Where in the world is the NTA?
  • So I made a google map I figure it might be fun for all of us to collaborate on:

    NoobTooB World:


    Go on in and make your mark!!! It's fully collaborative. Don't feel you have to write your name or put the mark in the exact place where your house is. Just narrow it down to city.

    - Hit 'Edit' by the Noobtoob World Title
    - pick the balloon-looking button on the upper left of the map screen
    - click to mark your place
    - Hit the 'Save' button on the left when you're done

    Let's see who lives the farthest north, south and in the craziest places :D

    I set you loose like the pack of wolves you are...

    *NOTE: you may have to zoom out to see where you are since I think it stays zoomed in on the last marker placed
  • Done and done, great idea Tallchick
  • Done. :)

    If people can't see the edit button, click refresh a few times. Didn't appear for me at first.
  • Being in the first five feels like an honour : )
  • I tried to embed the map in the OP but couldn't do it. I guess it needs HTML to work right and the forum is BB code. If anyone figures out how to embed it, PM me the code and I'll update the OP. :D
  • Done. I was gonna go with a goofy name, but then I saw no-one else did and backspaced.
  • Aww, I'm not the one most North... :)
  • This is an awesome idea, Tallchick. I recommend zooming in before placing your balloon... since you only get one shot at it.
    I am not located at the most anything. Midwest!
  • Im the only west coast guy :D AWESOME! I put that marker quite literally on top of my house, lets hope no one in the nta comes to kill me now D:
  • Thats a great idea TC.
    My location is the hottest among all of you!, so far. 97F is kinda hard to beat though heheMUHAHAHAHAAA!
  • This is an crazy cool idea TC.
    lol, as of right now I am the only one remotely close to me. T-T. I is the solo Coloradoan.
  • diversity ftw.
  • Hey ho, I'm the 2nd Finland map pin.
  • Ok, is someone here really named Sweden? Or is someone just trying to be funny? :p

    Cool idea though! Added mine in!
  • Neat! I put mine down.
  • this is awesome :D
  • Done. Good to see I'm not the only one from Califailia.
  • I'm marked.
  • So far, it appears I am the most southern of all American NoobToobers.
  • Looks like there are very few northerners (england) in the nta
  • That's pretty sweet Tallchick. : D
    Oh and I'm stuck as Placemark 66. : (

    monochromaticx said:
    Thats a great idea TC.
    My location is the hottest among all of you!, so far. 97F is kinda hard to beat though heheMUHAHAHAHAAA!

    WOAH!!! LoooL, I thought I was the only one suffering from this. X D We should meet sometime after I get back. : )
  • Darkkeychain said:
    Oh and I'm stuck as Placemark 66. : (

    Fix'd! You are no longer Placemark 66.
  • Winsord said:
    Fix'd! You are no longer Placemark 66.

    Oh, thanks Winsord. : )
  • Looks like im not the only one that lives in Austin :D
  • Great work Tallchick! :D

    Cool, I think I'm currently the Noobtoober who lives on the smallest land mass. :)

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