Keynes or Hayek
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    I saw this video and thought I'd ask the question, who's economic views do you agree with? Better yet, what are your economic views, and what economist do you agree with/like most.
  • Ron pauls (does it have to be an economist)
  • Chef Boyardi
  • I don't really want to watch a video that seeks to form an economic debate as a duel between two people/ideologies, that kind of sort of dichotomous thinking is a problem. Economics should be a largely "ideological-less" profession in that it should simply be a route to what is best, but of course the world is way too complicated for that. But framing it as a side-vs.-side argument does little for me.

    I generally think Paul Krugman and Robert Reich have some interesting ideas, and the Austrian school of economics has aged extremely poorly over the last 10-15 years or so. Keynesian and neo-Keynesian models are probably the closest that economics has to some sort of scientifical methodology. They can largely explain and correct problems in national economies over the last 100 years, while the sort of insane laizzez-faire models propogated in the mid to late 20th century by the likes of Reagan, Friedman, Goldman, and others, has sacrificed evidence and models for the pursuit of profit. We've been stuck in a cycle of crises that they promised would be replaced by perpetual growth, back in the 70s. It obviously never materialised. Some of this has roots in the psychology of the 70s and 80s as opposed to the actual economics behind it all. But the one-model fits all of sorts that the modern American conservative movement has thrust upon us is no good.

    Also, as an aside, Ron Paul is probably the single worst presidential candidate in terms of economic policy.

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