Fuzzy's PAX Reflection - 2011
  • Sup friends, I'm Fuzzy and I just got back from my 2nd PAX. It was a lot of fun and I figured I'd use this topic to discuss some things. Here, I will talk about some things I liked, some things I didn't like, some things that bugged the fuck out of me, and then I will offer some suggestions for the next Noobtoob PAX event.

    First off, I'll say that this was my favorite PAX out of the 2 that I've gone too. On a personal level, I kicked ass in every way. I was efficient, healthy, had fun, and did so without causing or doing any harm to myself. My first PAX I got very sick, was hung over, and was sore and tired and ready to leave on Sunday. This year, PAX' ending came too soon. I was very sad to go.

    I don't mean to offend anyone, so please don't get agry with anything I post if you find it offending.

    Things I liked:

    1. The Noobtoob Daily Events - Swoopes did an amazing job this year at planning the PAX events. My first PAX had no daily events, so I felt like I acme and didn't do anything around the city. This year, when we took the monorail to the Needle and the EMP museum, I really felt that we were making this a special learning experience. Thursday's museum trip was a FANTASTIC idea. I had fun with friends, met a lot of new people, and learned a lot. Plus, we all got some culture. I hope this continues.

    2. Console Freeplay Event - This event was a lot of fun. Again, Swoopes nailed it by having lots of little games and high-score competitions. It was fun just hanging out with people and gaming in the room with others. We did this last year too, with Kickle, but this year it was a much more relaxed atmosphere and we didn't drag it on too long. It worked really well.

    Things I didn't like:

    1. Drinking Noobtoob Events - I gotta be honest with you, nerds can't hold their booze. I know that it was announced on the NT twitter account when we were going to the Bars. To be honest though, this year we had some creepers show up who got drunk and acted stupid. You could tell that these kids weren't experienced drinkers or might have been under-age even. These kids could have, or might have, given Noobtoob a bad name. It's a risk, and a liability on our good name if something goes wrong. I think next year we should avoid any night-life events. After 8-9pm, just say "Good night" and let people do what they want, rather than schedule alcohol events.

    2. Keep your fucking hands off of me - This goes with the previous paragraph. While we are all Noobtoob Community members, some people got a little too friendly. I can recall 1-2 people who creeped the fuck out of me. One even felt the need to walk up behind me and rub my shoulders randomly throughout the night. No offense bro, but keep your fucking hands off of me. I just met you today; don't touch strangers. You should know this. I don't like being randomly neck-groped by random dudes who I just met, and while this sentance may seem funny, it actually fucking happened. If you go to PAX, know your alcohol tollerance, be polite with Community members, and keep your damn hands to yourself.

    3. Bottom Quality Brewery - Or was it Rock Bottom Brewery? I forget. 2 straight years I've been at PAX, both times we've had weird shit go on with Rock Bottom Brewery and I'm proposing that we go somewhere new next year. Last year, we went with a bit group. Rock Bottom wouldn't take our reservation prior to it and we fortunately got a table outside. This year, they demanded we pay $100 for a room reservation and also demanded that we buy $500 minimum worth of food. They could have been nicer to us. On top of that, our waitress this year was kind of a bitch; she had no sense of humor when HP and Grave joked around and was REALLY weird with Locke and his hamburger. She wasn't even friendly to us. Why are we giving them our business? I think we should find a new place next year.

    4. Bitch Kids - I'm not naming any names, but some dumbass kids who showed up at the NT Rock Bottom Brewery event were bitch kids. I hate bitch kids. Apparently, there was a dispute over $10 on a bill at the end of the night. I recall them sitting there and not moving, as if they were in a staring contest. Seriously, we just spent $600+ getting us here, why were you bitch kids fighting over a pissy $15? If you're going to show up to a Noobtoob Event, please don't be a bitch kid, don't fuss over stupid shit, be cool, and be polite.

    Fuzzy's Awesome Suggestions

    1. Don't be a Swagtard
    - There is a lot of free shit at PAX, but don't become a monster and get aggressive about it. Most of the free shit at PAX is garbage; cards with advertisements on it or stupid shirts that wont fit you. You can save yourself a lot of energy if you say to yourself "It's not worth the energy." This year, I took a policy of "No cards or papers or posters," and I did really well. I got lots of cool stuff, but avoided a lot of shit. I did take an official PAX goodie bag which was full of shit that I would eventually throw up; even the fortune cookie and mouse pad (which came in the bag) had stupid advertisements on it. Honestly, in the end, most of the free shit is JUNK. Don't go crazy trying to get it all.

    2. Shower Frequently - My earliest memory of even hearing about PAX was from a Noobtoob episode where Tobin and Yuzo joked about spraying everyone down with Axe body spray. The smelly nerds will still be there, and you better not be one. My suggestion is this: shower every day, twice if you plan on participating in the night life. A daily shower cleans your body, gets rid of germs, and can aleviate pains and aches. 3 times during PAX I showered at night as well and I felt really good after doing it. Shower at night before you go bar hopping or before you go to any concerts. Germs are everywhere at PAX, don't let them get ahold of you. My first year, I only washed once daily and I got super sick. This year, I did it twice-daily and I feel amazing. I'm not calling it a coincidence.

    3. Bring some Advil/Tylenol - If you plan on standing in a long line, longer than 20 minutes of waiting, your body will start to get sore. Have some pain-pills handy so you can take them at any time. Obviously, don't take too many because your kidneys and liver will go to shit. Recomended dosage.

    4. If you're going to buy a game, don't wait in line for it - Honestly, the lines for Mass Effect 3, Gears 3, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands 2, Skyrim were all SUPER PACKED. Why would you stand in line for 4 hours to play a game that you're going to buy in 3 weeks anyway. How much excitement do you think you can get in a 20 minute demo of Skyrim? You'd enter a cave, kill some goblins, switch your armor out, and then you're done. Be rational, don't kill yourself by standing in a line all day. There is a lot of good shit at PAX to see, don't limit yourself to the big name stuff. You might come across a game or an Indie IP that you've never heard of and now like.


    In the end, I posted more complaints than things I liked, but that's not important. I think the best way to improve our PAX experience is for us to check ourselves. A lot of the great memories I had from the event involved me on my own or with a small group of friends. I think for our larger events, we can have amazing amounts of fun IF WE CHECK OURSELVES. I think this year was a good test-year for our Community, that being the first one since Tobin and Yuzo retired, and I think we can continue this event for many years to come as long as we cover our corners, trim the bullshit, plan new and fresh events, and cut out the Community-based alcohol events.

    This was my favorite PAX thus far, and I think the next one can be even better. I can't wait until next year.
  • Agreed It was a great trip with lots of fun, amazing summery and good tips. Nice one Fuzzy :D
  • About the Rock Bottom Brewery, I found my experience to be a lot difference. The waitress was extremely nice to me. When I arrived 30 minutes ahead of everyone else, she found a comfortable spot for me to sit and gave me a glass of water. Then she allowed me to move into the reserved room when the moment it was ready. She was very polite about my situation as well. I couldn't eat much because I had a moderately bad case of acid reflux so she went looking for antacids. When she couldn't find any, she gave me milk and even offered to get a carry out box without me asking. When the check came, she had already deducted some for another person using a credit card and didn't even bat an eyelash when I asked her to do the same for me too. Now that I think about it, I don't think she even charged me for the milk. I don't recall seeing it on the bill.

    It could just be because I'm an extremely polite person or it could have been the dress (you wouldn't believe how much nicer people are to me when I get dolled up) but I had no problems with her at all.
  • I had alot of fun over the weekend and enjoyed meeting everyone at the dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. I think there might've been some confusion really over the bill and trying to work out who spent what there. I knew we had the $500 minimum but didn't have the slightest about the extra charge on the room so I was trying to figure out who was missing what (and also if I calculated wrong my part of the bill, I come from accountants and when shit doesn't add up right it annoys the shit out of me). I don't recall any real fighting over the bill though, but maybe i missed something there. Overall, I had no issues with eating at Rock Bottom, but maybe I'm alone in that regard.

    None the less, it was an excellant beginning to an excellant weekend and enjoyed the crap out of meeting everyone at the dinner!
  • Fuzzy said:
    I gotta be honest with you, nerds can't hold their booze.

    Needed more Tsuyoi is sounds like.

    Good write-up Fuzzy, I give it 9 lawn poses out of 10.
  • Getting nerds to shower is always a challenge at these sorts of things. If you like Trek conventions, you just got to let it go, same deal here.

    I don't think Noobtoob has the budget to hire Guido and Knuckles to walk around with buckets of soapy water and sponges, enforcing hygine, although I like the idea. The conversation with the cops alone would be worth it. Also, in this thought experiment, the drunkest people would be the easiest to clean. Ok, now I have gotten tangential.
  • Fuzzy get your hand off me! interesting read :p
  • I touched Fuzzy. A lot. But I'm a very touchy-feeling person. IT'S NOT MY FAULT.
  • Fuzzy said:
    2. Keep your fucking hands off of me

    I thought we had something special :(

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