Best Thing You've Seen All Day
  • Plain and simple, what's the best video/image you've seen all day?

    I'll start it out!
  • Besides all the slutty video game costumes I've seen on the internet? hmmm....

  • My brother's Halloween costume. Laughed my ass of.
  • These two guys have a youtube channel dedicated to retro game collecting. They have a show where they go out to their local flea markets, retro game stores, etc and hunt out games. Really great show. They put this up as their halloween special. A few references to their show and it features many other youtube retro collectors but should still be enjoyable to others.


    Here is their usual show
  • New Prime 5 finally came out. Amazing series and I suggest watching The Last Scene 1-5 and 1-4 New Prime if you enjoy this style of video.
  • These 2 videos by Egoraptor, the guy that does the "Awesome" series.


  • Credit goes to Mono for this one [video=youtube;aE929IkvrZA]
  • [video=youtube;zOR3snVKW0E]

  • The awesome series is sooooooo... well... AWESOME! :)
    I don't think I'll see anything better than this photo today.

  • [video=youtube;XTbQ4wwZnso]
  • monochromaticx said:

    It is one of the links to that video. Still delicious!

  • NewAgeRed said:
    These 2 videos by Egoraptor, the guy that does the "Awesome" series.



    Holly crap my teacher just showed those same videos to my class in order to teach us about how to make a game good.
  • NewAgeRed said:
    These 2 videos by Egoraptor, the guy that does the "Awesome" series.


    I always assumed Egoraptor was kind of a dumbshit when it comes to gaming because, well, his awesome series is kinda dumb, but he really knows what he's talking about.
  • [video=youtube;IOu0DuxFAT0]

    Take the music for what it is, but god damn that video is awesome.
  • [video=youtube;oY59wZdCDo0]
  • Does audio count?
    NVM I will post this in rate the song.
  • image

    I got this saved if it goes down.
  • [video=youtube;6mN6XnSTO2Y]
    SO COOL!
  • [video=youtube;phGUmixizCs]

    and this one
  • [video=youtube;V6iEh73ojCw]
  • Its not a typical commentary by the way, seriously, this is hilarious.
  • Don't judge it by its thumbnail.its seriously amazing.
  • Somaliangangsterpuff wtf did I just watch D:
  • Dear god he got me too. ummm.. wow alright... from that to i'm don't know really how to respond to that so I'm thinking this.
  • lol i thought it was awesome.a little perverted,but kinda beautiful strangely.
    as for guywhodies,lol i love metalacopalypse.

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