How much does the westboro baptist church hate gays?
  • Back story: Charlie and Braden Powell both boys not older than 10 was killed by their father, when he set the house on fire. Around the same time Washington also approved a bill legalizing gay marriage, and the Governor is signing next week.

    On Tuesday I was listening to the radio and I hear that the westboro baptist church is gonna go picket at the boys memorial service. They claim that the reason the boys died because the Seattle Governor was going to sign a bill legalizing gay marriage. Do these people have no heart, I'm fine with them trying to stop the bill from passing but how could they even think that the bill and the deaths were intertwined.

    They have now canceled the protest because a radio station has promised them air time.

    Two links the the story.
  • The less said about the Westboro church the better. Talk about one group spoiling it for the rest.
  • They're just attention whores who promote their position through fear and aggression. They're basically terrorists but don't commit physical crimes, but emotional ones instead.

    They wont be around forever. They'll always be loud, but they'll die off eventually.
  • The Louis Theroux doc about this bunch was quite revealing. It's such a pity when people allow themselves to become brainwashed like this, it's all decidedly...culty:

  • I watched that on youtube years ago. It's a pretty good documentary.

    One thing that I always irk on is when people say that WBC freaks are the same as regular Christians. They are not, nor are even close. I consider myself to be a Christian and in no way do I believe that God hates anyone. I've been on other internet forums where people say things like "They're a church, you go to church... you're just as bad as they are," which is completely wrong. The documentary above does a good job at separating them apart, especially when they highlight things like protesting a store because they sell Swedish vacuums.

    Wisconsin has laws limiting their ability to protest funerals. It's a law specific to them when their group came here to protest the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq. The law here mandates that they must be at least 1000 feet away from any service center (church where the funeral is being held and the cemetary) and 1000 feet away from any route the funeral procession takes. It makes them nearly invisible in some towns, which is nice. One few things I can be proud of my state for.
  • Thought the title was the first part of a joke. Disappointed :(

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