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  • I'm sorry dude. We all saw it coming and we all wanted better.

    Flashpoint Paradox is on Netflix and it's great.
  • Yeah I saw batman vs superman at midnight Thursday also. Overall I feel a bit meh about the film. Before anyone says meh is not a good enough adjective for something so complex watch batman vs superman and try not to walk away with the feeling of mehness (I'm owning it).

    Affleck's batman is most definitely the best thing about this film and I really wish he had more screen time. I wish there was more time dedicated to his back story. Not just the fleeting moments. He's darker than Bale's batman. He's seen some shit and I like it. I really hope we seen a standalone batman film. That is the only thing this film leaves me hopeful for.

    As far as the rest. Eisenberg's Luther was good in my opinion. But everything seems to be rushed DC are trying to play catchup with marvel and they have attempted to do it all in one film. Come on now Marvel started their universe with one film iron man and we only had a small mention of captain America in that. Just one. This is all too much and it affects the quality of the film.

    They should have made this film batman vs superman. That's it. Leave doomsday for a sequel instead of shoehorning him in. Keep Wonder Woman away for now. Don't even show the cameos of the other three justice league members.

    I was disappointed. I wanted the film to be amazing I really did.

    P.S I hated man of steel so take that as you will
  • The question I have is how Snyder somehow lucked his way into a competent Watchmen movie when everything else he's made has been trash.
  • I think he followed Watchmen to the letter. That movie adjusts the ending, and ditches the weird pirate comic, but otherwise follows the comic more closely than any other major comic movie. Zach can paint an image, but he cannot tell a story. He followed Watchmen so closely, probably because the art of Watchmen is stunning, and in doing so ended up with a plot that made sense. Left to his own devices he does not give a shit about story, and it shows.

    Daredevil season two is finishing strong, Marvel knows how to write this shit. Hopefully Civil War is good. It looks overstuffed, but has a foundation and writers.
  • Batman V Superman

    It is impressively bad. Unlimited money, any cast you want, iconic characters, and you make the worst paced blockbuster in memory? It is blindingly slow. The first hour felt like a whole slow movie. I gotta watch the whole Batman origin... Again? How times I gotta watch a shell eject and pearls pop free? What the fuck is up with the dreams and Flash warnings? How about you make this movie first, before setting up another fucking death march? Now I gotta imagine you shitting Darkseid down a hole in the next one? Thanks asshole, you prefucked up a movie. What is Wonder Woman doing here? Like the dream sequences hadn't already slowed this to a crawl. Beyond overall pacing, almost every scene is too long. Watching this movie is a chore. Do you know how hard it is to make JLA a chore for me? Lex is not scary, he is just annoying. It is God against Wesley Crusher. That is the opposite of compelling. Batman does not kill. How can I even enjoy the one good fight scene, since this is clearly not Batman, since Batman does not kill? Not even halfway through and we have betrayed the fundamentals of the characters. The bombing does not make any sense. The conflict is already set, this would point to Lex, which is the last thing he would want. Throwing Lois off the building is stupid for the same reasons. Entire subplots occur for no reason. Oh, wait, they slow pacing, which is evidently the entire point of this exercise. Maybe the whole point was to exemplify the biggest thematic faults of the DC film universe, namely endless darkness and no fun. Nothing remotely fun occurs in this film. It actively works to keep you from smiling. Even the iconic fight is plodding. Oh good, pearls again. Maybe they will play Batman's origin yet again during the credits. Oh look, Luthor forcing the fight, ended the fight, that is the opposite of genius. One good Batman fight, that's all we get. Enjoyable three minutes out of 150. "The cape" joke is not funny. Again, no fun allowed. And now we end on generic CGI monster. Lemme see, we did Dark Knight #4, JLA, and Doomsday and the Death of Superman in one movie, and it felt slow. Should have felt overstuffed, but mostly it felt like nothing was happening. Now we get an endless ending. This is the ending for a great trilogy, not this crap fest. God that was even worse than I feared. Civi War may not be as good as I want, but it cannot be this bad. How do you make Batman V Superman unwatchable? That was awful. I feel like it is still not over, like maybe more Snyder slow motion shots will creep into my very life and destroy my enjoyment of actual reality.
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  • Zootopia

    It's good, it's highly component, it's also very predictable and cookie cutter. It got like a 99% meta rating, so I was expecting more originality. My kid liked it, but it is no Frozen. Heck, it is not even Wreck it Ralph, but it is good. My hopes were too high.
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  • I haven't watched a Marvel superhero film since the first Iron Man. Do I have to hand in my nerd card?
  • No, you just have a lot to look forward to.

    All Hulk movies are bad. Both Thor movies are Ok, kinda meh. Iron Man 2 is bad. The rest are rather good. Winter Soldier is great and this one is damn fine as well.

    Just saw it again in 2D, and that is the way to go. There is too much shaky cam on the first first fight, I think to hide the stunt womens faces. It holds up great as a film. Makes the upcoming Thanos epic more interesting to think about.

    Also tried to watch last years Fantastic Four and my God is it terrible. Unlikeable Four should be the title. I do not like any of these people and do not give a shit what the fuck happens to them. Makes you remember how easy it is to make a shitty comic book film. Real shame, that guy made Chronicle, which is awesome.
  • The Nice Guys

    Mediocre. I had high hopes. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is fantastic. Shane Black knows how to make a buddy film and the leads are good. The writing is just so inconsistent. Some parts work. Some parts do not. It is a mixed bag. Go see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, that is a great movie nobody saw.
  • X-men: Apocylypse

    Just kinda bad. Not terrible, but too much bad crap to overlook. Any fantasy world has to establish consistent rules, or nothing works. At the end of this, I still don't have a grip on the "rules" for Magneto or Apocolypse or chuck. Can Magneto rip the world apart any old time? Can chuck melt everybodys brain? The world spends most of the movie almost ending. The power level of the whole movie just gets stupid and stays stupid. Millions would have died, and this is treated as victory? The climax feels an hour long and just tries to force so much emotion that it has laid little foundation for. People switch sides on two lines of dialogue or just one look. If folks with this much power were this unstable then I would root for the Sentinels. And weapon X is just shoe horned in for no reason. I liked parts, but it just gets worse as I think about it. First Class was great, this is not.
  • Hail, Caesar!

    Medium Cohen. A few Cohen brothers movies will be watched for as long as there are movies. The quality of their pictures range from transcendent to bad. This is one of their mediocre offerings. The Cohens seem to start by thinking of great scenes and characters, whether they can string those ideas into a great movie is always the question. The Big Lewbowski is the greatest half a movie ever made. Sometimes they just seem to from genius to hitting a wall. This is coherent but suffers from the main story line being the weakest. I wish the movie had been about the Tom Mix character. That guy stole the show.

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