Babysitters And The Love You Give Them
  • This might be too personal but the guys here at NOOBTOOB have always been pretty cool so here goes. If this is T.M.I. let me know.
    When I was a young boy I had a babysitter at the house until I was 11.
    She was 16 and would make me feel like I had a chance with her.
    Once she showed me how kissing works. Maybe she was just lonely but as you can imagine I got excited.
    I was 12 at the time so what I said about being 11 must have been wrong. I think she was under 16 because she couldnt drive.
    She showed me how to kiss but I had all my clothes on.
    Ever since then I think about when I was a kid and was shown how to do that and I always think of that when I am in sexual situations.
    In closing, babysitters ROCK!!!
    Did anyone else have a babysitter they looked forward to seeing???
  • I had a crush on my babysitter when I was younger, but didn't know what it was for.
  • what it was for? Was that like a punishment?? lol.

    For the most part my siblings babysat me. My parents were very trusting (or very irresponsible lazy cheapscates :P either way). We lived in a small town, not much trouble we could get into.

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