Lollipop Chainsaw News Thread
  • Chip said:
    I'm not so sure that Suda51 is the draw that people believe it is though, but I could be wrong.

    A little of both I believe. I think it's more word of mouth than anything. I mean every gamer nerd has heard from some abnoxious sex crazed suda51 fan how awesome, over-bearing and ludacris they are. And whether they like it or not, their minds succomb to that reasoning sooner or later as more and more of the plebians unite. It's like poop (er... pop... same thing) music. They might be a great dev, but I'd never played one of their games as I'd put away my wii long ago. A small part of me is still hyped by a Suda51 product simply because everybody around me is. It's pop(ular).
  • majority of my friends that have similar taste in games, want this game, and been wanting it since day one long before any cosplayer appeared. Like me they all want it for it's hilarious gameplay and to slaughter zombies WITH A CHAINNSAW in a truely ridicolous way! i'm sure that overall it won't be a huge success but within a group of a certain audience type it will be a huge success

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