NooBTooB's Greatest Current Generation Games of All Time
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    The past few years we have ran events to determine the community's favorite video game and game character. This year, since the current generation is winding down with rumors of new systems on the way, I figured we should do a favorite current gen list.

    So here how it works. In this very thread you will create a list of your top 5 current gen games:

    1) Game 1
    2) Game 2
    3) Game 3
    4) Game 4
    5) Game 5

    For the game to be a current gen title, it must be on the Xbox360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/3DS, or PSP consoles or released on the PC after 2004. The lists must be in by December 31, 2011 to be counted towards the overall scoring. The games will be weighted according to the positions in the list, so order is absolutely necessary. The scoring will be broken down as follows:

    1) 5 points
    2) 4 points
    3) 3 points
    4) 2 points
    5) 1 point

    At the end of the event, these lists will be put into a comprehensive list that shows the community's overall greatest current generation games.

    But please, do not stop at the list. One of the greatest parts about these events are the explanations as to why they are your favorite game. So please, spare no detail. Let's get these lists cracking.
  • Sweet! Been waiting for you to do another one of these :3

    However, before making my vote, what is your rule on series? Several IPs have had multiple releases this gen, so do we need to separate them specifically or not?
  • killswitch423 said:
    Sweet! Been waiting for you to do another one of these :3

    However, before making my vote, what is your rule on series? Several IPs have had multiple releases this gen, so do we need to separate them specifically or not?

    This event is for individual games. So if you have multiple games in a series in your top 5, you must separate them into individual picks.
  • 1. Uncharted 2
    2. Dead Rising 2
    3. Team Fortress 2
    4. Mass Effect 2
    5. Persona 3 Portable (COMBO BREAKER!)
    Honorable Mention: Borderlands
  • 1.fallout 3
    3.rockband 2
    4.mass effect 2
    5.grand theft auto 4

    i posted these in no particular order after i narrowed to the top 5 i couldnt decide on an order so i just posted them as is.
  • Dr Gumaer said:
    For the game to be a current gen title, it must be on the Xbox360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/3DS, or PSP consoles or released on the PC after 2004.

    I'm assuming this means the original release date? Like, Final Fantasy XI would not count, as even though it made it to the 360, its original release was on the PS2? Would simultaneous releases count (e.g., Need for Speed games being released on both PS2 and PS3, for example)?
  • well of the top of my head I will go:

    1.Fallout 3
    My favorite game because of the atmosphere it creates, near prefect game play in my opinion, and the only game that I have completed multiple times without getting bored of it (current playthrough- 8). It does have its rough spots, but probably the only game where I could care less.

    2.Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
    Professor Layton has to be my favorite series of all time. The puzzles are always great brain teasers and the story makes it even more enjoyable. The reason why its Unwound Future and not the other two (haven't played the new one yet) is because of the story of this one. This was masterly done emotion wise and made a great sequel to the other games. The only reason why this games not in the number one spot is because of the fact it doesn't have that replay value after you beat it.

    Skyrim is my number three because it couldn't quite hold up to my number one and two. It has some many great things to it and how things are run class wise is a welcomed changed to me. but other that it is your standard Elder Scrolls game. They take it into new places and I enjoyed the fact your basically rebuild all the guilds in this one. Very beautiful to look at but I don't see me playing it more then once all the way through like I did with Fallout 3 and I didn't have as much response to it stories and the characters like Unwound Future.

    4.Portal 2
    This has to be my favorite sequel to a game. It was masterfully done and as a fan of the first I wasn't disappointed by this game. Great voice acting and story brought this game to new heights. There was even a few puzzles that stumped me for a few minutes. But once again the replay value brings this down the list.

    5.Pokemon White/Black
    Pokemon has always a game series I enjoy. Red was one of the first games I every played. But since that the pokemon series was just another series to me. I really tried anything new and I never got that many surprises out of the sequels. But Black and White was a series changer for me and renewed my love in the series. It just came down to the fact that I couldn't have any of my old standbys. all new pokemon that I never used before were normally I would try out one or two new ones every time. I had the same feeling I got when playing Red a new adventure feeling. this game is my number five for that reason.
  • 1) Dragon Age: Origins
    I've fawned over this game enough that I don't think I need to repeat myself here and risk sounding insincere. I really like this game. It has excellently crafted gameplay. Where it really stands out is the fact that it really is the greatest role playing game this generation and, dare I suggest, ever? Never in a game before or after this one have I been so engrossed in the illusion that my choices actually matter and that I was being allowed to craft my own character and tell my story that is unique to my adventure. My first playthrough of this game was awe inspiringly personal in that my journey through the game was entirely sincere. I played it and made choices based on emotions that the game was evoking from me, not on a "oh the character died so I am sad" level but on a level I can't even quite explain. It really engrossed me in a way I always thought was possible in a game but had never experienced before, and I hadn't realized this until I played Dragon Age: Origins. Pity about the sequel though...
    2) Team Fortress 2
    Hoping to get this in early so it sits in others' minds when they're choosing because I really think it deserves to be the top. I've personally not put more time into any other game this generation. It's very well balanced and paced. The level design is mostly impeccable (a few community maps don't really sit well with me). It's a game that requires both smarts and dexterity. The quality of the actual game aside, no other game this generation has supported both other developers, through cross-game promotions, but also it's own community and their creations. There are regular open contests for creating new and interesting content that is added to the game and shared with the rest of the community through integration into the actual game.
    3) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    This is a surprise late hit for me which I've been waiting for this thread since I played it to really express. I passed on this game when it came out and only got around to playing it when it went on sale on Amazon. In spite of glowing recommendations from my doctor, I went into this expecting another piece of mediocre chalky bland turd like Enslaved or Prince of Persia, instead I got a game that reminded me that games can be good (I need periodic reminders of the fact, if you hadn't noticed) and that there is still such a thing as a game that shows that it's developers cared about the game they were making and truly wanted it to reflect the fact. A game that refreshed me with it's quality and shocked me with it's quantity, Castlevania just kept giving and giving. Never once did it take content from me to sell to me for another $15 (which perhaps explains the shitty DLC it did get). Some may say it's not deserving of the title Castlevania, but I would say that depends on what you think deserves to be a Castlevania game. Perhaps it is a bit too far removed from the lore and feel of the franchise, but if that disqualifies it, the series would be losing the best game it shares a name with. It beat out Darksiders and Nier for me.
    4) Deadly Premonition
    No other game got to me on an emotional level as much as this one did. It really is a masterpiece. I really feel sorry for anyone who played this and couldn't get into it because you're really missing out on what I think is the best experience that has been classified as a game. If anyone says the appeal of this game is that it's so bad it's good, they're wrong. It's so good it's amazing.
    5) Metal Gear Solid 4/Metal Gear Online
    Counting this as MGS4 for the scoring system and because plenty of people consider MGO to be MGS4's online mode, which it is but I treat it as a separate entity. For example, I was unimpressed by MGS4 but MGO is the 4th best game this generation. It's a really good, unique, fun third person shooter that really resonates with my attitude when playing the game. I can be as dead serious or silly as I want. I can deck my guy out with increased grenade throw distance AND the ability to charm the enemy with my pelvic thrusts. While it does have the propensity for silliness, it's gameplay is dead serious and seriously deadly. Caution is the key in a game where a single shot can kill you at any time. Stealth is a huge factor in getting the upper hand on an enemy and try to take them out before they see you because if they do it's your bullets against theirs in a race to the opposing forehead. The slow pace of the maneuvering that favors the smart player coupled with the intensity of the firefights is unmatched by any of the shooters everyone else seems to prefer so choose to stick by my guns and sit in a box in wait for my next victim to walk by...
  • 1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    I wrote a full length review on how perfect this game is. The controls were the most innovative experience I've had in years, the world had a gorgeous art style, the music was the best in the series (which was already memorable), and the story was a mix of both nostalgia and new-found origins to one of my favorite series. I had so few problems with this game, that I can't even remember what they were when trying to think back.
    2. Mass Effect 2
    The first 5 minutes of this game has my most memorable moment in gaming. It sent chills down my spine, and still does every time I go back and play it again. Not only was this the sequel to one of my other favorite games of this generation, but I felt that it improved on nearly everything it could. I had a connection with each character, even if I tended to use some more than others, and this bond was only extended as I did each loyalty mission. I can't express how upset I was when I messed up my choice during the final mission, resulting in one of my squadmates dying. Mass Effect 2got to me on an emotional level, all the while boasting superior gameplay to the first, a kick ass storyline, and (of course) one of my favorite soundtracks.
    3. Bioshock
    It took me some time to get into Bioshock to be honest. Actually, I didn't play it until this past summer. For years I had been saying how I couldn't get into the game, and I didn't understand why others were so in love with it. So, I finally forced myself to sit down and play more than an hour of the game. Well, after an hour and a minute (not really) I couldn't stop. The atmosphere in Bioshock is one of the coolest I've ever seen. It's a mix of horror, and adventure as you lurk from room to room in search of scarce ammo or other helpful items. The few times I had attempted to get into the game, the gameplay was what held me back (don't ask me why). But, with the sweet upgrades to each weapon in combination with the plasmids that gave you powers, it was just a blast to send bees at enemies while shooting them with an upgraded machine gun! On top of this, the morality and ethical values that the game displayed ala little sister to big daddy relationship, or harvesting the children instead of helping them was implemented so well. There's one last part of this game that anyone who has played it will know, and it blew my mind (really, my head was filled with a plethora of emotions for a good 10 minutes, and I even called a friend to talk to him about it). I finally understood why everyone loved it! :D
    4. Mass Effect
    I've played Mass Effect a few times, but what really makes this game so special to me is how different it was compared to every other RPG I had played. The gameplay took me a while to get used to, but I loved it in the end. Finding a ton of loot that had better stats for increased accuracy, or the various weapon modifications that made my enemies evaporate. Further, the amount of content was unreal. Quests took me across a galaxy, to explore different worlds and uncover new secrets. On top of this, to me, the story was what Star Wars is to films. I LOVED the story. This game offered so much and really opened my eyes to western rpgs.
    5. Halo Reach
    I'm a HUGE Halo fan. I've loved the series ever since I first played the the original on my best friends xbox all those years ago. I can go on and on about how I loved the story, the gameplay, and practically everything about the series. But, I won't. I'll just say that Halo Reach offered so much well thought out content in a single package that I I feel that it earned its spot on this list. For a series that I believe defined console shooters, the latest installment was the best of them all.
    Note: haven't played skyrim yet. For those interested, my next games would have been Deus Ex: HR.

    Bravo Maxim! Great to see Castlevania make someone's list
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    I'm assuming this means the original release date? Like, Final Fantasy XI would not count, as even though it made it to the 360, its original release was on the PS2? Would simultaneous releases count (e.g., Need for Speed games being released on both PS2 and PS3, for example)?

    I would probably allow something rare like that if you exclusively played in on the 360. For example, if you did not play FFXI on the PS2 or PC but picked it up on the 360 in 2006, I'd allow it.

    In the case of a simultaneous release on multiple systems, some being last gen, assume that it is a current gen game. For example, Madden (insert date here) gets released on the PS2, but it is still a current gen game if it is on the 360 as well. That is for a simultaneous release.

    If anyone has really large posts, which happens with descriptions, use spoiler tags. Preferably one where I could still see the name of the game and the placement, but the description (and a picture) would be condensed in the spoiler.
  • Top of my head:

    1. Battlefield 3 (I'm a huge multiplayer gamer and so far this is everything I've been looking for since Halo 2).
    2. Dead Space 2
    3. Mass Effect (NOT MASS EFFECT 2)
    4. Uncharted 2
    5. Arkham City (might bump it down to Batman: AA once I've finished it as I haven't played too much, but I'm trying to list games that I've had the strong desire to replay multiple times)

    Also I have missed quite a few games this year this list will probably be very different for me come 2012...

    @Hail, you made me really consider Borderlands for this, definitely was a tough choice to keep that out, had Borderlands 2 been released this year, this would almost be no contest.
  • Give reasons people, it makes it more interesting then a simple list of 1-5. A list of 1-5 means nothing with no reason behind it to anyone who would be looking at your list.
  • Didn't think this would be so hard but here goes.

    1. Star Ocean The Last Hope
    Star Ocean The Last Hope, brings back so many memories of til the end of time (another great Jrpg), it brings back what I fell in love with the series.
    The amazing real time combat, the amount of re-playability this game contains, and especially the amount of content!
    The story did seem a bit overly dramatic, but I guess my "weeabo" side took over and just ignored the opinions of others that "the voice actors were terrible" or "how predictable the story was"
    What makes a great game is not how predictable the story is, not how great the voice actors are, but how the player receives this source of entertainment. If the player can get his or her jollies off something every one hates, then what does it matter if that gamer decides this is his or her favorite game?
    The amount of content and the way the characters grow on you is what hooked me to this game, and the fact that its a JRPG, just saying :D
    And that is my reason why this deserves the top spot in my list.

    2. The World Ends With You

    This game got me hooked to my DS. there were plenty of games out there that were good as well, but this one is what got me hunting for rare/gems that I might have missed on the DS.
    The controls can get some getting used to, and occasionally I found myself just scribbling around while controlling Neku, but even then I was having a great time!
    The visuals were stunning, even if they were just 2D anime/manga visuals. The urban style of the game really caught my eye.
    Also, the games soundtrack is a HUUUGE +, I found myself entering some of the shops/districts just because i wanted to here a specific song.
    The emotional story really did hold on to me, I actually did shed a tear to the ending of this game.
    And the way I saw Neku mature throughout each week in the game, made me realize just how much one person can change the way we perceive things. It's stunning how people function. [/SPOILER]

    3. Child Of Eden

    Child of eden...... The stunning visuals were an instant win for me. while I always argue graphics are not what make a game, this one is an exception. The stunning visuals AND the amazing soundtrack had my head bobbing for weeks. Hell I even went on to discover Genki rockets and bought both their albums. The heart pumping experience I got when playing this game was pure joy. While the move controller could've used some more work, the game brought back some gaming nostalgia from the ps2 gem Rez, and it just made me think of a time when gaming was simple. Nothing complex, a very straight to the point story line, and that's it.

    4. Dj Max Clazziquai/Black Square
    I can't say how many hours I have put into these two.
    I know these are two different games but they contain practically the same songs, the only difference being is that Clazziquai edition is aimed for beginners, and Black Square is aimed towards the more experienced players. With very few exclusives added to each one.
    Anyways, Both contain a song list of 40+ songs and theres sometime about the series that just screams out to me.
    It's difficulty even impresses me. I look at the note charts and wonder...'Wow... I dedicated this much of my time to perfect a game like this" but see thats the thing, this game FORCES you to do better. With it's fob "try your ability, DO IT!" cheer at the start of every song. The game tends to mock your ability when you fail as well, which made me continue with multiples attempts.
    It's strict judgement system and amazing soundtrack took countless hours during bus rides to college as well as times when I was bored.
    Even til this day after owning the game for about 3 years, I still take my psp out from time to time and play just these. In fact, I think its the ONLY Psp games I ever play.[/SPOILER]


    5. Bayonetta
    Not even sure where to begin with this one, I think this was one of the first hack and slash game I actually fell in love with. The cheesy and sarcastic role you play just had me chuckling at random times at how silly the game was.
    And then it had it's seriously hair pulling moments, while I am not much of a fan of hack and slash, this one pushed aside all I hate about the overly hyped ones (looking at you God of war), and just had a sweet charm to it. [/SPOILER]

  • :) Nice choices space! I'm getting TWEWY for xmas this year, and I have bayonetta in my backlog. I'm sure I'll love em!
  • [CENTER]5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Pure, unadulterated platforming crack. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the culmination of nearly 30 years of refinement and perfection of the genre and the Mario franchise.

    4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent


    My game of the year for 2010, Amnesia is the Alien of video games: an absolutely nerve-wracking, compulsively terrifying experience that relies on atmosphere and sound to frighten.

    3. The Darkness

    My favorite FPS of all time and one of the most genuine adaptations ever made. The Darkness isn't the best of its genre, but it has the most heart (pun intended), and is unique enough to distinguish itself from the crowd. A stellar voice cast and a particularly gut-wrenching scene put The Darkness in a league of its own.

    2. Xenoblade Chronicles

    Xenoblade Chronicles hasn't been released stateside just yet, but this brave and ambitious Japanese RPG will soon find a home amongst many gamers' pantheon of all-time greats. Evoking shades of classic jRPG traditions and themes while embracing the freedom of more contemporary western games, Xenoblade Chronicles is the bridge that links two great, warring nations in harmony.

    1. Dark Souls

    A gamer's game. A show of faith by developers From Software that the industry has not yet forgotten the golden age when achievements were truly earned, when triumph actually meant something to a player, and when defeat left us with real, tangible pain. You do not play Dark Souls to win. You play to survive.
  • SpaceOfSoul said:

    4. Dj Max Clazziquai/Black Square

    You need to pick one, even if those games are extremely similar. Only one game per spot.
  • I know a lot of this is recent, but I've thought about this all day and still ended up with the following five; sorry for it being Bioware heavy but if I'm being honest with myself, Bioware made this generation worth it for me. Even if they did fall short near the end... anywho.

    #5: Dark Souls
    This game is here mostly because it has the balls to be old-school hard, without being cheap or unbeatable. The world is amazing, the controls are perfect, and the gameplay requires a level of finesse and strategy unmatched in the genre of action RPGs. Also, dragons.

    #4: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
    There seems to be no end to the things I can spend time doing in this game, and it's always incredibly fun. The controls have imrpoved greatly over Oblivion, the graphics are beautiful, and I absolutely LOVE the world of Skyrim. Also, dragons.

    #3: Mass Effect 2
    I think what makes me love the Mass Effect series so much is the characters. Mass Effect 2 introduced a plethora of unforgettable characters, and I love every single one of them. Except Jacob. Well, okay, even Jacob can be cool sometimes. The characters lend Mass Effect 2's otherwise... not-so-great plot its value, as well as the feeling (illusion or no) of choice behind my actions. Here's looking forward to the conclusion that finally explains why the story of the second chapter is important, other than as a mechanism to deliver a bunch of new characters. Also, drag- I mean Reapers.

    #2: Dragon Age: Origins
    Yes, another Bioware title made my list, much do Flibble's dismay I'm sure. :P Origins made me feelmore in control of my character than any other video game I've ever played, and the way everything felt important (whether it was or not) is a testament to the story. The characters, once again, complete this game. Especially my faithful dog. Also, dragons.

    #1: Mass Effect
    To absolutely no one's surprise, Mass Effect is my favorite game of this generation. Take a sci-fi setting that plays on classic genre tropes, throw in amazing characters and a fresh dialogue system wrapped up in a neat TPS/RPG hybrid topped with a spoonful of player choice and sprinkled with stellar voice acting and you get Mass Effect. I cannot stress enough how much this world has drawn me in, how invested I am in the setting and characters... Mass Effect 3 is going to be one hell of a ride, no matter where it goes. I should note that I chose the first game over the second for reasons I can't quite put my finger on; I just couldn't justify saying I liked the second any more than the first, but I am comfortable saying that playing Mass Effect for the first time inspired something unique in me that I don't believe any came could ever do again, though I hope I'm wrong as it's the most wonderful feeling in gaming.

    Also, dragons. Lol.

    ...Yes, I liek RPGs.
  • Dr Gumaer said:
    You need to pick one, even if those games are extremely similar. Only one game per spot.

    Well, thats why I asked in the irc. wasn't sure if it was you or someone else that replied saying that it was ok that it was "my list", can't remember who but it brought up the whole discussion of SS4 being the same as SS4: AE

    These games are practically the same, only difference would be 3-4 songs difference and different menu selection, that is all.

    but if I must, then I will pick one.
  • 5.
    Bioshock is fps done correctly. A large city, beautifully crafted, and the camera/point of view of your character is used perfectly. So often in fps I feel trapped in a bubble, but in Bioshock, the way in which everythng is presented to me, I feel like I'm in a world. On top of that, I'm not limited to nothing but guns, as you get tons of plasmids that add to the game experience. I get bored running to an area and fighting off dozens of pointless drones that come my way. In Bioshock, I get to use my plasmids for fun, and for strategy. Example, best way to get a Little Sister, mind control one Big Daddy and have him kill the other, so awesome. On top of all this varied gameplay and beautiful world, there is a wonderfully crafted story, speaking on behalf of freedom, and by the end, your are getting yours. It's one of the best games I've ever played.

    Never before have I been so invested in characters, relationships, or the character I play. In Dragon Age Origins, I gained a new kind of choice in video games, the choice of being whatever character I wanted to be. So often I'm stuck having to live up to some special name (Mass Effect) and don't get the freedom I want or need. Here I get all of that freedom, and through that I managed to craft some of the most detailed and memorable relationships in a game, gathering a phenomenal team, and learning everything there is about them. On top of that, I got to be a hero and multiple races and classes, from elven mage, to human noble, to dwarf prince. Each of these added greatly to my relationships, and even to the overall story. I was sucked in, and never wanted to leave Ferelden. I never wanted to stop leveling up, never wanted to stop until I helped to save Morrigan from here mother, never wanted to stop until I helped Sten regain his honor, etc. This must be what MMO's feel like.

    As it has been said before, this game pulls all that has come before it. Never before has there been a Mario this detailed, this truly complete. It's has tons of innovative idea's, some truly complex platforming sections that will have you breaking your Wiimote, and some truly excellent fan service. As a fan of Mario for more probably 85% of my life, I've never felt so much joy and need to return to a Mario game. The soundtrack will put a smile on your face, and each level will give you a true sense of accomplishment. Platforming doesn't get much better than this.

    Years ago I bought my PS3 after hearing so many good things about Uncharted from the main podcast. Now, while I enjoyed Tomb Raider, I never fell in love with the franchise, so I didn't know how I'd really feel about this game. On top of that, I'm not a big fan of any kind of shooter, whether it's fps or tps, as I generally feel them to be boring and unimaginative. What happened here though was a spark that reignited my love of gaming, and brought me to the Noobtoob army. I distinctly remember walking towards the Nazi submarine in chapter 3, and feeling a sense of awe. It was beautiful, and I had never seen anything so impressive in a game before. From then on, I was hooked. I beat the game in under two days, and following the victory over the game, I immediately started again. It was well crafted, the voice acting was phenomenal, the characters were light hearted and lovable, and the balance between shooting and platforming was near perfect. While certain aspects have not aged well, that initial experience is still one of the best I've ever had in gaming. Walking towards that submarine, it was like the first time I heard the SEGA scream, caught my first Pokemon, or summoned my first monster in Final Fantasy. It's one of those things you don't forget.

    I will begin by saying this if my favorite game of all time, so it is no surpise that it would also be my favorite game of this generation. The pacing is perfect, and the tutorial is one of the best I've seen. The characters are more fun and loveable, and theirs a lot of development, mainly in regards to Drake. The combat has evolved, with some of the most precise shooting I've seen, the best sound I've heard in regards to guns, and variation between weapons that you can actually notice. The dialogue is witty, sincere, and thoughtful in regards to gamers. The platforming is as good as the first, and has been heavily integrated into the combat sections, making the combat sections more strategy than mundane cover-then-shoot. The integration of multi-player and co-op, while initially unwanted, ended up being very well made, and gained quite the fanbase. Now, with all that said, what I love about it, the thing that makes it great, I've never experienced anything like it. It's more than a sequel to Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves is the ultimate ride. I played this game over and over, never getting tired of it. I love the train sequence, going above and below, taking out hundreds of enemies who are on a path to kill you while you try to save an old friend. I love going through a very simple platforming section near the end of the game, and listening to Flynne and Drake bicker, hearing some truly funny dialogue, were Drake makes fun of Flyyne's mom. I love how unique it is in regards to games, with the only other thing truly like it is Uncharted 3, which sadly still doesn't compare. On top of that, I loved the multi-player, and I am by no means a fan of multi-player. I found this to be so unique though, pulling the single player mechanics and platforming straight into multi-player, with layered maps, that make for some fun, long, competetive matches. I made tons of new friends playing the MP, put in well over a hundred hours into the Multi-Player, probably close to 200, and had some truly epic 6-8 hour sessions with some very nice and funny people. Never before had I experienced anything like that in gaming.

    Honorable mentions:
    inFamous 1/2
    Batman Arkham Asylum/City
    Dead Space
    Uncharted 3
    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    Yakuza 3
    Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction

    Also, some other idea's for list(s), could be top handhelds, top downloadable's, top soundtracks, etc.
  • Dr Gumaer said:
    For example, if you did not play FFXI on the PS2 or PC but picked it up on the 360 in 2006, I'd allow it.

    For example, Madden (insert date here) gets released on the PS2, but it is still a current gen game if it is on the 360 as well. That is for a simultaneous release.

    Wait... hmm, got a little confused there. Would that mean Shadow of the Colossus will be accepted?
  • @killswitch

    Yes! Another Mass Effect > Mass Effect 2, nice!
  • 1-Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
    3-Mass Effect 1
    4-Fallout 3
    5-Halo 3
  • Had to be honest with myself. Mass Effect was better than Halo :/ sorry old friend..
  • 1. FIFA '11
    2. FIFA '10
    3. FIFA '09
    4. FIFA '08
    5. FIFA '07

    Honourable mentions: FIFA '06
  • @NdRiLz@ said:
    Wait... hmm, got a little confused there. Would that mean Shadow of the Colossus will be accepted?

    No it will not. Shadow of the Colossus is a PS2 release.
  • Dr Gumaer said:
    No it will not. Shadow of the Colossus is a PS2 release.

    Even though I never played Shadow of the Colossus on ps2, and only have the HD ps3 version? Same thing with the Sly Cooper games?

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