Games Only Podcast 26 - American Nightmare, SSX, Binary Domain demo
  • [center][youtube]1eeGsir242M[/youtube][/center]

    --Hp and Dr play the Binary Domain demo!

    --Dr plays SSX!

    -- Sunflower plays American Nightmare!

    -- Hp gets lonely on Dead Island!

    -- and much more...
  • Nice show fellas.

    I'm glad Doc is loving Amalur more. It's pretty frustrating watching this game get mediocre reviews from hardcore gamers simply because "Other games did this before..." People who devote more time to this game see that what it "borrows" in style from other games is actually improves on to make this better than prior titles. I keep saying to myself "I would have loved Fable if this was in the game..." or "Dragon Age 2 sucked compared to this..." I feel like people aren't giving credit for quality, quality is something this game truly has. I'm at the point where I'm going to fight people's opinions however; I enjoyed the shit out of this game, over 50 hours played, and I'm going to enjoy it when I playthrough it again. In the end, all that matters is that I loved it.

    Also, I bought the release DLC items packs and all the items were worse than what my character had. Fuzzy the Bonehead right there.

    I'm not giving any special time to Mass Effect 3. I'm not going to rush it or hammer out 8 hour sessions. I want enjoy it and take my time while working through it. 2-3 hours a night maybe?

    SSX is one of those games I loved like crazy on PS2. I think buying this one is sorta like buying a Tony Hawk game. They were cool once, but I don't think I could feel sold on paying $60 for this. I'll try the demo, which might be bad for my wallet considering that I've heard good things from it.

    I can vouche for Space Marine. It's a fun game. I don't know anything about the Warhammer story, but the game is still fun. It's a special brawler with a great flow of melee to ranged attacking. I played the horde mode with Chip, Maxim, and Sunflower recently. It's really fun. Even the online competitive multiplayer is fun because you can customize classes that fit good for you, so it becomes more diverse and unique to whatever playing style you like. It's an overall complete game. I recomend it.