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  • I really liked Skull Island, until the face rippers, or whatever they are called showed up. Strong start, but it fizzles a bit as it goes. Still good fun.
  • The Wicker Man (1973) - lots of weird imagery in this that sticks with you. reminds me of a lynch movie. some of the musical bits dragged, but i liked it.

    3:10 to Yuma - more action than i'd like, and the deuteragonist felt superhuman in a really boring way. okay. great performance by ben foster though.

    The Blackcoat's Daughter - the weirdest girl in the world is cast as the weirdest girl in the world. fucking nailed it. good movie.

  • @westsw. We rented Skull Island last weekend. It was much better than I expected. It does get a tad dull towards the back end but overall it's not a terrible film. I don't see Hiddleston as a action hero though. It just doesn't fit his image.
  • Warner Bros. news just keeps on getting better and better. 

    Skip to around the 14 minute mark to see what whacky Warner is up to now!

  • Alien: Covenant
    Been in bed all day with an infected jawbone so I'm hopped up on pain meds and decided to rent a film on my Xbox, and my choice was Alien Covenant and I actually really liked it! The Alien franchise is my favourite series of horror films and when I heard they were doing a prequel series I was a little hesitant but curious none the less. So, I went to see Prometheus opening weekend and loved it, no issues there.

    Then this one showed off an OG Xenomorph in the trailer (would have made such a good surprise if the trailers didn't spoil it) and seeing the dumb-dumb captain of the ship approach one of the eggs and stick his face over it filled me with excitement seeing him become infected and birth one of my glorious babies.

    I really enjoyed this! I enjoyed it more than Prometheus and I think my only complaint comes from most of the cast you don't really give two shits about. The only stand-out characters were Tennessee played by the amazing Danny McBride and of course, Michael Fassbender playing the synthetics David and Walter. It was good stuff all around, but man I wish the actual Xenomorph reveal was a surprise for the film.


  • Netflix - Death Note (2017)

    What the absolute fuck did they do to the source material. Willem Dafoe is great as Ryuk though.

  • The Bad Batch -- 1/10

    I'll try to keep this short, but this is a movie entirely devoid of good qualities. The acting is awkward, poorly done accents, and stilted dialogue. The movie attempts to imbue attitude early with a ton of music, but without anything having happened up until that point, it serves no aesthetic purpose. The violence is grisly and without point or virtue. The character arcs make no sense, and there is nobody to cheer for, except the protagonist, who happens to be so painfully stupid that it doesn't matter. It is a meandering film of gore and depravity, aiming for shock and attitude, and instead faltering in every regard, with no purpose, no internal logic, and nothing at all to keep you watching.
  • The Girl With All The Gifts -- 9/10

    A really, really good zombie flick that has a gutsier last 15 minutes or so than about 99% of white dude directors ever will. I can't really divulge what this movie is about without spoiling it, but there are a lot of feints and sleight-of-hands, but it really, really is not about "who is the monster us or the zombies waaaah" that so permeates the genre. The lead actress Sennia Nanua is fantastic, and most of the cast is great. The biggest criticisms are mostly nitpicks; Glenn Close's character has some expository moments that telegraph what's going to happen and feel inserted because the movie didn't know how else to explain things. These are distracting, but hardly gamebreaking. It's not a particularly scary movie, and yeah, if you're burnt out on zombie movies, you might not dig this. I kind of intentionally avoid most of them out of boredom, so this didn't feel quite as usual. Really, though, it's the acting and the final message this film delivers, a brutal, exquisite hot take, that make it.
  • The Founder - 8/10

    Michael Keaton is superb playing the asshole Ray Kroc who essentially fucked over the true founders of McDonalds.
  • I dunno, they tried to franchise and failed.  They got a bunch of money, but yeah, Croc totally fucked them on that final hand shake.  They were much richer for being fucked.  Capitalism is weird.

    Wind River

    It is good.  Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch looking for bad guys on the rez.  Taylor Sheridan wrote both Sicario and Hell or High Water, so I was totally going to see this.  I figure Taylor will one day write:  Big Bucket of Really Hairy Testicles.  Anyway, Hell or High Water is his best movie so far, and you should totally see that.  This is good, but more flawed.  Sheridan can write him some manly dialogue.  The no luck out here speech is the best one in this movie.  Sheridan also understands that if you give the male protagonist a foundation in love, then all his bad assery is even more bad ass, so Hawkeye gets many a tender, if unspoken moment.  Man that sitting together at the end is pretty great.  Hell or High Water does all that shit a bit better.

    On the downside, Sheridan directed this, and the gun play is adequate, but Sicario was way way better on the choreography.  Mexican standoffs are like multiple personality disorder, way overused in cinema and often stupid.  There is really no mystery in this mystery, the thriller element is untapped.  Oh yeah, and nobody who uses firearms in a dangerous situation chooses a lever action Winchester.  I know it is cowboy as cowboy can be, but seriously?  Good movie, go see Hell or High Water.

    On a side note, they are making a sequel to Sicario, but why?  He fucking got him.  He dead now.  I am also really worried about the Blade Runner sequel.  Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time.  They simply cannot live up to what I need.  BTW, original cut, all the way.
  • The voice over in the original cut bugs me too much now. Voiceovers are noir but man it just feels like Ford's heart wasn't in it.

    The sequel can't possibly be as good and I am preparing for that but I hope it's a really good movie in its own right. 
  • Really the last 3 months or so of this year have a fantastic major release lineup. Blade Runner, Star Wars, Mother!, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Call Me By Your Name. Thor if you're a Marvel guy. Probably the most optimistic I've been about Q4 in some time, just in terms of overall potential. Hopefully they all pan out.
  • Logan Lucky

    It is fun, worth seeing, but nowhere near as good as a 92% Rotten Tomatoe score would have you believe.  Soderbergh always gets the benefit of the doubt, but he did not edit this one real tight.  It meanders and gets a little in love with itself.  I had a little trouble settling in because so many of the Southern accents were just bad.  I grew up in the South, and do not have an accent, but when it is wrong, it's like the sky the is the wrong shade of blue.  I imagine poorly done Cockney accents bug British folks who are glad to not actually sound like that.  I let that go once the heist got under way.  It is way Ocean's heist.  No vault job with half this many moving parts has ever worked in reality, ever.  I am more into The Score, or Mamet's Heist, but this not that kind of movie.  It is a slapstick bank job, and several characters are enjoyable.  Daniel Craig gets the best part.  the cast is way better than the material.  They gave Hilary Swank nothing to do.  I will say this movie is totally worth seeing just for the Game of Thrones joke alone.  I missed most of the next scene, laughing.

    Some good movies on the way.  Never going to see Mother!.  Aronofsky has a weakness for making shallow crap that mistakes upsetting people for art.  It is Rosemary's Baby, or a Rosemary's Baby red herring.  Either way, big yawn, have fun with all the shallow emoting.  I think Justice League will totally suck, but it probably cannot suck as bad as Murder Man V Mopey Man.  That one was special.  I hope I can have a little character, and not give them my money for Justice League, but I want it to be good so bad.  I like the voiceovers in Blade Runner.  The city speak one is memorable.  Only about a dozen quotes in all.  Even if you do not especially like them, the huge thematic ham stringing that the director's cut makes by just settling matters that were much better left ambiguous is way worse, IMHO.

    My guilty pleasure of artistic garbage has been Rifftracks on Amazon.  The new MST3Ks have disappointed me, probably because I do not smoke pot 24/7 the way I did in college.  Okay, that is not MST3K's fault, per se, but I have a grown up jobby job and tiny people with seemingly no common sense to keep from dying (No you can't climb in the dryer!  Bad baby!) . Anyway, Rifftracks ups the ante by using higher end terrible cinema.  Stone Cold with duh Bozz and Ice Cold with Vanilla Ice both made me want to stop, collaborate, and listen.  I keep meaning to try and do the Rifftrack sync up with Revenge of the Sith.
  • Alien Covenant

    Well Ridley, you did it. Just when I thought the Alien franchise couldn't get more fucked, you pull this movie out of your arse. Alien Covenant is garbage. It looks like an Alien movie, but it's not. There are a hundred things I could nitpick about this movie but I think I'll start and end with just one: the alien is not an alien. Boom! Thanks Ridley! Thanks for retroactively ruining even the old Alien movies! You can take your seat next to George Lucas now. So there you have it, after all these years, turns out the mysterious origins of the Alien have been revealed- it was engineered by a robot with daddy issues.

    1/10 (4/10 if you love Michael Fassbender as much as Ridley obviously does).
  • Yeah I stopped watching Alien movies. They are now bad. The first two are classics. The rest are a horrible market function.

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