Suggestions to the Big Men
  • By "Big Men" I mean the people in charge of making movies,games,etc. possible,Or people in charge of companies,goverment,Sports Leagues,etc..EXAMPLES:
    Dear NFL,
    Please put a third goal post right in between the 2 already there,so that if the kickers hit that post it will be worth 4 points to reward their extra accuracy.

    Dear Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo,
    Please make a creation game that does exactly what's on my mind.I'm tired of spending til 3:00 AM trying to get the trajectory JUST RIGHT for my slip n' slide in Little Big Planet,then figure out that it's impossible to do because the skateboard always falls down the ramp when the level fires up.It's fackin' annoying!
  • Dear Bioware,

    Please do not release the next Dragon Age for several years. I really don't want to hear any more bitching about EA "corrupting" you.

    Dear EA,

    Stop. Just... stop. You used to be an amazing company, a paragon for the industry. Specifically EA Sports division and whoever decided Origin was a good idea. I've been continuously been giving you the benefit of the doubt for years, but my patience grows thin. See how much more Madden/NBA/etc. sell if you sell them every other year with more than just small tweaks and a roster update.

    Dear US Govt.

    Stop trollin'.

    Plenty more if I had the time... yay for bitching!
  • Dear developers of critically-acclaimed games that did not sell well:

    I'll just save you the trouble and tell you that your HD version will sell like shit too.
  • Dear Microsoft,

    Please take over Nintendo. Squash them, humiliate them, FUCKIN BUY THEM OUT! Re-name the Wii-U to the Sandbox and prepare plans for world domination.

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