Do You Take Hot Or Cold Showers???
  • I personally take cold showers because it increases circulation and feels good on my warrior spirit.
  • I take showers by meditating underneath a waterfall. It helps control my animalistic nature and stops me from using my intense strength and skills with the 眉尖刀(bisento(japanese halberd(polearm))) to slay all those who do wrong in the world. I know that is against the law and I need to stop my flaming heart from saving a world that doesn't want to be saved.
  • Maxim you speak poetry. I have had a waterfall mediation experience and I can say I have felt the same. The flames of justice and passion are to hard too control.
  • My answer would be "hot showers", but the discussion seems to have turned to meditating under waterfalls to cool the burning passion of justice and firey desires inside yourself, and I feel my answer is inadequate.
  • Controlling the flames of justice and passion is just samuri shorthand for knocking one off. I prefer baths.
  • But you cant Control the flames of justice and passion in a bath it would just float in the water
  • Do it into a flannel.
  • Start off with a nice warm shower, and then finish up with a quick blast of cold water. Motivates me to get on with my day already. But hell, now you guys make me want to go find a waterfall before I go and slay evildoers.
  • waterfalls here are to cold to go in. They are the the runoffs to both snow and a glishier that we have here and they water don't have time to warm much before it gets to the falls so they are just above freezing temp... I like it hot though so when I take a shower (maybe once a week) its as hot as I can get it w/o burning myself. The rest of the time I take a bath.
  • As with Maxim, I also meditate under waterfalls. He and I have actually traveled the world searching for the most calming waterfalls to quell our natural deadly spirit.
  • What is a glisher?
  • GreyAcumen said:
    What is a glisher?

    Opps my bad. Misspelling there. But here you go just because it seems that you were not able to figure it out.
  • i turn the hot water on as high as it will go but i still only take showers that are a little warmer than room temperature unless i am using a friend or relatives shower.
    i take a cold one maybe twice a year on average. sometimes i just like a little shock to the system or to wake up or if its just ridiculous hot outside.
    i would love to shower under a waterfall but 1. there is none around here and A. i would get arrested if caught.
  • I think he was just confused about the typo Jaded, it kind of sounds like in your post you were trying to be a little snotty about it. Personally, you could have left that out, because no one linked you to a site about spelling errors when you made a mistake.
  • I am sorry I did not know you could not type worth a shit, thank you for the links if you only spent as much time with your spelling as you do looking up links to show stupid people what they don't understand you could be a real wordsmith
  • GreyAcumen said:
    as you do looking up links to show stupid people what they don't understand

    Hypocritical much?
  • Your welcome grey because we all know that as a samurai warrior you should look down on those that lack a better understanding of things and have dyslexia as well. Oh well sometimes things make it through spell check anyways but you are right I will be more careful in the future to make sure that I follow your wisdom. It is also good to know that you have only been gone for less than 24 hours and you are already working on getting me to engage in more insults with you. You are pushing your self here and if you do not stop then I will surly take it up with you in PM's again unless I am told by a mod not to since it appears these insults are not welcome on the forums. If you are not what me and some others see you as you may want to consider following your code of conduct more so that we don't see you that way.

    If this behavior is not accepted from a Sr. Member I do not understand why it would be accepted from a new member

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