MLB Playoffs 2011
  • After what was basically the single most intense and crazy and exciting regular season day in MLB history, Atalanta and Boston completed their incredible collapses, the Rays came back from 7 down, and the Rangers wrapped up the 2nd seed in the 9th.

    So, here are the playoff match-ups.

    DET @ NYY - ALDS (best of 5)
    TB @ TEX - ALDS (best of 5)

    STL @ PHI - NLDS (best of 5)
    ARI @ MIL - NLDS (best of 5)

    If we go by the recent trend of best starting pitching winning in the playoffs, then you'd pick the Tigers and Rays in the AL... but the Yanks have a better team ERA than the Tigers.

    In the NL, you'd pick Phillies and Milwaukee, but again, the D-backs have the best ace in their series with the Brewers, much like the Tigers have the much better 1-2 starters than the Yankees, even if team ERA is higher.

    I'll be pulling hard for my Tigers, of course, but also will generally cheer for the Rays and D-Backs. The Rays have the 2nd lowest payroll in baseball, and the D-backs are just a few teams higher. It's nice to see the "buy everything in sight" teams fall to them. :)
  • Cheering for my Rays. Happy.
  • Canadian noob here, only 8 teams make it into the playoffs? Damn I was kinda hoping for the Giants, but mostly because I enjoyed their HBO series.
  • New York Yankees for the win!
  • Next year is the year for my Cubs!
  • As a born in Boston guy, it is hard to feel bad after two world championships you never thought you'd live to see. However, Holy God, 7-20 in September? It makes 1978 look good by comparison, with Dan Fucking Johnson filling the role of Bucky Fucking Dent.
  • XxBarretxX said:
    Next year is the year for my Cubs!

  • GoodEnoughForMe said:

    I only chose to be a Cubs fan because I decided girl Cubs fans are A LOT prettier then female Sox fans. Baseball is dull as dirt.

    Also, how the hell did the Dbacks make it? :P
  • Tigers are fucked. Fister vs. Nova was the only pitching matchup where we had a huge advantage, and we get utterly destroyed and dominated everywhere.

    Whoopdee do.
  • XxBarretxX said:
    Next year is the year for my Cubs!

    Yeah, well this year for my Cards. STL for the win.

    Edit: I just had to...


  • I'm so glad we pulled off the win last night.
  • Jesus hates the Yankees
  • Phillies down by one, playing now. Comeon Phillies!

    Phillies screwing it up pretty badly. Awesome.
  • Well, it was a nice run for the Tigers, but hitting .230 with RISP and .225 overall in the playoffs doesn't get shit done. Spoiled 2 on and no outs in 1st today, and bases loaded in 2nd... our offense has scored 19 runs in 6 games... so bad.
  • Man, what a game tonight. STL is still in it! Come on guys, take it all tomorrow!
  • It has been an amazing series. Unfortunately I just don't care about these teams, totally my loss.
  • westsw said:
    It has been an amazing series. Unfortunately I just don't care about these teams, totally my loss.

    Yeah. But at least we have the games themselves.
  • Game 6 will be a game for the ages. Cards down to our last strike TWICE to come back and win... whew. Considering a few months ago we were 10 1/2 games out, it's amazing we pulled off the win. Freese definitely deserved the MVP.

    I'm also kind of proud to be the only one in here who was rooting for STL since the start... =P

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