• So I am getting another tattoo and I want to know what you all thing at noobtoob!!!
    here is the tattoo in question and it is going on my back
    It will look better than his and will match my bushido tattoos as well. What do you think???
  • So you'll be nerded all your life
  • Knowname, he is already by, if nothing else, calling his katana "Moon Cleaver" or something like that.

    Anyway, I have two opinions:
    1) Don't get Sephiroth. FF7 is still too overdone. It's a good game but IMO anyone with a FF7 tattoo looks like a shallow gamer.
    2)If you are going to still get Seph on your back, take out the wing. Either go full KH Sephiroth or full FF7, don't mix them.
  • FF7 Sephiroth
  • I think you should try and find something different than something someone else already has. There's a lot of cool creatures and items and other things from FF you could have put on your back. And consider making it smaller; your back is a ginormous canvas. You might want to get something else later on and have no room :)

    Huge tats, and tats of people, I just find distasteful. That's just me though. Reason being, it freaks me out when there's a face staring at me from someone's shoulder in those.... *ahem* intimate moments.


    There's the advice... Take it for what it's worth :)
  • image

    You will never be the ultimate gaming samurai warrior while this dude exists.
  • I'm not a fan of mahoosive back tat's but if you dig it go ahead and get it done.
  • [video=youtube;tRP_Pv8jjB4]
  • XxBarretxX said:

  • A true Grey Classic

    Dude,please come back.

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