Halo CEA: Better Late Than Never
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    Sorry this is so late, I've had a hell of a week. If nobody signs up or this is too sudden, I'll definitely put this on the backburner for another time. Anyway, the Halo 1 remake was released this past Tuesday! Let's play some of the gorgeous new multiplayer maps! That being said Anniversary IS required.


    Saturday, November 20th
    12 PM PST
    3 PM EST
    8 PM UK

    Look Your Time Up Here

    Sign Ups
  • November 5th? I think you missed it bro...
  • LycaNinja said:
    November 5th? I think you missed it bro...

    Edited. Sorry.
  • I won't be getting the game soon (or the maps) so I won't be joining :(
  • Today's Halo Event is canceled.

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