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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

    It is good, but I was disappointed.  Worth seeing on the big screen, some really beautiful scenes.  What made the first one so refreshing was the originality.  This just takes all the stuff that worked in the first one and does that stuff over and over again.  Every battle is a 70s tune.  I love the Groot titles, but by the third battle, I was like, "Another AM tune?  PS not all these songs are totally awesome."  They end on Flashlight, which a classic now, never got much radio time when it was released.  The number of post credit scenes is out of control.  They are funny, but again, too much of the same.  The middle kinda drags and just way to much unimaginative exposition.  At one point, we actually got a HALL OF EXPOSITION, complete with visual aids.  Villian power point is the opposite of good writing.  It does go for it on the jokes.  They did not all land, but the effort was there.  "Ahhhh! my nipples!"

    Ninja Assassin (2009)

    Another good film that seems like it should be better.  An ignored B movie jem, and one of the best Ninja movies ever made.  Seeing Sho Kosugi read JM Straczynski dialogue is a real treat.It's biggest problem is that it cannot settle the rules for ninjas.  Sometimes they are invisible, invulnerable, teleporting demons; sometimes they die by the dozens.  Great fight choreography, worth seeing.
  • Captain Fantastic - 3 cremations out of 5.
  • Logan

    It was good. Everything just fit, unless you nit-pick certain details, and the comparison between the comics. 

    Ninja Assassin's awesome.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 -- 7/10

    I honestly wasn't a big fan of the first, which had a overdone ending and never felt as funny as the trailers suggested it might be. Most people seem to like the first more, but I appreciate the sequel's wholesale leap into Technicolor dreamscapes, and a bizarre, almost Hitchhiker Galaxy feel to everything, where everybody, no matter the circumstances, is a wisecracking smart ass. Villains included.

    Other than a trite opening scene that sees Baby Groot dancing while calamity ensues, and the fact that needle dropping old pop songs while violence flies stopped being as humorously ironic as it was when first seen in the 90s, the beginning two-thirds of this film are really snappy. The humour is on point, the tension between Rocket and the rest of the crew is apparent but never overdone, and the movie zips along. Both Drax and Gamora are great, and Starlord is well-worn by Pratt. It's the last third things become a bit overburdened with exposition and Sudden Revelations. Why, for instance, does Ego spit out the thing about the tumor? How does Rocket actually know there'd be a chain reaction? 

    There are things that feel a bit off, too. The Sovereign are kind of interesting in the beginning and might have made a funny antagonist, but they're quickly pushed aside. The whistle dart thing goes from "pretty OP' to "non-creative means of escape in any and all situations" and that's a shame. And the 5 - yes, 5 - credit scenes are just about 4 too many, nor are they very interesting, anyways.

    All that said, it's a fun movie. Worldbuilding a galaxy where everyone has a joke to make isn't easy, but it feels right at this point. It's a full frontal visual and audio assault that succeeds more often than not.

    Captain Fantastic -- 5/10

    This is a decently acted piece that never really manages to say perhaps as it could and does definitely feel like the kind of movie some holistic rich white 22 year old would make. It takes place largely in Washington wilderness where a father raises his kids living off the land, espousing Trotskyist ideology, railing about capitalism, religion, business, and more, and self-teaching physics, philosophy, quantum mechanics, etc. While watching the movie, I was frequently assaulted with a feeling of nothing important happening. A character's suicide happens so fast that it becomes a major plot point is a bit weird. The characters involved notch every stereotype you could hope, including one deciding to travel to Namibia because he spun a globe and that's what his finger hit. They even have super wealthy family to fall back on if the whole anarcho-syndicalist thing didn't work. 

    There are some definite positives. Viggo Mortensen is really good. The youngest actors in the movie are surprisingly really good, too. The one sexy romance scene is funny and awkward. The soundtrack is airy and dreamy and features Sigur Ros, giving an sense of thoughtfulness. The scenes when the family has divisions or disagreements are well done. But the entire ending doesn't really make much logistical sense, with a whole bunch of legal and practical realities thrown out the window.

    There's just nothing really the stands out, nothing that breaks from stereotype, and even the ending message the movie portrays feels like genuflecting to all parties involved. It's not bad, it's just not really good, either.

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