The Last of Us News Thread
  • It's Naughty Dog's newest game LEGIT SOURCE!
    ND SAYS:
    "Abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. A population decimated by a modern plague. Survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on.

    Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US."

    Alright now I'm hyped.
  • kthxbai!!!!
  • What is up with this fucking stupid fascination of zombies or mutated like zombie nowadays. That shit is pisses me off, my favorite or one of my favorite Developers hitching a ride on this stupid Zombie fad. Looks interesting though lol. The old man kinda looks like an older version of Drake... shit I thought for a minute when I saw the trailer that it was a new Uncharted game with old man Drake and possible daughter then I saw the rest of it.
  • Ellen Page?
  • As the Joystiq liveblogger for the VGAs said...

    I think I speak for everyone when I say "Finally, a post-apocalyptic game with zombies in it."
  • This looks like "I am Legend: The Game" only instead of regular zombies they went with zombies inspired by the zombie ants in South America, with all that fungal shit growing out of their heads.
  • Looks like a cool game! can't wait to see more of it. : )
  • Dr Flibble said:
    This looks like "I am Legend: The Game" only instead of regular zombies they went with zombies inspired by the zombie ants in South America, with all that fungal shit growing out of their heads.

  • ... I think the size of that ant bothers me more than the fungi eating at it.
  • So far it looks like awesome. Of course it will come down to the gameplay, but I'm pretty excited about it.
  • Here it is!!! I can't wait!@!!
  • makes me think of enslaved meets biohazard(resident Evil), Not the walking dead but the walking mushrooms?
  • I would be more interested if you played as Ellen Page. To me, it would seem like a good fit because you could really build a bond with Joel as a mentor and experience the world as Ellen Page experiences it. Though, unless they pull off some tremendous AI to fit his role as survivalist mentor, Joel will probably end up being the playable character. Which itself isn't necessarily bad, but I find it less interesting. Just hanging out with Ellen Page might be cool too. Maybe they can get an Alyx Vance-type cool going.

    Whenever a zombie-type game is announced, I'm always hopeful that someone will finally nail the survival aspect.
  • Wiserd Cookey said:
    Whenever a zombie-type game is announced, I'm always hopeful that someone will finally nail the survival aspect.

    I'm the same way. Dead Island almost hit the nail for me, but quickly got bored with the constant fetch quests.
  • The "theme" leaked out or something and I really like it! : )

  • That's an awesome theme,very fitting and something I can listen to over and over while playing,which is basically what Uncharted's theme was like.2012 is going to be an awesome year of gaming before our demise at the end of it :P
  • Actual news.

    The Article said:
    So, not a nice guy then? The revelation comes in the latest The Last Of Us trailer which shows the actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson working through an early version of the VGA reveal trailer. The phrasing implies that Joel is ‘known’ somehow, maybe a minor celebrity on the post apocalyptic survival circuit? The slightly different voice over also seems to confirms a few other aspects of the game.

    It ties into previous comments from Naughty Dog that Ellie was in someway “Joel’s salvation”. The different dialogue from Ellie is as follows:

    “He’s been called a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer. Me? He’s just Joel to me. Back in his day you weren’t afraid of being hunted by other people, and it wasn’t normal for a girl to scavenging the dead and you sure as hell didn’t have to worry about them.”

    The trailer’s already suggested that you’ll be fighting other humans, something the “hunted by other people” line seems to confirm. In interview Joel’s actor, Troy Baker has hinted that most people have got game and the character relationships completely wrong. “I think what I’ve seen over the last few days, as we’ve been teasing this, is that people think they know what the game is about. People think they know who Joel and Ellie is, and the relationship between the characters. It’s fun to watch from this side because I don’t think anyone really knows.”

    Cue the "I only did it for my family" etc stuff.
  • Disappointing.
  • Sunflower said:

    how boutttt this?


    As promised earlier today in our cover announcement story, we present three screenshots from The Last of Us.


    The images below are only a taste of the over 20 great shots that appear in the March issue. Be sure to click on the screens to get a better look.


    Combat includes both gunplay and melee attacks. Weapons will break after repeated use, so you'll have to scavenge around for new items frequently.


    Most post-apocalyptic worlds are bleak and gray. Naughty Dog utilizes natural growth to spice up the color palette and add a sense of the abnormal. Notice the yellow bridge in the background? Yep, this is Pittsburgh.


    The developers stress that The Last of Us is not one long escort mission. Although you won't control Ellie in the game, her AI is one of the team's primary areas of focus. In our demo she always managed to keep up, yet stay out of the way. She didn't seem to need any babysitting at all.
  • I'm sold on this game. I was super happy to see they're starting to release more news about the game, until I looked around and realized it's not releasing until 12/31/2012. I was hoping for the summer..guess I was way off haha.
  • Weapons that break. Awesome! *sigh*
  • Dr Flibble said:
    Weapons that break. Awesome! *sigh*

    I'm hoping they go with a different system other than just having some kind of damage meter. If there is visible damage I wont mind it as much. In fact I'd prefer no actual meter, but rather the actual damage on the weapon as a "meter".
  • As long as the weapons are sturdy I might forgive it. Fair enough if you're going to have at it with pot plants a weapon wear'n'tear system is believable, but if they are going to try tell me that a sledgehammer designed for prolonged use smashing up rocks and concrete can't cave in a few thousand skulls I'm going to call massive bullshit like I do just about every time this gimmick is employed.

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