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  • Here is my review of David Ayer's End of Watch. In honor of the film, I wrote a list of my five favorite buddy cop pairings in cinema, which you can read here. Finally, here is my review of the horror anthology film V/H/S, which will receive a limited theatrical release starting October 5.
  • These Amazing Shadows
    This is a documentary that talks about the National Film Registry, restoration of film, and films that have become part of the NFR. It's an interesting documentary, showing the history of the film industry, showing how in the past films were viewed simply as a product, and overtime they were regarded as art. It makes me wonder if we'll ever see a time in which video games or comics will be widely regarded as the art, and if there will ever be a documentary of people talking about the historical relevence of these mediums. Overall, an enjoyable documentary.

    Chinatown (1974)
    Literally saw this film for the first time ever today, and just finished it about 10 minutes ago. This was excellent. The pace is perfect, and everything in the film adds up. As you go along in the film and clues are uncovered, you think you have all the answers, only to see more clues pop up. It's not until a big twist that is revealed within the last thirty minutes are you capable of figuring out the mystery, and even then the film still ends much differently than you'd probably expect. The soundtrack is also perfect in this film, it goes wonderfully with each and every scene. My only complaint is that Jack Nicholson is simply being Jack Nicholson, as usual. He's less over the top than normal, but for this kind of film I would have liked to see a more reserved Jack, even compared to what he was in the film. I really enjoyed this.
  • I'm seeing Looper in about an hour so I'll be reviewing that tonight and will post a link here. :)
  • Here is my review of Rian Johnson's Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.
  • Here is my review of Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage starring Richard Gere.
  • Here is my review of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.
  • Here is my review of Taken 2.
  • Skyfall - 9/10

    I really, really enjoyed watching this film. I've never really sat down and watched a Bond film before and I also hadn't gone to the cinema for quite a while so, I had a great afternoon yesterday :). I really liked the theme of age throughout this film, Bond is getting older, M is getting older, the higher ups were thinking of getting in some new blood, but they still have it in them. Adele's new song was great, really set the tone for the rest of the film. I thought the villain was brilliant, the actor played him really well and he was those kind of villains where you can see their side of the coin. There were a couple of heart stopping moments in the film, which really accentuated the emotional drive behind all of the professional aspects.

    For such a long running series, this film felt very contemporary. It certainly hasn't left itself behind, the camerawork was excellent, the editing was superb, (although there were just a couple of hiccups, but really, you have to be incredibly fussy to let it affect your viewing) and it certainly felt like a well made film. It was an excellent film, I only yawned once, and that's because I was wrecked. The film held my attention throughout and I felt like a pro coming out of the cinema. XD
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 7/10

    A pretty good film, a lot better than I expected. Then film follows Lincoln from childhood to death with the impression that he was not only a great political leader but one kick ass vampire hunter. Check it out. A perfect mindless piece. Great for a lazy Sunday morning.
  • last movie i saw was gangs of the dead. and it is pretty simple. if you are a romero fan its a must see and if you are not then dont waste your time. if i was to put a number on it that number would be a 5 out of 10.
  • Cedar Rapids 8.5/10

    Great movie, with a hilarious cast. I recommend on going out to find this if you haven't seen it yet. A bunch of gut-busting one liners and a pretty good plot develpment, along with very likable characters make this a movie that I believe a lot of people will enjoy.
  • Dead Space: Downfall - 7/10

    I like how it tied in the events of how the Ishimura became to be the frightening, abandoned vessel that we see in the original Dead Space game. However, the cast of characters is some-what likable. The only character I didn't give two shits about was the main character whom was extremely unlikable, and tried proving how "hard" she was which just ended up making her look like a complete psychotic bitch (sorry about the wording). Not much of a spoiler to say everyone dies as well all know that in Dead Space the ship is completely empty except for the occasional crew-mate committing suicide, and Isaac Clarke's girlfriend who actually makes an appearance in the film.

    And if you couldn't tell by the post, this film is a prequel to Dead Space and pretty much ends as soon as Isaac Clarke and his team arrive.

    The gore, and violence is pretty spot-on though and is what you'd expect from something Dead Space. Borrowed this, and the sequel film from my friend who owns the DVDs. I'll come back with my thoughts on Dead Space: Aftermath
  • Ted - 9/10

    This movie was excellence. I really enjoyed the character Ted. McFarlane wrote him perfect. The interaction between him and Wahlberg is perfect. You really get the feeling that the two have been together for years and years.

    I also loved seeing all the cast from Family Guy in the movie as well. That was really cool seeing everyone's faces, although I already knew what they looked like. Mila Kunis was great too. She was drop dead gorgeous and she played a pretty good character too.

    The film gets pretty sad toward the end and even get me a bit misty-eyed! All-in-all, loved the movie! Great flick, go grab it!
  • Rise of the Guardians


    I originally did not want to see this movie, but some friends really wanted to see this. I thought it looked too aimed at younger kids, but I was kind of surprised that it didn't seem like it was for as young an audience as I thought. It actually was a really sweet feel-good movie to be honest, and I had plenty of college-aged friends who also really liked it. The characters were wonderful, the main character Jack was a very likable character, and the Russian sword-wielding Santa Claus was great. A nice Christmas movie without being too Christmas-y.

    Great movie, I recommend if you are looking for a feel good movie that isn't super adult. =)
  • The Dark Knight Rises

    Just terrible. Truly, and more importantly, unendingly bad. There might have been an at least watchable movie in there, but an unedited shitty movie was poured all over that, until you just wanted the fucking thing to end. After a wonderful, crisp opening, "crisp" left the building and all scenes were too long, and only about half of them were needed, for any reason. I don't care if Batman lives or dies. I don't care if Gotham lives or dies. Just stop already. And the longer it went, the less sense it made. The final twist is one of the very worst in recent memory. Fuck Gotham being held hostage, I felt like my whole evening was held hostage by this thing. Hey Chris, everything you do is not brilliant, some of it can end up on the cutting floor. And, could you turn down the soundtrack, ever! Blaring violins for three hours gets real real old. Stupid plot plus brooding mood no thinking human can take seriously with this writing plus endless length equals bad time for viewer.

    Why does everything have to be three hours now? Django was too long, but it was at least fun. I had a good time. Not great Quentin, but still good. Avengers has a plot that makes little sense on second viewing, but it was a ton of fun and moved at a fast clip with no extra scenes. I am not an unpleaseable movie viewer. I can find things to like. The new Judge Dredd bombed, and was comically dark, but I liked it quite a bit. It knew what it was. Dark Knight Rises thinks its fucking Episode 2, but has the writing of Space Hunter, combined with the length of Dr. Zhivago. That is not an equation for happiness, people. Maybe after the shooting, no one felt they could talk about Dark Knight Rises as art. It is a very long, pretentious piece of bad art.
  • Grindhouse: Planet Terror. It was shit.
  • Looper

    One of the best films I've seen in a while. If I would of seen this last year when it came out I would of given it the best movie of 2012. It's truly a masterpiece and nails the time-travel aspects on the head. Such a good movie.
  • A Serbian Film.

    A friend sent me a link to a full movie on YouTube called "A Serbian Film". It's a 2010 movie but I'd never heard of it. Holy shit cakes. I recommend you read the Wiki page on it before watching it so you know what you're in for. I just dove in blindly and was WTFing all over the place.
  • Piranha 3DD
    Not meant to be taken seriously. Lots of slow-motion boob bouncing, and over the top gore. An okay watch, but by no means a good film. The only scene that really stands out to me is a guy having sex with a girl, and it turns out she had a piranha inside her vagina and it ends up biting the guy's meatwand off. What's the moral of the story there?
  • She didn't notice a piranha had reverse parked inside her?
  • Dr Flibble said:
    She didn't notice a piranha had reverse parked inside her?

    Apparently not. She was just feeling "ill" and didn't want to die a virgin.
  • Ironman 3

    I went into this with limited expectations. Ironman 2 was a huge step down from the first. 3 was just a real good time. Is it the best comic movie of all time? Hells to the no. However, it is, above all else, fun, even kinda goofy at times. I suppose I should not have been so surprised at all the quipy dialogue. Shane Black can write a line. Remember The Last Boy Scout?

    What would Joe do if he were here? He'd shoot everybody and smoke a bunch a of cigerretes.

    Hitman: Gotta Kill yah, nuthin' personal.
    Joe: That's what you think, I fucked your wife last night.

    Anyhoo, after seeing Ironman 3, I remembered that Shane Black helped out Robert Downey by putting him in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a very underrated movie. I still love the Captain fucking magic line, and who doesn't love Val Kilmer? At the time Downey was newly sober and had real trouble getting back into work, because nobody would insure him. His drug history is about as bad as it gets, the fact he is not just alive but can think straight and work is kind of a miracle.

    Oh wait, Ironman 3. So three is funny and well paced, despite being over two hours. I am not a stickler for length. I am a stickler for pace. Batman Begins is the best comic movie to date, but that last one was a long mopey self-pity fest. Ironman 2 had a killer cast, that looked totally bored, and a CGI ending that never drew me in... at all. Ironman 3 has a CGI ending, but really has lots of character development for the majority of the picture. One thing I really like was the fact that it talks about what happened in the Avengers movie. This is what comics do, they take place in a world and talk about other comics. The new Superman may be good, but it won't mention Gotham or Lantern etc.

    There are a ton of jokes. The twist is a joke. The after credit scene is a joke. There are also some serious bits. Tony has anxiety attacks after New York and it adds some weight. The ending ties up some loose ends, but leaves some doors open. It basically screams that Downey's next contract is not a given.

    All in all, Ironman 3 is just a fun time. Zippy, often winking at the audience, snappy patter eveywhere. You don't have to see it in the theater, but that ain't a bad idea. Skipping it would be a bad idea.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    It is a good movie, but not a great one. It certainly entertains, but it does not feel much like Trek. It mostly feels like generic action, loosely based on Wrath of Khan. Yah know, just going the other way on plot twists does not actually count as original. Just flipping from A to B is pretty predictable. The first new Trek movie had more originality. This one just feels like they thought, "Well Wrath of Khan was the best old one, let's just do that again... and make it way more explosion explosion explosion." The plot makes no sense, once you step back and think, which is weird, because the plot could not be a simpler revenge piece. It is not a bad movie, I just expected better, after the first one.

    If this is what JJ is going to do with Star Wars, just dumb it down and spice it up, well I dreamed of more, but yah gets what yah gets. Star Wars may do better under this treatment. Just a dark Samurai movie with space wizards would have been much better than the last go around.
  • Iron Man 3 - 9/10

    I went into this film thinking that I'd just enjoy myself as I usually do when it comes to Marvel movies, but this time I really enjoyed myself. :D It's probably not quite as awesome as a lot of people are making it out to be, but damn I loved watching this film. For however long it was, I was never bored. Tony Stark as a character is much more awesome here, the rest of the cast are also much more awesome. A good bit of really well done action, plenty of jokes and twists(loved one particular one) and a story which is really quite well done. I also love just how bad ass Rhodey is in this one even though he didn't feature that much!
  • Pacific Rim! If I talk about it, I may spoil something! Brilliant movie! 5 out of 5!

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