The Forza Motorsport 4 Paint Challenge - Win some DLC!!!
  • Who likes free stuff? That's right, you do, that's who.

    Want a chance to win free stuff? Why not take part in:

    [center]Littleg's Exciting Paint-a-Forza-Race-Car competition[/center]

    The competition is open to anyone with a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 and requires no driving, tuning or car-related technical skills, Instead, we are looking for everyone to create the best-looking race car they can using the paint and vinyl editor. Restrictions will be as limited as possible to make the competition as easy as it can be...

    The Competition

    Littleg is looking for the most fantastic-looking F-class race car you can design. Your design can be wholly original, based on a real-life race car or inspired by a racer from another game/series. The idea at the end of this process would be for us all to potentially line up on a race grid in a NoobToob Forza event and it to look like a real-life race series.

    The Rules

    • The car must be in the F-class when you first buy it, a full list of F-class cars can be found by clicking here
    • No tuning is necessary, but if adding aero parts/new alloys/a roll cage makes your car look more racer-ish, then feel free to add it
    • Manufacturer decals included in the game can be used, as can vinyl groups downloaded from other people's Store Fronts, but you could also design your own vinyl groups and logos. Please state if you have created any original logos for your car as this may garner extra credit with the judges
    • Please include the Noobtoob number plate on both the Right and Left sides of your car (position up to you). This can be downloaded from my Storefront, and has a digital double-eight on it that you can block out as you choose to give your race car an official number (see my design below, my car is number 77)
    • When you have completed your design, use the in-game photo mode to take 3-5 pictures from a range of angles that best show off your design and post them in this thread before the deadline
    • Optional: Include a brief description of your car - who is the main sponsor? What is the name of the racing team it is from? Is it inspired by a different car (if so, some pictures of that would be helpful)?

    The Deadline

    Designs must be completed and pictures uploaded by midnight GMT Friday the 2nd of March

    The Judging

    Designs will be reviewed by me and one other, independant judge and we will award a single winner (with possibly some honourable mentions). Criteria will include Realism (does the design look 'beleivable' as a race car?), originality (for original designs) or faithfulness (for designs based on real cars), technical skill (how well have the vinyls been used? Does the design feature logos made by the competitor, and do they look accurate?) and artistic merit.

    The Prize

    Bear with me, as I'm not entirely sure how we'll make this work (or even if we can) but I will gift the winner the next DLC pack for Forza 4. If that pack doesn't interest the winner, I'll gift one of the previously-released DLC packs of an equivalent value.

    ....And I think that's it. Fire away in here if you have any questions, or if I've missed anything out. I'd strongly encourage sharing of ideas and maybe you could post some work-in-progress images if you are taking your time over your design. Let's be honest, whatever you come up with, it has to be better than my effort:

  • Quick question:
    Are entries required to be posted here or are submission accepted by other means also?
  • Entries posted here, please! This should be an open competition with everyone able to see everyone else's entries.
  • OK, I've come up with my own design to kick things off:




    I'm using the Honda CR-Z from my original post but given a proper design. Being a part-petrol, part-electric car, I thought it'd be cool for it to be sponsored by a battery company. The Duracell logo was hand-made by me and, although it's not perfect, I'm reasonably pleased with how it's turned out...
  • I've probably got about five or six failed attempts for entries into this contest; took me a long time to get something I was happy with. The close second for my choice was a Delorean paint, but I'd used so many vinyl groups from the storefront that I just wasn't very happy with it. It also lacked pretty much anything even resembling a theme.

    [SPOILER="Delorean Paint"]image



    Instead, what I ended up going with for my actual entry was a Golf Fox.




    And the overuse of effects shot:

    I'm pretty happy with how it turned out; it's not the most complicated design, but it's at least clean. One of the hardest things was just finding a car that I liked the look of. A lot of the F class cars are either kind of old classics or generally unsightly tiny hatchbacks. I thought the fox looked fine after I found out I could change the front bumper for a regular one though, so it's what I ended up sticking with. I'd also tried the Lacetti, the Pinto and the Hummer, but never ended up with a look I liked on any of them.
  • Sweet Winsord. I like the fat 'Formula Drift' logo right in the middle of the picture of you drifting :) .
  • Well, there we have it, the deadline passed some time ago, which makes Winsord our winner by default. Default! The two most beautiful words in the English language!

    Now, all I have to do is figure out how to gift MS Points across the Atlantic...

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