(360) Halo Reach: Mind Of NooBTooB #3
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    This event is all about the customization. I want to bring Halo Reach back into the community, and I hope this event can accomplish that. I will be accepting map, and game-type submissions for this event. That's right, this event is centered around the community and everything that you as a community make.


    If you need help creating a map for this event, feel free to add the participants from the list. Maybe, some of them will aid you in your creation.

    If you'd like to participate, please write in this thread with your GAMERTAG. If I don't know your gamertag, you won't be added to the list, and thus won't be invited to the event. Submission requirements for maps, and game-modes are listed below.

    [CENTER]Map Guidelines[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]- Must support at least one game-type.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Infection based maps must not have any cheap hold-out spots. Make it fair.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Maps must not be glitchy. Test them with some people here at NooBTooB beforehand![/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Map must have an original name, nothing like "I Pwnz Noobz"[/CENTER]


    [CENTER]Game Guidelines[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]- Must be over-all balanced, and not impossible.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Brand new game-types. Nothing like Team Slayer with just random weapons. Something fun and exciting.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Must have an original name, nothing like "I Liek Mudkipz"[/CENTER]

    Remember to test your content before submitting it for the event. Any glitchy map, or gametype will not be used in the final event. That's right, I'll play all these maps before-hand. So make sure they work!

    [CENTER]Submission Details[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]- Put the file in your file share, title the file accordingly.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Tell Manio your gamertag, so he can access your fileshare from bungie.net and download the submitted content.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Inappropriate content is not allowed.[/CENTER]

    [CENTER] - Deadline to submit content is Thursday, August 18th

    - Submit content at this link - http://noobtoob.com/community/showthread.php?21417-Halo-Reach-Mind-Of-NoobTooB-Official-Content-Thread[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]Event Details[/CENTER]

    When: Thursday, August 18th
    Time: 1pm EST (Find your own timezone using the link below.)
    Where: Xbox Live

    Time Zone Converter - http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

    1. Manio (GT: Eddie Swiss)

  • I'd totally be up for this if it wasn't in the middle of the day during the week : (. Wouldn't have had time to make my own map but, I would have totally used this as an excuse to get people together for this:

  • sorry manio, can't make it at that time :(
    @Dyer: we actually played that map a couple of times before. its fucking crazy!
  • monochromaticx said:
    sorry manio, can't make it at that time :(
    @Dyer: we actually played that map a couple of times before. its fucking crazy!

    This has to happen again sometime then.
  • Ill be there if I can join, been have trouble with that lately.
  • I should be able to join this one see you guys there
    Also I might have a map ready to but as always I'm having spawning troubles if there's more the two people playing. So, might have time after my work to night to get fixed

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