Listener Homework: Which is your favorite Final Fantasy?
  • I'd have to say Final Fantasy VII for a few reasons. First, it was the first 3-D Final Fantasy and just happened to be one of the first games I played on my old PS1. Secondly, great story and amazing characters in my view. And I'm only now starting to realize how great the FFVII mythos is, having seen the story of Cloud and Zack and Sephiroth unfold through Crisis Core, FFVII, and Advent Children. All the little details and naming references and just all around intricacies of the plot and visuals and naming. Also, Once you hear the first few seconds of "One-Winged Angel" you immediately picture Sephiroth going medieval on someone's ass OR he and Cloud just going at it which I can't say about most other games I've played. Lastly though, it's one of the few games I can say that really tugged at my heartstrings, with Aeris(or Aerith depending on how you chose to live your life) getting killed by Sephiroth and all. So much so, in fact, that in Advent Children when... SPOILER!!... Cloud and Sephiroth are about to fight (lol) and the image of Aeris praying flashes up on the screen I tear up a little. So yeah... anyways, FFVII is my pick with maybe FFX as a close second.
  • I barely played any final fantasys but out of all the ones i have played --- X
  • mine would be 7 on top 10 in second place and 10x2 as horrible and shuld be burned
  • I'm handing this homework in pretty freakin' late... Damn. Anyway, I just really wanted to reply, seeing how much I love Final Fantasy. So sorry for bumping a really old post, guys! I'm just listening to a lot of the old NoobToob episodes - I only got in around episode 100, but now I'm listening to episode 41. Around episode 15 was when it REALLY became NoobToob. But when does the YOW start!? Or the shoops!? Anyway...

    I have played and own every Final Fantasy bar V, Tactics Advance, the Chocobo games on the PSone (Chocobo Mystery Dungeons 1 (Japan only), 2 and Racing) and the new Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon on Wii, which I'll be getting on Thursday. And Mystic Quest, the Legends games and Adventure do not count. Nor do the Kingdom Hearts games. Though I've played them all and love them. And of course the Japan-only games don't count. I'm not that hardcore. Yet.

    So, for the core series I would say my favourites go:
    1) VII, 2) VI, 3) XII, 4) VIII, 5) X, 6) IV, 7) IX, 8) III, 9) I, 10) II, 11) XI

    VII is such a cliché to being my favourite, but it is. Was the first one I played and I LOVED it. It is just so groundbreaking and fantastic. VI is AS CLOSE to VII as I think it will be possible to get without it being a remake of VII with amazing graphics. VI had a simple, easy-to-get progression system and the story is fantastic. Kefka is so evil. And I love how VI keeps on breaking up your party and re-grouping them. It made the whole game feel very real. XII is so under-rated in my opinion. It's everything I like about MMO's without everything I dislike. I love how automatic it can be and you can sit back and if you have the right gambits, your team just kicks ass and it's like "Yeah... I'm awesome." Though all the characters had to be the same! That sucked SO BADLY! If you even tried to make them stick to their kind of original character classes (like Balthier being a gunslinger etc.) you get your ass handed to you. You pretty much need everyone to be a well-balanced Red Mage-ish character, with one person playing White Mage with a ranged weapon.

    VIII is SO flawed. I HATED the whole Junctioning system while going through. When you have to go through like an hour of tutorials and you still don't understand the system until the VERY END of the game, you KNOW the system is flawed. And the GF animations are too fucking long and unskippable. But still... I love it. Kinda. Yeah, I do. It's just the story. Even though is ruins it in the end with the whole sci-fi thing which most JRPGs do, Squall (for me) is such a relatible character... Rinoa is so awesome too... The dialogue is so witty just like VI and VII's and the characters all have so much personality. Triple Triad is also pretty awesome.

    X suffers SO MUCH from being an early title for the PS2. Just compare the presentation to XII's. It shows how much was squeezed out of the PS2 in the end. In X, the non-playable characters looked like anus. The lip syncing was awful. The voice acting was awful. It just felt muddled. But the battle system was so solid. And what they were TRYING to do with the story was awesome and beautiful. IV is just straight up kick-ass. Played it on the DS and it was awesome. Really solid voice acting and cutscenes too. IX is also awesome. It's such a throw-back to the old Final Fantasys, it feels kinda refreshing. But it lacks the kind of originality the other Final Fantasys on the PlayStation. Plus, it does the stupid sci-fi thing at the end and it's so like "WTF!?"

    III is the best of the NES games. Solid, classy, awesome music, enjoyable soundtrack. I is also great. II has an odd progression system which makes it less enjoyable than the others but you can't really complain about them trying to do something new. XI is just... I don't hate it. I might go back to playing it. It's not that I don't like XI. I just don't like MMOs. I don't like having to spend ages to level up, especially with other people. It's like waiting until you find someone, then meeting up, then going somewhere to grind and then after an hour you gain one level. Plus, what's the point? It feels so kinda pointless. No gripping story.

    Okay, that's the core games. X-2 would probably be inserted between IX and III.

    For the Crystal Chronicles games, I'd say they go like this:
    1) My Life as a King, 2) Ring of Fates, 3) Crystal Chronicles.

    My Life as a King is different but just SO addictive. Ring of Fates is enjoyable, solid action RPG gameplay. Crystal Chronicles is a failed experiment with boring repetitive action dungeon crawling gameplay. And I've given up on it. There is no gripping story in any of the games, but the gameplay just isn't that fun.

    For the Tactics games (I'll include Revenant Wings for the hell of it) I'd say:
    1) Tactics (War of the Lions), 2) Revenant Wings, 3) Tactics A2

    I love Ivalice and I love the original Tactics. I love the story, I love the addition of Cloud and the addition of Balthier and Luso in WotL. I like the presentation and the gameplay just seemed never to get boring. Revenant Wings is fun and faster and I love the mission system. It works SO WELL for handheld games. Good that Tactics A2 did it too. Plus, I loved the story. Tactics A2 seems to fix most of the problems I had with the original but it just isn't as compelling. Loads of missions but you're forced to do too many to progress in the story. Story is not very good either.

    For the Compilation of FFVII:
    1) Advent Children, 2) Crisis Core, 3) Dirge of Cerberus

    Fuck it. Advent Children isn't a game but it's awesome. Crisis Core is the reason I bought a PSP and I was slightly disappointed but it's still great. The translation is slightly off though. Which confused me. But the gameplay is fun and the story is amazing and the music is some of the best in the series. The presentation is amazing and it also uses mission progression. Which is AWESOME. Dirge is broken at its core, it has too many loading times which REALLY interferes with the gameplay. But still, I think the story is kick-ass, as is the voice acting and I think it has the best translation in all of the Compilation of FFVII. But it has the weakest story. Still, near the end I actually rather enjoyed the story. Which is really quite cool.

    And for FFFables:
    1) Chocobo Tales

    I can't compare but still, I LOVE Chocobo Tales. I love Chocobos. Great mini games. Nice throw-backs. So cute. So fun. Yeah

    As you can tell, my impatience writing this all slowly grew over time, but still, it's nice to get my opinions off my chest. *Sigh* No one has read this, have they?
  • Uhm, 'tis difficult, as it's pretty hard to compare great creations to another. Just finished VIII, and honestly, disappointed with the ending lol, but I loved the whole game, especially Triple Triad xD. But I'd have to say X, as it was the first FF for me, and bashed over 100 hours onto it. (I r no nerdd ;P).
  • My favourite has got to be Final Fantasy 8

    Just barely coming joint second is Final Fantasy 7 and 10

    FF12 wins on gameplay but the story sucked arse and the characters had no depth. For an RPG that just isn't right. FF12 because of the lame story is probably my least favourite of the series.
  • Final Fantasy 9, then Final Fantasy 10, and to round out top 3 is Final Fantasy Tactics. All the pre Final Fantasy 7 ones are cool to. But after 6 I only like 9 and 10. Now that its not turned based I dont support Square anymore.
  • XII for me. I loved the epic feel of the world, the amazing graphics for the PS2, and just the scope of everything. Honorable mention to VII, which I still think is a fun old-school RPG.
  • Now this is a topic to love.

    Been playing final fantasy for years, played all the main story games and left the rest (tactics, chocobo games exc.) other than X-2 and Crisis Core. And just to show my nerdieness... I've done all the "hardest" bosses in them (not the last boss in the games, the optional omgwtfbbq bosses that you need to play for god knows how long to even go upto him and not get one shotted lol)

    My faviourt being VI. Reason is simple. You get an indepth story, amazing characters that you actually feel connected to somehow and then you get the complete shock and horror as Square KILLS YOUR MAIN CHARACTERS!.. over and over again! :evil: I was so pissed off at this game the first time I played it because it killed my best guys sometimes. Then when I reached the end I thought it was pretty fucking awesome, so I played it again, and again and again.

    Other note worthy ones are
    Final Fantasy X - Everything good about Final Fantasy all rolled into one game.
    Final Fantasy XII - People may hate the battle system because it's "not Final Fantasy" (/not turn based) but it kinda is when you think about while you're playing.
    Final Fantasy III - Cause it's what I'm playing now on my ds :oops:

    FFVII I REALLY don't see the big deal about. It's one of the few of the series I didn't just like, but I hated. X-2 being the other. Just really couldn't get into FFVII, story wasn't good enough and the only characters worth mentioning are Cloud, Setharoth and Jenova (Jenova because it's the story line). Reason it's on peoples best ff game list is because of the memory of it or the fact it's what got them liking rpg's. Go back and play it again with an open mind and you'll likely put it a few places down on your list. (Fair enough if you don't and really do love it, some people love the ones I would put near the bottom of my pile, different things do it for different people.)
  • mine hands down would have to be FFX mostly because in all honesty and this is hard to say but it was my first and i balled my eyes out at the end which is bad but thats my poison.. lovey duby actiony anime like things with bittersweet endings gets me every time :cry:
  • Definitely 7. This is the only final fantasy that I got farther than my brother in.
  • Ima gonna say Final Fantasy XII. It was one of the few game I enjoyed on my PS2. The Storyline was deep the Characters were rich and interesting. The Battle System was new and completely different then any other FF game but to me it was fun. Cant wait for Final Fantasy XIII and FF Vs. XIII 8)
  • FF8 =D

    Gunblade=The Shit.
  • Final Fantasy (original)

    ps. Yes I have never played any other FF games...
  • Final Fantasy VI for me.
    Mog alone was incredibly awesome with his dancing moves and the game felt quite epic, especially with Kefka's development throughout the game. He truly did feel insane (the batshit crazy kind) as opposed to many 'insane' villains who are merely possessive of different and at times twisted ideals.

    I personally loved the SNES era FFs more than any other, but enjoyed all main series FF games up until FFX. After the battle system changed and finding that the story and cast of FFXII didn't appeal to me too much I kind of switched to looking forwards to Mistwalker's efforts of late. That's not to say recent FF games aren't solid, moreso that I prefer the turn-based battle system of previous Final Fantasy titles and need a good cast to really draw me in.
  • My favorite FF? It has to be Kingdom Hearts. ;-)
  • I think I'm one of the few people who think that the downfall of the series began with ff7 (was a good game though)

    in ff6 u had like 14 playable charakters ( not counting Bannon Leon or the other Muggles)
    and the depth that game had was never reached in the final fantasy games that came after it.
  • chrono trigger best rpg ever its pure 100% awsomeness! lol but for final fantasies i guess ill go with ff5 or 3 whatever lol
  • All of them. IV being on top, X bringing up the rear. You can fill in the blanks on that one. Not that you should bother... but it'd be a good way to waste time.
  • Final Fantasy VII. Obviously.
  • My favorite USED to be VII until I tried it again recently and nearly killed myself because it looked so friggin' AWFUL.

    I don't remember it being so ugly as a kid!! :( :(

    But I'm gonna' go with IX.
    I love the fact that they stepped back into knights, wizards, etc -- good stuff.
  • There will always be a special place in my heart for FF9 since it was the one that I started with. I hated that card game though.

    I'm playing through FF6 at the moment and I think it's going to be at the top of my list. I love the depth of the story. It's really making the others look a little sub par in that category. I really don't mind ancient graphics as long as the story is well made. Also, there hasn't been one character that I hate so far, which is rare, and none of the female characters have pissed me off yet, which is also rare. Although, 6 probably gets knocked down a few points for having the gayest looking villain...except Kuja from 9 of course.

    The order of my favorites so far...


    Never played the online FFXI and don't plan on it but I do plan on going back even more and playing FFV and FFIV.
  • Having had actually played another FF game since my last post, VI will take its place as my favorite. I just got Gogo. :P
  • Shame on me but I have only played X and X-2 :o X-2 was dissapointing though, well it wasn't but I stopped playing for a while and coudn't get back into it. I just wished it just kept the same combat system.
  • I have played Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12I and hands down, I've got to say FF7 was the best. That was the game that started it all for me. That was really the first game that I ever played on a console and ever since then I have not been able to stop. The story was so paramount that I have never found a rival for it. Everything was so ingeniously crafted as far as character development and what information was given to the player, playing the game for the first time can only be compared to watching Fight Club for the first time.

    Also, with all the side quests and with the ability to get a character (or all characters) to have max stats was so appealing that I just couldn't put that game down.

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