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    Happy November 1st! Time for a contest.

    The last time I did a contest, it was to give away Outland, and this time, I'll be giving away inFamous 2 Festival of Blood. In inFamous 2 Festival of Blood, you are limited to playing as the bad guy, and get Vampire powers, along with the standard electric powers. For this contest, I would like for you to either write or draw (whichever you're more comfortable with) new powers for Cole that focus on his good side, and explain why/how he gets these powers. For example, in Festival of Blood, he is bitten by a Vampire, and that's how he gets their powers plus his own. What would turn Cole into a 100% good guy?

    For those who choose to participate, you have until the end of November, and I will announce the winner on December 1st. Good luck to any and all who participate, I look forward to your ideas.
  • Can we post more than one? I have so many ideas.
  • Hail said:
    Can we post more than one? I have so many ideas.

    Yep. Post as many as you want.
  • Cool idea for a contest Lapham, let's hope people get involved!
  • Good idea for a contest, and kind of you to donate. I'll have something when there's not a meeting happening at my work :)
  • Sounds like fun! I will give a go go.
  • monochromaticx said:
    Sounds like fun! I will give a go go.

    >:( YOU NO HAVE PS3!
  • Vampire really???
  • Slixshot said:
    >:( YOU NO HAVE PS3!

    >: ( I can redeem the code later you know! when I haz PS3 again..which I am planning to do!
    I probably won't win anyway lool
  • I can't think of anything that can turn Cole to a goody two shoes. I usually go with the evil route in game that gives me that choice.
  • Cole escaping from blast falls into a store, when he regains consciousness, he is in the magical Sanrio store and is infused with the power of kawai, whenever he holds up his Hello Kitty keitai, and says "by the power of Kitty"! he turns into Super Hello Kitty and with his love hug attack turns all the thugs into lovable maido
  • For anyone who had planned on trying to win this, you only have a week left. December is next Thursday.
  • So basically, Cole gets bit by a unicorn (If he can get bit by a vampire, this isn't out of the question) and gains the powers of rainbows!! Seriously, whats screams goodness more then rainbows? He gets new moves such as, the ability to replace his electricity grenades with bags of leprechaun gold, followed by a rainbow, that ends in a explosion of color and gold. He obviously also gets the ability to replace his electric bolts with rainbows. He gets the ability to shoot a rainbow from building to building, grinding on it in a similar way to how he grinds on wires or train tracks in the regular game. Last, but certainly not least, he gets a new ionic power. He stands in one spot, and forces giant unicorn horns to fall randomly all around him.
  • For my story I'm going to take a chunk out of the actual plot and altering it. Once the inFAMOUS 2 scene ends, I take the story in a different direction and become purely fanfic. I will also be using a major plot point from inFAMOUS 1. Beware of spoilers! Also the new power is at the very end.

    *The following is taken from a scene in inFAMOUS 2. The next star in bold indicates the end of the spoiler.

    During the scene where Cole has to swap powers with either Kuo or Nix....

    [Cole fiddles about with the wrist locks of transfer machine, blast core firmly placed in the middle of the device.]

    Cole:....Ha! Strap me in.

    Nix: Yeah.

    Kuo: Whoa, wait a second, I thought we were gonna talk about this Cole.

    Nix: Want a new power, how 'bout one of mine - how 'bout I get one of yours, huh?

    Kuo: No!

    Cole: Hey you gotta admit; it makes sense to swap powers. The stronger we are as a team, the more we get done. Look at what we did today.

    Nix: Bigger is better.

    Kuo: This is-this is not..

    Cole: Hey! Nix and I will swap powers and then we'll destroy it. I promise!

    Kuo: No!...No if you're gonna swap powers with anyone, i-it needs to be me..

    Nix: Pick her and we're through man!

    Kuo: You pick her!? I have no choice Cole. I'll have to hunt you down like a criminal.

    Cole: *Sighs*...Women.

    [Cole chooses to swap powers with Kuo. He places his hand on her shoulder.]

    Cole: Kuo. We make a good team.

    Kuo: [Breathes heavily, nervously] Ok , I can do this.

    Cole: I'll be right here with ya.

    Nix: After all we've been through together?! You gonna pick that frigid bitch over me?!

    [Cole activates the blast core and straps himself to the wrist locks. Kuo does the same.]

    Nix: Screw you!

    Cole: One.

    Nix: I was fine before we hooked up; I'mma be fine after!

    Cole: Two.

    Nix: I hope you and that bitch make each other real happy!

    [Nix disappears in a puff of red smoke.]

    Cole: Three!

    [Cole and Kuo brace themselves for what is about to happen. An electric current displays between Cole and Kuo causing massive pain to both. They screech out in pain as the electricity continues to transfer their powers. A small explosion releases Cole from the locks. A chopper flies over them. Laroche's voice is heard from nearby.]

    Laroche: Somebody shoot that chopper - it's coming for Bertrand!

    Cole: [Painfully] Gah! Bertrand!

    [Cole fires a shock grenade at the chopper, hitting it bang on, but falls to the ground. Cole faints.] *End of inFAMOUS 2 spoilers.


    [Cole finds himself floating in the air, above Empire State City.]

    Floating Cole: Huh? What am I doing here? Empire City?

    [Suddenly, lightning strikes a house nearby, setting it on fire. Floating Cole sees himself down on the streets, roaring in anger. Zeke is chasing him, trying to stop him.]

    Floating Cole: That's me - from the past! This was back when
    inFAMOUS 1 spoiler I had just lost Trish...

    [Zeke continues to chase Cole trying to stop him.]

    Zeke: Stop Cole! You're on a rampage! You're destroying Empire City! Please! My brother is in that house!

    [Zeke tries to go save his brother, but it is too late. The house explodes into a massive fire.....
    Cole wakes up from his nightmare.]

    Cole: Ah! Damn it. I've done some horrible things to Zeke; but he's forgiven me. Why can't I do the same? He's been trying to make up for what he's done. This amp, finding people, getting information, I couldn't do any of it without him. I need to find Zeke.

    [Cole meets Zeke soon after.]

    Cole: Zeke! I need to tell you something.

    Zeke: What's up Cole?

    Cole: I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you. You've forgiven me for what I've done to you and...

    Zeke: Stop it man, what's done is done, right?

    Cole: What I'm trying to say is, is that I forgive you. I forgive you; the truth is that I couldn't have done any of this without you. Even though you betrayed me back then, it's ok.

    Zeke: When I took the core to get my own powers. Yeah, sorry about that...I really left you hanging there didn't I?

    Cole: So, we're good?

    Zeke: Yeah, we're good.

    [From then on, Cole became very compassionate for human life. He helped out anyone in need. Saving many from their deaths, healing many from their wounds. From his experience with Kuo and his conversation with Zeke, Cole gained new powers. He was able provide a short-term force-field for anybody within eyesight, guarding that person from bullets, explosions and physical contact.]

    ---Time of post: Wednesday, 30th November 21:01. <--Dunno what time it is in Ohio, just saying this 'cos it was still November in Ireland! :D
  • You made it with plenty of time, now I just need to decide who wins. Ill let you guys know next week, I work over the next four days and wont have time to pick up a psn card to buy the game with. After I get the psn card, I'll contact whoever I pick sometime next week, and give them a psn code.

    Thanks for participating.
  • So, who won?
  • Well, I was waiting to get my money in order(bills + Christmas means I'm broke) to give the winner their psn card amount before I said anything, but I've not had the best of luck. I'm getting a check this week so I'll be able to get a card by Saturday, just so everyone knows.

    Anyway, to directly answer the question, you did. Chimera came close to winning simply because his idea got a few laughs out of me, but you put quite a bit of thought into it, trying to incorperate the story. Anyway, you'll get your psn card code by Saturday. Sorry for such a delay.

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