Do You Still Live With Your Parents??? Why???
  • I dont but I want to know if you do. Why do you live with them???
  • I moved back in to pay off some debts. They can't reach me here.
  • Because I'm only 16 and It's illegal for me to live alone.
  • Yes.I'm 14.
  • somaliangangsterpuff said:
    Yes.I'm 14.

    Same here (more or less).
  • Wow I had no idea we had so many junionrs
  • GreyAcumen said:
    Wow I had no idea we had so many junionrs

    It's a gaming forum, most of the people here are "juniors" or at least were when they first signed up.
  • Funny enough I tend to forget that most of the time. I really should keep it in the back of my head more actively would save a lot of face-palming moments.

    To the question in the thread - Nope, I don't since the moment I've turned 18 I haven't lived with my parents.

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