Listener Homework: Which is your favorite Final Fantasy?
  • well if you read my post you know it's IV

    the story line kept me playing and the gameplay was awesome god i can't wait til the remake
  • Final Fantasy VII and X are definitely my favorites.
    Honorable mention to VIII, which had a great story and graphics, but gameplay if you didn't get it made to the game too hard and if you did get it you could abuse the hell out of it. I mine you could be a really low level and be a master at the junction system and just walk throught the game or at level 100 and no clue of how to use the junction system and never beat the game.
  • yeah like stated above when it comes down to my fave FF ov all time its between 7 and 10...although i love 8 and 9...but i have to say i liked X was a game that i never lost any interest in at all..the other FF games id sit there for a few hours and play but then get abit bored so id go and do somthing else but when X came out and i got my hand son it i sat there for hours and hours playing it..its just a completley amazing game..not perfect but rocked,gameplay rocked,story rocked,voice acting rocked i just loved it
  • Final Fantasy VII has been my fave for this entire year--yes, that fan time is pretty short, but it's a great game!

    I think I might laugh a little when people throw out the arguments about the random monsters, riding chickens and airships/motorcycles--isn't that like any other Final Fantasy game? It's fantasy?

    If anyone has played Crisis Core, it's done so well! It's like playing through a movie. Graphics-wise... well you know Final Fantasy Advent Children. Some of the CGI cut-scenes were even better made than some of the Advent Children scenes themselves. That's always cool to watch for.

    Dirge of Cerberus... I'm not familiar with shooter games, so this one appeals to those--I forget if there is a multiplayer... yeah... didn't like this one because I suck at it's gameplay. XD

    ANYWAY, everyone is just waiting for a remake, and when that remake comes, it shall be everyone's favourite, because it was mine for letting the others exist on super graphics.
  • I have played or atleast sampled most of the Final Fantasy Games

    i have to say Final Fantasy VII is my favorite

    Great Story Best Line up of Charechters

    [spoiler:3f09c789e7]And some intresting plot twists[/spoiler:3f09c789e7]

  • I can never decide whether FFX or FFXII gets to take 1st place, they were both brilliant games with fantastic story lines, but second after that would have to be FFX-2 (go dress-shperes!!)

    after that... I'm not sure, maybe FFVII, I dunno, I never played it right to the end so I cant really make a fair judgement as to whether it's bad or not.
  • Final Fantasy VIII

    Great gameplay and the Junction system was so creative.
  • Final Fantasy VI

    The characters are really what made this a great game, back in the golden age of sprites. You had Terra, to fill the role of main protagonist for the first half of the game. I genuinely felt bad for her as she was tossed around being abused for her innate ability to use magic. Besides Terra some of the other characters had a great involvement in the games story. Celes, Locke, Sabin, Relm, etc, they all had great back-stories that contributed to the games overall feel. Not to mention the most freakishly evil sadistic creature known to the Final Fantasy Franchise....Kefka. That's right! A clown pwns your seven-foot-katana wielding god-complex.

    The gameplay...well it's Final Fantasy generic ABS. However each character actually brought something new to the table. It felt as though you had individual character for each job class. Final Fantasy VI also brought about the limit breaks for the first time. A concept that I really don't have any understanding for. The ABS however didn't make me fall asleep while playing it.....14 times. I'm looking at you Final Fantasy XII. :evil:

    The OST was an incredible work that can only be ousted from glory by Final Fantasy IV's soundtrack Most of the characters had a theme that suited their personality or personal struggles very well (Gau Shadow, and Celes come to mind).

    If you haven't already played Final Fantasy VI you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl if you enjoyed any other game in the franchise.

    Oh yeah ******* gambits!
  • Final Fantasy X-2, the story could make any grown man cry! :wink:
  • Final Fantasy crystal chronicles was pretty damn fun and intrestin may b its cause i prefer action rpgs like Kingdom Hearts.
  • Well for me its hands down final fantasy 7. Although to be honest I'm not sure if I'm just biased about it since it was the first game in general I ever played. But other than that my second favorite was final fantasy 4 with final fantasy 10 a close runner up. also for an honorable mention is final fantasy 12 which was AMAZING but for some reason it just doesn't make it to my top 3 for the reason that after playing it for a while I noticed that I could leave to go do something else and I would just seem to forget about it completely. the others I hold higher just because I couldn't stop till I completely finished them.

    P.S. I HATED final fantasy X-2. The ONLY reason I bought it was for......umm.....wait I guess I wasted my money :evil:
  • Final Fantasy X is #1 on my list, because 1: It is the first Final Fantasy I'm beaten. 2: It really got me into the series. 3: Awesome graphics and storyline. Final Fantasy VII is on the my #1 list too, because it was my first Final Fantasy game I've ever played and an unforgettable story to remember. Final Fantasy XII is #2 on my list, new gameplay, awesome graphics, and very intense story van make this game. My final game on my list is #3: Final Fantasy IV DS. I know it came out not long ago for the DS, and I know it is a remake to the 1991, but it showed me how awesome the Final Fantasy games were back in 1980s, and 90s.
  • Favorite storytelling: FF VIII
    Favorite combat/overall gameplay: FF IX
  • I havent played final fantasy crisis core but i think Cloud is the best character in the series
  • it has to be FFX as its the only one ive played. greta graphics, great story and brilliant music. unfortunatley i never completed it partly because it was too hard towards the end because my characters were crap but mainly because the thought of playing with a ginger jamaican (wakka) was ridiculous.
  • Its a toss up between FF 7 and FF X, that being said i think FF 7 just wins as it was the first game i got for my PS back the day and one of the few games i still played even when i got my new consoles, Its the first in the sires to be in 3D and i thought the story and characters (especially the hero, cloud and villain, sephiroth) How ever FF X is still probably in my top ten games, the only downside was annoying voices and turn based attacks (Just not my style) .
    Followed by FF XII (Just couldn't put it down) and FF IX (Vivi rocked)

    Honorable mention Crisis core The only reason i bought a PSP.
  • i like 12 the best because its the only one iv played the cut sens are grate and i love the voice acting so 12 is my favorite [/url][/quote]
  • I've only played XII, so... VII.
  • i.. fucking.. hate.. final fantasy 12.. its so booooring!
    and final fantasy 7 is WAAY bether then 12!
    well.. thats my opinion ^^
  • I was just implying that VII will always be the best. I like XII, and have beaten it, it's just not the best by any stretch.
  • I've played all the Final Fantasy's that was released for the good old PS1 and I've also played the first on the NES. Out of all the Final Fantasy's that I have played I like the VII the best.

    Also it was one of the first games I got on the system :).
  • Played all the FFs and my absolute favorite is IX. It just feels like a ... I dunno.... Final Fantasy! haha I mean I liked the 'modern/Futuristic'/Sci-Fi' elements in VII and VIII but I perfer the medieval high fantasy feel more. I also loved the traditional FF elements in the game. Did I mention the Soundtrack rocks?
    I just love it, played it alot like seriously I lost count :shock: VIII is a close second tho.

    >>Looking forward to XIII
  • I've played quite a few FF games.

    FF 10
    FF 10-2

    BUT! My favorite Final Fantasy game of all time would have to be Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
    It's the first real Final Fantasy game I put hours and hours into. I still play it today, just randomly doing missions, raising all my characters up.
    I guess what I like about it, is the variety of characters and classes you can choose.

    Viera's with Snipers, Assassins, Elementalists
    Moogles with Moogle Knights, Gunners, and Jugglers
    Nu Mou with Alchemists, Sages, Time Mages
    Bangaa with Dragoons, Gladiators, and Templars
    and Humans with Ninjas, Fighters

    Just everything about the game I love, the cartoonish graphics, the turn based strategy, being able to pick whoever you want to fight, I like having options and this is what Final Fantasy Tactics Advance gave me.
    Ironically, I'm the only person out of all my friends who like this game, everyone else reckons it's a piece of shit, and they all bombard me with "FF7 is the best ever!" or "FF10 is the best ever!" Maybe for them.
    FFTA will always hold a big place in my heart, even if FFTA2 is coming close.
  • Mine are Final Fantasy2, Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation.
    I have played most of the Final Fantasy games (Except Final Fantasy 7) And it seems theses three gust stand out to me more.

    Well it all started back with Final Fantasy Tactics for me. The grid base combat, the classes I could chose from and the art style made me wont to play, and I still do and probably will till my Playstation disk dies.

    Final Fantasy 8 was the first Final Fantasy game I bought my self, and even tho not many people like it, I assume for the Draw system. Or lack of a draw pool system, it still was a blast to play.

    Final Fantasy 2 has the sweetest and most "real" leveling and no other Final Fantasy can top that. The more use used a weapon, shield, magic spell and what not. The better you got with it. And that alone is what makes Final Fantasy 2 so enjoyable.As there is not predetermined stats, which allowed for more freedom and more control over how the charter would develop.
  • im going to have to say that 12 is my favorite for a couple reasons. 1 it is built well. i enjoy the game the same every time or even more every time i put it in. i enjoy interacting with the people in the game. and it makes me want to get all the characters up to as high as i can.

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