Super Monday Night Combat announced (PC, DotA style)
  • One of the surprise hits of 2010, Monday Night Combat is getting a sequel that its creators don't exactly call a sequel. They call it Super Monday Night Combat, an evolution of the third-person shooter they launched on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010.

    The game has changed. It is intended, this time around, to be a PC gamer's delight. Look out, League of Legends or DotA 2. This is supposed to be free DotA that packs heat.

    Launching in the next several months or so, Super Monday Night Combat will be a free-to-play shooter with more elements of the Defense of the Ancients-inspired gameplay that popularized the 2010 vision of a futuristic sport, a DotA-with-guns that powered a sort of NFL of tomorrow.

    Personally I'm not a big fan of the first, but the gameplay change sounds nice.

    Super MNC will retain the third-person shooter perspective of Uber's first game but will switch to a five on five format, from its predecessor's six on six. Announced only for Windows PC so far, it is being tailored to encourage the more complex and thoughtful gameplay that is stereotypically the domain of the computer game as opposed to the blockbusters on consoles.

    Your thoughts? F2P and PC - it means I'll certainly TRY it.

  • I am interested in this but the trailer is really underwhelming. "Deep Metagame" and "Unlimited Customization" are such hyperbolic nonsense.
  • I really enjoyed MNC so I'm definitely a bit excited to check this out. Not really sure what to make of it so far but, hopefully it maintains the humour from the first game and doesn't take itself so seriously as do the other DOTA style games.
  • I never played the original but it looked pretty good and hey its free to play so its worth a try
  • Game released today, will have a patch tomorrow to help with player confusion like how to use vending machines. Its F2P and it's a damn good game in my opinion, worth a try if this type of game is interesting to you.
  • downloading on steam as I write this 'citing.
  • Downloaded, and played a match as some Gorilla type guy. I don't understand this game at all. Guess I should do some practice matches.
  • I just made a thread in game discussion since the game is already out.
    @manio: The thread I posted might help you out a bit.

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