Men's weight issues
  • Hey

    So I ran across this article:

    Which targets health issues for men in terms of weight gain.

    It made me think about some stuff, regarding things we are bombarded with in the news and media, which are particularly directed to women, and how men deal with that or think about it. It also made me think about the Are You Fat contest & thread we had a long while back. And I'm curious, now, just for conversation's sake, how many of the men in our forums:

    - are on some kind of diet or thinking about eating healthier to lose weight

    - are thinking about starting a fitness program or are already in one to mainatain a weight

    - think they have work to do with regards to self esteem from body image or perhaps have great self esteem about their body image

    - could care less about the whole damn weight thing and just wanna keep keepin' on.

    Basically just, how do you feel about yourself in terms of your current status, and what if anything are you doing about any of the things that stem from it?


    And to those working hard to achieve goals, in whatever terms, good luck to you.
  • First off, thank you TC for making a good, non sex or bowel movement thread. It is a breathe of fresh air.

    Back to the topic.
    I'm 18. Finishing High School in about 3 months and heading into college. And also hearing the horror story that is the "Freshman 15". Call it paranoia but I have started thinking about my weight and exercise routine, or rather lack thereof, as to avoid the potential weight gain the is likely to come. I don't exercise because I never really needed to. I'm fine being non muscular and my metabolism is high enough to where I have always been skinny. However, recently I have been thinking, it would be nice being healthier so that I am not winded after sprinting for about 4-5 seconds but it is hard to break the habits of laziness I have developed since childhood.
  • All of the above. Depends on the day really, sometimes I wish I had the motivation to eat healthier and go on a diet, but having extremely limited taste when it comes to food makes it almost a certainty in my mind that I'd be miserable on a diet. I do exercise every now and again, but not with a fixed schedule which is probably what I should do. Sometimes I'll work out every day for a week, then nothing one week, then every other day the next, luckily I do see progress most of the time. Self-esteem is probably one of my biggest issues, and probably a major reason why I'm such a hermit. Being terribly shy and horrible socially doesn't help too much either. Some days I want to say fuck everyone and shake my stomach in their face if they don't like it, but those days don't come around very often.
  • I workout twice a day, every day. I've been doing it for years, but a year and a month (beginning of January) I began my two a days because it best fit my schedule. I watch everything that I eat, don't eat the meal that is "lunch" but instead pace small snacks in between my two larger meals. After all of that, im not happy with my self perception. I don't know if I ever will be, to be honest.
  • Slixshot said:
    I don't know if I ever will be, to be honest.

    Just get really big arms, it works for anyone.
  • Currently? I feel pretty awful - been a busy 9 months or so for a number of reasons ( ;) ) so my former three-exercise sessions a week routine has become 2 gym visits in 2012 and none at all in the final 6 months of 2011. Unfortunately, I've kept consuming calories at the same rate as I was when I was exercising, I've discovered the incredibly rich coffees available from the cafe at work and my job has become increasingly sedentary. Not good :( .

    How would people feel about 'Are You Fat 2012' ? A bit of healthy rivalry might help keep the old motivation up...

    For what it's worth, from a 'goal' point of view, I was never particularly bothered about fat/thin, I was more concerned about fitness. I ran a half marathon in 2004 and really enjoyed having a target to work to, but I also felt like I lost a lot of fitness for things like playing football and I also couldn't do any kind of resistance training for shit for a few months afterwards either. Also, my knees have never recovered, but that's another issue.
  • Littleg said:
    How would people feel about 'Are You Fat 2012' ? A bit of healthy rivalry might help keep the old motivation up...

    The start of that project was a very popular thing but as it went on and on and on people kept posting less and less and less.... it fizzled.

    I'm all for starting a kind of ongoing participation-only event on here of that sort. If people are interested, let's do this.
  • I was 17 stone at one point, then i just began to watch what i ear and mointer my in take closer. Now im 13st and going down bit by bit. I didnt lose weight to look better or anything, i just wanted to improve my fitness in order to play football (not your american football either!) and just improve my health. I dont feel anymore confident or anything, but i do feel better in terms of health :)
  • When I was in high school, I was a horrible fatass. I weighed around 265lbs. I was miserable and ashamed of how I looked. My OCD began to manifest itself in my appearance; I would work hard to hide my manboobs and was nervous and anxious in social situations because I felt like a fat slob.

    In college, I really began working hard. When I moved out of my parents house, I felt a sense of responsibility for myself. Since I had to buy my own food, I began buying only healthy things, avoided soda because it cost more than water, and really enjoyed myself knowing that I was eating healthy.

    Working out was hard and I didn't do it as much. Our college mandated that we take a few credits of "wellness" classes, so I intentionally took hard ones like jogging and weight-lifting. I was forced to exercise for a grade, which was smart on my part. Gave me great motivation to bust ass and do actual work.

    My best in college was when I had my weight at 190lbs, which was back just before PAX in August. I did P90x during the winter months, but utilized it more as a cardio plan instead of building muscle. I discontinued it when I got sick. I had the flu for about 2 weeks and wasn't able to get back on after that.

    I'm extremely self-conscious about my weight and my appearance. I'm balding, which hurts my self-esteem more, so I figure having a nice figure is the best I can do for myself in terms of looks. It's hard to stay active when it's so cold outside; I like getting out, biking and sweating. I'm sure I'd be able to lose more weight if I were to move to a warmer climate where I can be out year-round.

    I've gained 10lbs this winter, which sucks. I can feel my clothes being tighter and I'm not happy that I'm a little rounder in the middle.
  • I am under weight... I have allergies and don't absorb stuff well, I try to eat mainly organic/natural food (makes me feel crappy if I eat out to much). But thats expensive and me not having a job presently doesn't help. I also have very little stamina. :(

    But yes, if/when I can afford it I will continue to eat healthy/more and want to get back in shape. Just need to start working first ;)
  • I was going to do a similar post when I saw an article about boys anerexia.
    anyway I am pretty much the same as zanmat with 2 big differences. Im twice his age and I exercised regularly up until 3 years ago. I would play hockey every chance I got when I lived in jersey. When I lost my job I was playing 4 times a week on ice and sometimes once or twice on rollerblades. By far the most fit I ever was. At the time I was about 165 and wished I could gain weight to 180lbs to add some muscle.....then I moved to virginia.
    three years after I lost my job (present day) I am 200lbs and there is no ice hockey here and i missed the rollerhockey signups the last 2 years because the signup date ended while I was at pax. I only have a beer gut. im happy with the rest of my body. Every once in a while I say "i should start exercising this weekend" and every weekend I dont.
  • Chip said:
    Just get really big arms, it works for anyone.

    lol, that gave me a good laugh.

    Littleg said:
    How would people feel about 'Are You Fat 2012' ? A bit of healthy rivalry might help keep the old motivation up...

    While this idea is dooked to fizzle out, I do belive it would be good for it's time that it lasts. Competition is always a good motivator and forming the good habits along the ways alwasy helps.
  • I've heard from a few folks who said 30 is about when they started to develop a tummie and damn that is true for me! I swear 1 year ago I had no such thing :/. I never worked out and probably will start just a little program now. Soon. It sucks cuz I just bought me some clothes and they don't fit me no more :(.

    I'm not big time worried about my figure, I just don't wanna look like a blob.
  • I am trying to lose a little weight (am 2-5 kg over optimal weight, but potbellied). Stopped buying cookies.
    I used to go to the gym three times a week, then got More medical problems. Nowaways I exercise a little at home.
  • I wouldn't say I have weight issues. I am by no means overweight but I do feel an urge to get in better shape. I think I actually do it for my girlfriend. I have no idea why because when we met I was larger than I am now. I just like to make an effort for her I suppose. The problem is I am a really picky eater. Anything healthy I kinda really do not like which means whenever I get a free hour after work I will go to the gym and try and keep fit and get into better shape.
  • Just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who posted so far; I know it can be a hard thing to talk about for some so I appreciate it :)
  • I never had a problem with my weight I am thin and beautiful
    hate me now
  • GreyAcumen said:
    I never had a problem with my weight I am thin and beautiful
    hate me now

    Hate You? I pity you. You may be average physically but mentally my friend you are definitely below par

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