Persona 4: The Ultimate
  • "The game, dubbed Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena, is a joint effort by Persona creator Atlus and Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works. It's scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    As with the aforementioned Arc title, this game is a 2D fighter as yet defined entirely by its stunning aesthetics. I say "stunning" because the English language doesn't yet include a word to describe imagery that is simultaneously quite breathtaking, and totally accurate to its source material.

    Unfortunately, we have yet to hear any word on whether this game might hit American shores. Presumably, given the success Atlus has seen of late with its PlayStation 2 Persona roleplaying games, and its PSP remakes of older Persona titles, someone at the company must be eyeing the US marketplace hungrily, but until we hear official word, we'll have to content ourselves with media from The Land of the Rising Sun."


    A fighting game with Persona characters: For me, automatic buy, I don't even care if it'll be terrible.

    Speaking of Persona, there will be a SMT: Persona 4 anime, a Persona 4 port to the PSVita, as well hints to a Persona 5 coming out on Playstation 3.

    I am the most excited person on Earth right now.