girl cosplay there.... and... well...... I require pictures.......
  • Saw Cliff Blezinksi, Chris Avellone, Ken Levine, David Gaider, Mike Laidlaw, Seth Killian, Jordan Mechner, Mega 64, met Randy Pitchford and had him autograph my PAX badge, sat through the live taping of X-play (which airs Wednesday 4/11 and I may be on camera), played the Max Payne 3 demo, got a bunch of swag, and still made it home free of SARS.
  • arsenicknife said:
    still made it home free of SARS.


    Anyway, I got some video footage and will be posting them soon :)
  • soooo....

    any videos of goodness and fun?
    (or wickedness and fun?)
  • tallchick said:

    any videos of goodness and fun?
    (or wickedness and fun?)

    Yeah, I will try and post them soon, I was thinking of editing them into one video but I don't think I will be doing that...I am too busy this week :S
  • Someone post pics!!! (or it didn't happen) :3

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