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    A Game by Manio/Justin Ross

    Game Information
    Shadows takes place in the afterlife following a young man named Timothy Randall who has recently passed away. We find out that Timothy wants to be
    resurrected so he can be there for his sister whom is very sick, and suffering everyday. Soon Timothy comes across the Grim Reaper "Death" and gains an unlikely ally in the form of a chicken with no feathers (A Dreadfowl) who begins to help him on his adventures throughout the Afterlife, completing puzzles and in the end hoping to be brought back to life.


    Game Details
    - Shadows is a Puzzle/Adventure game with some unique twists.
    - A huge plethora of puzzles, and dungeons to cause the player to think before attempting them.
    - Most of the puzzles contain riddles to help solve them, others require straight thinking.
    - A multitude of characters that you will meet, and hopefully grow to like.
    - All dialogue is text based, allowing the player to imagine what the characters may sound like.
    - Created in the Dream Maker engine.
    - The game has no combat, and your encounters will be based around the puzzles, and the way you interact with the world.
    - A single-player adventure.


    - The requirements to play Shadows are extremely low. Any PC should be able to run it.
    - BYOND Gaming Engine ( which is a free to download program that allows you access to a plethora of user-made games.


    Installation Instructions
    - Make sure you have BYOND downloaded, and installed before trying to run the game.
    - Open up the folder and extract the files to any location you like.
    - Look for a file called Shadows.dmb
    - Right click and choose "Open With..."
    - Look for the Dream Seeker.exe and select that.
    - The game should start up, if not double click on the Shadows.dmb file once you've assigned it to Dream Seeker.
    - Enjoy playing!

    Other Information

    Please note that this game is in the very, very, early stages of development. Sound effects, and music will be added in later. For now, it's a playable demo
    that I would love some feedback on. If you encounter any bugs, glitches, etc please post them in this thread or reach me via Twitter @Maniooo. The game still has a ton of content after the demo, so I hope it intrigues you to atleast check out the full version when it's released.

    Thanks for playing!

    P.S. If you can find the character named after a fellow NooBTooBer, then yay for you

  • Uh oh, co-op, that will complicate things and testing.
  • This sounds really cool. Just something I would like to point out: I think there too many classes and there should only be four uber unique classes instead.

    Also,I know you said you plan on getting it but I feel like I have say it again. You should play Cave Story for the simple fact that it was made by ONE dude and he was able to nail every aspect in the game perfectly.

    I am Totally looking for this Manio, I wish you (and your team) good luck!
  • I have to say, if you're going to have more than 4 characters, six would be a better number considering the types you're using. Having a Pilgrim, Knight, and Barbarian seems unnecessary imo. The Knight really seems to be the only character needed of those three, having a shield that can be used to protect himself and his comrades, and with swords being able to deal more than enough damage. That's just my opinion though.

    Still, looks very interesting, and I can't wait to see more progress from you and your team.
  • This is an active combat system like Castle Crashers and not turn based correct?

    And I agree with Mano, and lapham, about not having too many characters. The characters should be unique, and if there are too many it could become to confusing to choose.

    Also if your going for co-op (like castle crashers) how many? 4 or 6 or 8? What about performance issues with the higher numbers? and What about the single player? I remember castle crashers got old pretty quick in the single player, or would you have bots? (if so, you'd have to worry about how to program the AI is).

    And you don't need too many characters at first. You could do a DLC where maybe we get to play as some of the bad guys also. But don't think too much about that now, thats for after you finish the main game. :)

    Sorry about all the specific questions, you don't need to answer them all. Just some things to think about. :)
  • Definitely taking all of your opinions into account. Will be posting some more info tomorrow or so. You can tweet me too remember! Also, the game will be feature 4 player co-op but with some tweaks to the single player for a less "boring" experience.
  • When is the demo gonna be posted?
  • A lot of things have been tweaked and changed. Details up shortly with a demo release as well in a week. Been doing a lot of big fixes and tweaks to the codes.
  • Demo is now up!
  • Ok, 1st I like the story and the dialog.

    Now a question. Why are there so many buttons? You did a good job about making things I need to interact with noticeable, but then there is a different button for push/pull/open/interact and talk. I can see what I need to interact with, then I need to figure out what action I need to use? and usually by then I've forgotten which keys work and have to hit tab to see. All of those keys could be one button called Action you could even include talk into that button as well.

    And if later there are actual puzzles that require me to push/pull blocks around you could have a second button Grab for pushing and pulling.

    I also didn't like the invisible walls that I could walk thru. I couldn't see a visual hint, or a little popup that says look for magic walls when you get stuck...

    I did like the environments and the characterization. You did a good job on the dialog. :) Adventure games usually aren't my style, and I'm sorry if this sounds harsh,... I don't mean it to. :)

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