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  • Watched Independence day regurgitate (or something like that) last Sunday, Graphics were great, over the top action, chest pumping patriotism, and the story made no fucking sense, i was constantly going; "huh", "why" "really"? An over the top roller coaster for viewers who don7t want to use their brain.
  • Watched the new Independence Day, for nothing, and I overpaid. I went in expecting nothing, and was dissapointed. The first one has a plot that makes little sense, but it was fun. This has no Will Smith and the plot is unwatchable. The alien ship is so large it would destroy human civilization by landing. Every time you think it cannot do something stupider, it does just that. By the end, if a dance off had broken out, I would not have been surprised. If you like repeated face palms, followed by the explicit promise of a sequel, this is your boy..... and you can have him.
  • Yeah they cannot get resources from space? They had 20 years of making weapons and it takes them ages to charge and shoot? no self destruct on the alien ship, instead it goes home?
  • I watched some of a film starring Adam Sandler called Jack and Jill I think. I watched it because a youtuber said how awful it is (which it is) . But Al Pacino is in it wtf, he was either feeling desperate or didn't realise what a piece of shit the film was. The fact it was starring Adam Sandler should have been a give away. Avoid.
  • Justice League trailer hit.  Impossible to tell much.  Hope springs eternal but the v movie was super boring.  All I can tell is that Ben Affleck will probably continue to be the only enjoyable aspect of this crap, and the costuming for the new guys really really sucks.
  • @westsw

    Huge fan of The Flash, and that costume was asstastic.

    Lights Out - 8/10

    Solid horror movie, with some iffy writing and dialogue in points. Overall it was solid, and the girlfriend and I both enjoyed it. Feeling like it'll be the horror standout film that's a must watch this year like It Follows, and Babadook were a couple years back.

    The short is incredibly good to that this film is based on. Same director too, so that's nice. I really really enjoyed it, aside from some annoying fellow theater goers.
  • Star Trek Beyond

    Solid Trek flick. Return to form, thanks to Pegg writing, after the nontrek into darkness. The visuals at the beginning were especially impressive. Not a top five trek film, but not bottom five either. There has been a lot of trek.
  • Lights Out - 10/10

    When I went to VidCon 2016 I got the pleasure to view this picture one month before it was released in theaters, and my God was I surprised.

    I have never screamed, jumped, and laughed so hard in my entire life. This movie was the scariest that I have seen this year, and for a movie based on a short two-minute-and-a-half short for a film competition, I doubt there will be one of this caliber to penetrate the robust boundaries that this film built up over the years.
  • Watched the Big Short on Netflix. Really wanted to see it when it came out last year and simply didn't have the time. I really regret it.

    Really good film with an astounding cast to elevate it. Add on a topic that I'm very invested in and you have what would have been one of my top 3 films of last year. They do some good work integrating media and pop culture into what many regard as either boring or overly complex. At times I found it to be pandering, but in the long run I believe it works and is a benefit to the film.

    The more I think about it the more I wish this exact film, with this exact cast, would have been in the hands of Martin Scorsese. A lot of the cuts and breaks in the fourth wall are highly reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street. It's a very good film that could have been turned into one of the best of the decade.
  • Ghostbusters (2016)

    I hate how wary I've been with my opinions about this due to the internet's outrage on both sides of the fence. The girlfriend and I went to see it this weekend, and at about an hour or so in we both decided to walk out. We weren't having a good time, we were bored for most of that time, we didn't really find it all that funny aside from Chris Hemsworth's character, and it just didn't feel like a Ghostbuster's film, which is what really bugged me.

    It felt like it tried too hard to do something else, and not be what the fan's wanted. It's not dogshit by any means, it's just not a good movie in my opinion, and I feel a little better about disliking it because my girlfriend disliked it more than I.

    It won't be for anyone, but I can see some people enjoying it, I'm just not one of those people. The cast are funny people, but the only real stand-out character for me in the movie in terms of the Ghostbusters themselves was Kate McKinnon. Everyone else just came off as meh.

  • Spotlight

    Watched this on Netflix. I'm so mad I didn't see this last year when it was in theaters; incredible film with an outstanding cast. The script, score, and direction were melded together perfectly. 
  • Suicide Squad

    Kinda bad, not terrible. Starts strong but the writing just gets dumber and dumber as you go along. Casting is great, Margot Robbie kills it. Best soundtrack I have heard in sometime. The villian could not be more generic or less compelling. It's like they saw the CGI doomsday and thought it was too imaginative and colorful. Baddies are all black vomit cgi. The whole of DC, and this villian? Just stupid.

    It is better than Bats v Mopeyman. The pacing is way better. It is far more watchable. It has fun parts. This is all because it takes itself way less seriously. It is trying to have a good time and sometimes succeeding.

    Some head scratchingly bad decisions were made. The McGuffin was dumb enough to make me want to punch somebody.  How do you fuck up Dirty Dozen? One of the simplest scripts to write. I can tell you exactly where the reshoots start. The bar at the end of the world scene. The tone just jarringly changes. It is kind of a mess, but I do not feel ripped off. Maybe not worth ten bucks but worth watching. Not nearly as bad as many are saying.
  • @westsw

    Seeing it with the other half tonight. Girlfriend is a huge Harley fan so that's good news. What about Mr Jared Leto as The Joker?
  • Leto is OK.  He ain't winning no oscar.  The first big Joker scene in the bar sucked, but the one in the factory was good.  Joker feels shoe horned in.  Unneeded, they needed a much better big bad.
  • I watched Suicide Squad yesterday and I liked it. I get the script wasn't the best, pacing is off and all Harley seems to be is one liner after one liner.

    But it was a fast paced fun film. I hope the rest of the DCU film's head more in this tone than BvS.

    The film is all Will Smith and Margot Robbie and they kill it.
  • Suicide Squad- 8/10

    Critics hated it, but I had a fun time with it. Harley was great, and I actually really liked Leto as The Joker.

  • Hell or High Water

    Painfully good.  Stunning cast, tons of great dialogue, and a tone that it holds like a blues note.  How do you make Chris Pine look like he is made of dirt clods and sage?  Jeff Bridges gives a great performance, but Ben Foster just steals the show.  This is a bank robber movie where folks are nostalgic for bank robber movies.  Everybody knows robbing banks is a doomed game, a sign of this areas collapse.  These characters are living in the ashes as much as any Souls game.  Their world has collapsed, the art direction just isn't as good.  Their ashes are kitchens whose states have been entirely dictated by the second law of thermodynamics.  Four cowboys who are entirely motivated by, but ashamed of, all the tender feelings in their heart.
  • Blood for Irina 5/10

    I really don't know how I feel about this one. Its basically a 70 music video about vomiting blood. Vampires and such.

    Never the less, I'm still interested in the sequel Queen of Blood for some reason.
  • Suicide Squad- 7/10

    Watched it last weekend on release day here in Japan, story was weak but the banter between the characters was fun, and Harley Quin stole the show.
  • Sausage Party -- Thumbs Up

    Well written, constant laughs throughout, insane amount of innuendos, and funny as hell. Absolutely see this.

    Don't Breathe -- Thumbs Down

    The run time and premise were not enough to build investment into the characters and/or their motivations of this film. Plus it establishes justifications for one of the robbers.

    The Little Price (Netflix) -- Thumbs Up

    A well-established story between a girl and an old man while effectively and indelibly referring to passages of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Beautiful CG and stop-motion graphics. This movie made me cry with tears of happiness.
  • @Thangalang

    I personally loved Don't Breathe, but to each their own.


    Morgan - 4/10

    Way too predictable, and hella boring. I saw the ending coming a mile away, and this movie just makes me want to watch Ex Machina again. My girlfriend's name is Morgan so seeing this with her for her reactions alone was the only good part.

    The Light Between Oceans - 6/10

    Sappy romance/drama movie about a couple who can't have children so they adopt one without telling the authorities after the child washes up on the beach where they're caretakers for the local lighthouse. Set in the 1930s, and I'm a sucker for period pieces.

    It's an emotional ride, but it has a slow start and feels a little long. The girlfriend and I were the youngest in the audience by far if that's an indicator. This feels very much like an ages 50 and up weekend getaway movie.

  • Blair Witch (2016) - 3/10

    Boring as all fuck, little to no suspense, and the characters are no where near likeable so you don't care if they're getting killed off or not. The original movie was great, but this film took the mysterious surrounding the first and just seemed to shit all over them. We don't need to know everything going in a horror film and I feel like SPOILERS, revealing the Witch just sort of killed the mystery surrounding the woods and events that transpire in the movie.

    The first movie didn't need to do this and it was effective as a horror. This one, sadly was not.
  • Had a 12.5 hour flight from Seoul to Detroit. Since sleeping on planes doesn't really jive with me, I watched or rewatched a bunch of movies.

    The Nice Guys -- 4/10

    This is a movie that is less than the sum of its parts. A Crowe/Gosling buddy cop 70s piece should, like, make itself, but it just doesn't. I understand movies like these are always going to have coincidences and leaps in logic, but this one really abused that. It's never as consistently funny or clever as it needs to be to succeed as a movie like this. And some of the humour attempts seem forced and unnatural. Ultimately, it's a victim of there being better options - including a recent Gosling piece - that are just smarter and more enjoyable.

    Spotlight -- 9/10

    Brutal, brutal filmmaking, fantastic acting, and lots of tough questions about the nature and timeliness of reporting and the necessity of press in checking the abuses of power. Not much to say here other than everyone - Ruffalo, Keaton, McAdams, etc., are compelling and on point, and the movie never tries to do too much and just lets the reality of the crimes committed do the talking.

    The Big Short -- 6/10

    it's a good idea, but god is the directing obnoxious. The cutaways, the 4th-wall breaking, the way the camera loves scantily clad women, it's a movie that is trying to be smarmy and evocative and edgy and comes up short more often than not. It would have been much better if it was more straight-laced and let the viewer deal with the uncomfortable prospect of cheering for people who are going to bank billions of dollars on the economic collapse. Most of the cast is good, although Bale's character is far and away the weakest and the audio mixing is a bit wonky for him.

    Rushmore -- 4/10

    I'm far from a Wes Anderson fan but I decided to watch Rushmore since I last saw it years ago. Meh. It has some charm but Wes continues to feel like he is the best director at trying to be naturally quirky but feeling artificial about it. The movie is just kind of creepy in a 21st century lense, too. 

    Steve Jobs -- 8/10

    Fassbender is great, it's a movie that does not at all sugar coat how much of an asshole Jobs was (like, we're talking borderline psychopath levels of anti-sociality and rudeness). The only weakness is the subplot with Jobs' daughter. it feels important but also makes for a wishy-washy ending and how it ties back to the beginning feels contrived.
  • Oh yeah I watched Star Wars VII for the 5th time on the way to Asia and 10/10 to all Star Wars movies all the time.

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