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    Introduction and proposal
    So quite a few people have gotten Duels of the planes walkers and/or already have experience with Magic the gathering, and seeing as its been a while since it was realised people should be quite used to c couple of the tactics and ideas in the game.

    So I suggest taking this a bit further, a magic the gathering event for us to play against each other. This would indeed be on-line.

    DOP is pretty limiting so I'm suggesting something different. Drafting on free software, in my opinion and experience this puts most people on the same playing field and is a lot more pleasant for less experienced players than going up against someone's 'Pro' deck.

    We would either do a tournament setup or a large multiplayer game depending on the number of players/software used.

    Drafting Explanation

    -Each player participating has a number of booster packs, usually three. At the beginning of the draft each player opens their booster, chooses a card and passes it to the next person who chooses a card and passes it on, etc. etc.

    -This is then repeated for each booster pack

    -Afterwards you are instructed to build a deck with the cards you have obtained. This deck can be edited between games if you wish. the card limit (in my experience) is also limited to 40 to allow for this new way of obtaining a card pool.


    Where to draft
    The drafting simulator is located here ( it is a really good site (Yes you do have to sign up, I'm sorry) and can have up to a maximum of eight people, so if more people are involved then two sessions will have to be arranged.

    what to play on
    There are two major pieces of software that are used to play magic the gathering for free online.

    1 - Magic workstation (
    This software is pretty simple to use and requires no fiddling to set up a connection. The deck building software is alot nicer in my opinion than the second, but that's for you to decide. This software can only do 1v1 battles and this software requires only 2 downloads (the second download is also on the site). Compatible with mac if you use Darwin. this software is prone to crashing unfortunately.

    2 - OCTGN (
    This software is also pretty easy to use and looks a lot better compared to MWS. However there are... difficulties. OCTGN requires at least 5 downloads to play any 1 set properly, unfortunately one of these is microsoft .net, this means no mac compatibility unless you bootcamp. It also requires a bit of fiddling to get it to connect. I for example have to use Hamachi to get it to connect to someone. This software is less susceptible to crashing. The one big advantage of this however is you can have multiple people playing against each other. two headed giant, free for all etc. (I'll link the other downlaods if people want this one)

    What do you think?
    Do you think this is viable? if so, what sort of times would people like to do this. We could have one big session and a couple of little ones if we get lots of people from conflicting time zones. Of course people may not like this idea, but personally I've been enjoying this with my friends and would like to play with some more friendly people.

    Or if someone wants to test this with me at any point I'm occasionally on the IRC so give me a shout and I can walk you through it.

    (If someone thinks something else should be put up here, a link to deck building basics or my own explanation then just say)
  • I'm up for this.
  • I like the idea, the logistics sounds bit complicated plus the time schedule could be a bitch since we are from different sides of the pond. So in theory I am up for it.. Ugh can anyone give me a crash course on magic? I haven't touched the game since Urza's Saga
  • Sure. Just send me a message or post here what you do know and I'll try and fill you in on the rest. Of course you may have already found someone to tell you.
  • Salvner, let me know if you want to test out the program before any official event is organized.
  • I like this idea. there is a good number of Magic fans around here so hopefully more people would sign up. I can't join you guys since I am not a big fan of the game (aka very nooby) and the time difference between us makes it hard to set something up.
  • This sounds good. I'll try it after I stop playing Minecraft so much. :P

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