Listener Homework: Which is your favorite Final Fantasy?
  • List your favorite FF out of the series and why.

    Mine's probably going to be 12 so far, but I've only played 7 besides that so it's not really a fair comparison. I also got kinda bored with 7 halfway through and 12 has held my interest so far so I think it's at the top so far.
  • I have played every single FF as well as most spin offs (with fan translations of V and III) and until the release of XII it was always a toss up between IV and X. However, I can say easily that FFXII is my favorite now.

    IV was the game that made me fall in love with RPGs for life. While I had played them on NES (Dragon Warrior, FF1, Crystalis, etc..) I didn't really call myself an "RPG fan". However, after FFIV, they became my bread and butter and still are to this day.

    FFX took everything that made the series great and kicked it into high gear. Despite the fact that Tidus is a whiny bitch, everything else about the game is great and I loved the sphere grid system.

    Many people will list FFVII as their favorite but I believe it to be way overrated. Most people list it as a favorite simply because it was their first or their introduction into RPG's, but in reality, it is simply an ok RPG that was done better before and since.
  • Mine was whatever the one that I played on a roommate's SNES back in college.

    At this point I'm pretty freakin' sick of the Final Fantasies and their adherence to fan wank and conventions. A bustling metropolis with high technology and vehicles, yet if you step four feet outside the city wall you get mauled by wild animals? Airships and motorcycles are common yet you have to ride around on a giant chicken?

    That's all just retarded. I read a huge preview of the new one, and every page they would rave about something that just made me less and less likely to ever play the game. "Cut scenes even longer than FFX!" "It's like an MMORPG!" "The combat basically plays itself!" "Beautiful, effeminite male characters!" I'd rather gouge my eyes out with an elderly cancer patient's gnarled, decrepit cock than play that.
  • Chrono Trigger. Hands down.

    lol, I know CT aint part of the FF canon, but it's by square and I seriously think it is better than any FF I've played. I loved the characters and they all had an important role in the story, plus their own backstory, and motivations for joining the main quest. Throw in a hot cavewoman chick, robots, and time travel and shit damn! You've got a winner.

    Other than CT, I like FFVI (FFIII here). The idea of the "world of ruin" was cool in that there were actual irrevocable events in the game world. I also liked the characters in this game, although they felt a bit more tacked on than in CT.
  • sry for reviving an old topic...

    i could easily say Final Fantasy XI (but i'll leave it out, despite how awesome "Chains of Promathia" story is)

    I own every US realeased Square game X_x some imports, but my favorite would have to be...

    Final Fantasy 9

    ...most people at this point are like "wtf lolFF9 suxorz", but its the one that got me into FF seriously.
    (the whole chocobo game & raising was the shit.Vivi pwnz as well)

    Although FF9 is my favorite, the one i probably most enjoyed was FF8 (sounds crazy i know)
    i enjoyed FF8 100% and never had a dull moment. (same with FF10, despite how linear and easy it was)

    Then FFXI came out and i got crack-headed on it, but now ( as w/ every MMO) its getting more boring (but not as bad as WoW or PSU boring)
    I still haven't beat Final Fantasy XII, friend borrowing it atm, but it is really great. It really is like FFXI offline meshed with FFX.

    Seems like since Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy Creator) left Square (around after FF: Spirits Within flopped) and the merge with Enix, that FF has been more action & real time based.

    Hironobu Sakaguchi has a new company though called Mistwalker (releasing Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey for 360) i'm thinking, they'll be more Final Fantasy-like.

    I'll shut up now, ttyl
  • Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA. It's the only one I've ever played, though I saw the Advent Children movie, and have played a tiny bit of FF7 at my friends house. I still loved the FFT game. I spent 200 hours in-game. I lost the game though, otherwise I'd gladly post a picture of the 200 hour mark on the load screen :P All my characters were maxed and I had done absolutely everything in the game.
  • The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy 7, you all know about the rants and rave about it so i won't say anything more about that. I have two top Final fantasy games and though two are Final Fantasy 7 & X. I have also played some of the others.

    What I think are the best that I played:
    1. Final Fantasy VII (Just gets by to be on the top)
    2. Final Fantasy X
    3. Final Fantasy XII
    4. Final Fantasy VIII
    5. Final Fantasy X-2
    6. Final Fantasy IX
    7. Final Fantasy Tactics
    8. Final Fantasy Adventure
    Theres my list.
    Anyways Cya
  • My top game is FFXI. I know a lot of you may not have even played it, or think it was boring, but I love that game. It was the most time I spent playing only one game, and the most fun. I loved everything about this game. I left because the friend who played it with me left, and the linkshell I was in collapsed. It wasn't the same experience without someone to talk to when playing it, and I didn't want to start over and meet new people.

    Other than FFXI (which IS a true FF game. The story is fantastic, and I'm only Rank 5) I would have to go with FFXII. It's the most like FFXI, so that's only natural.

    Third on my list is probably FFX. I loved the sphere grid, and got all the hard shit. Beat it 100%.

    I HATED FFX-2. It was a pile of shit, wedged in between two pieces of rotting flesh, floating in a sewer line directly below a waste facility.
  • FF7 started it for me cause it was one of the 1st games i got and completed and i think without that game i would not be a serious gamer. but on the other hand i bought FF12 on the release date (live in England) and tht has also compelled me and never has a dull moment.
  • well ive been a fan since number 1.. it was so awsome for the time, i was so young and naive.. thinking the end of the game ending with the first boss.. i dont remember his name.. started with a G.... maybe? ... i never did finish the game, and maybe i would have if you could skip the end battle sequences.. never have i been upset when my guys lvl up... i was just pissed i had to sit through like 5 more screens [xp up] *press A [luck up] *press A [int. up] press A press A press A press A press A... very LONG game.. a lot of fun tho....

    im kinda off topic.. but my fav. was MAYBE the one on the gameboy (number 3 i think) OR number 5 in the states.. the one on the SNES where you fly the dragons or whatever.... but as for the 3d ones.. i havent played 11 or 12.. the most recent i played was 9 and it was pretty hella fun... 7 is classic and good... but i think a lot of people like it the best is because its the first one they played...

    like if i played number 3 or higher, then went to play the original, i would prolly poke my eyes out with the NES controller every time i won a battle. i guess thats similar for people who played 7, then maybe the older ones on NES or SNES or gameboy or something...
  • My favorite is FF8

    The reasons are i love the card game omg so addictive
    Characters for me had such depth and flare to em.
    i really enjoyed the love story between Rinoa and Squall was awsome
    hope i didn't miss anything
  • Its gotta be FFVII that is the ultimate FF, not played 12 yet but thinking of buying a ps2 again just for that and god of war, what do people think, i already have a 360 is it worth paying 50 pound (100 dollars) for a ps2 just for those 2 games
  • FFX i loved the story cuase like when do all this shit and get farther in the game u realize ur main charcter doesnt exist plus it was the first game i finished in like 2 years
  • nutta27 said:
    Its gotta be FFVII that is the ultimate FF, not played 12 yet but thinking of buying a ps2 again just for that and god of war, what do people think, i already have a 360 is it worth paying 50 pound (100 dollars) for a ps2 just for those 2 games

    Well, it's not just those two games, there's a lot of amazing older PS2 games you can play. Both God of Wars, all the Ratchet games, Sly, etc. There's a lot of great reasons to have a PS2, and all the games are crazy cheap now.
  • Im not a fan of PS2 just cause of the crappy graphics. Id much rather buy some really good original Xbox classics or rent Gods of War, FF and a PS2 for a couple weeks and play them non stop. Im really not sure of the replay value of either game so I would highly suggest rents and using the rest of your money towards Xbox / 360 games.
  • Im not a fan of PS2 just cause of the crappy graphics. Id much rather buy some really good original Xbox classics or rent Gods of War, FF and a PS2 for a couple weeks and play them non stop. Im really not sure of the replay value of either game so I would highly suggest rents and using the rest of your money towards Xbox / 360 games.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm >_>

    For me:

    Final Fantasy VII (stereotypical but its the first I played)
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy II
  • I have never ever finished a FF game but i know im not liking FFXII for some reason...
  • Oh well, I'll play along since I haven't responded to this thread before. From the core series, its admittedly the ones I've played through several times: 3US/6Japan, 7, and 10. IIRC 2 wasn't bad either, but is all but unplayable for most folks raised on the newer generations. I also enjoyed 9 a bit, more so than 8, in which I took exception to a few mechanical choices.

    As for FF7 being overrated, perhaps, but just slightly. Its a pretty rock solid RPG with some interesting vibes and atmosphere, topped with awesome music. Final Fantasy X kicked the gameplay up a notch, with a unique setting that managed success while backing away slightly from the mix of magic and technology that made the recent titles a hit.

    Outside of the core series, Final Fantasy Tactics(PSX game, not the bastardized GBA version) and Final Fantasy 11 have fans. Tactics pulled off its namesake in gameplay quite well, and it was rare to see a plot revolving around political intrigue. As for FF11, I'm sure you can listen to Omega gush about the game for hours. ;)

    I haven't played 12 yet, but probably will when I'm walking around a store bored and see the $19.99 price tag. :P
  • i dislike all final fantasys with a passion but i have played FF7 all the way though and i want 40 hours of my life back

    whats with stupid rpg multiplication too, it used to be like u would get 1 xp from the first guy u killed and then when they get hared 2xp and so on but now its like big numbers are the new shiney thing that attract people
  • FFIII (DS)

    Basically, I've played two of them. This one to completion, and FFVII for a little over an hour.

    Why I chose FFIII; my hour with FFVII was nothing but story advancing. I remember one battle, which I was encouraged to run away from (by the friend who's copy of FFVII I was playing). While the story was interesting (I had to cross-dress at the point that I started at), there were maybe one or two moments in my time with the game that I had to think about what I was doing. Plus, FFIII DS looks better, IMO.

    Still, FFIII was quite underwhelming.
    I'm looking forward to FFIV DS, though, which many people say has one of the greatest stories of the FF franchise, a thing I thought was sorely missing in FFIII.
  • I really like FFVI (3 in the states). It was the first one i played that had the magic and technology co-existing type of world, and 1) i think they did it well 2) it hadn't become cliche yet. I like how it looked as well, for some reason SNES graphics charm me. Locke also has to be one of my favorite characters in the series, too.

    FF Tactics Advance is pretty close because i spent so much time on it, and i'm pretty into that genre if it's done right. The thing is, i don't think i would have liked it so much if it didn't come out at a time when i had unusually large chunks of time traveling, or waiting, etc. where i could spend as many hours as i did on it.

    FF1 i liked, and like the GBA remake even more. From what i've played of 2 and 3, they aren't that great, 4 is pretty good, and i think 7 is overrated. It's cool that 7 introduced so many people to RPG's and the FF series, but gameplay and characters it's nothing special (though Sephiroth is pretty badass). FFXI i thought had too much grinding in it, travel is too hard at lower levels, and the fact things can break when crafting sucks. However, it's an MMO and if you have friends playing with you then flaws can be forgiven or overlooked (to an extent).
  • Lol theres not a lot of love for FFVIII and i can understand why. The customization system was extremely complicated and a lot of people i know who played this game just gave up. But FFVIII is my favorite just because i some how understood the customization system and i loved everything about it. It had great graphics, the summons were real cool, having the ability to use your ultimate attack all the time was awesome, the gunblade (which looked sick but not very practical), and the characters. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a dog that grants invulnerability to your whole party?
  • FFVII was my favorite for the story line, but I seemed to enjoy FFVIII for the game play >.>.
  • everyone is just going to say i liked 9
  • Well my problem is that I never had an opportunity to play ANY of the Final Fantasy games until a few years ago when I was given the chance to play FF10. I managed to play about 6 hours of it and I just couldn't get into it. I have preferred to WATCH someone play any of those series as opposed to playing it myself, and the one that I've enjoyed the most has been FF10.
  • ff10
    for those who say nay, just shut up.
    I don't care if the story is better in the old ones, or the combat is not as good, it is fucking awesome.

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