Episode #231 - 05/31/11
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  • wtrswoopes said:

    If you want to be featured on the next show, call us @ 888-233-8480 with a question (don't forget your name and where you're from), or send us an mp3 to [email]feedback@noobtoob.com[/email].

    uh... awkward. XD
  • Fuck me they worked at micosoft?! And yuzo worked on kinect?! Huge!
  • DrNefarious said:
    Fuck me they worked at micosoft?! And yuzo worked on kinect?! Huge!

    Yeah, you couldn't tell with their MS bias? ;)
  • LMAO ;)
    I guess it explains why they got invited to the xbox marketplace event. And I suppose that means that if it wasn't for Microsoft we wouldn't have noobtoob! So thanks Microsoft!
  • Plankton said:
    uh... awkward. XD

    That's what I get for copying and pasting.
  • Just finished watching part 2, and I'll admit, I teared up ;') BEST PODCAST EVER BY TWO OF THE FUNNIEST PEOPLE EVER THANK YOU SO MUCH TOBIN AND YUZO IT'S BEEN AMAZING! ;)
  • Gonna miss you guys. Really glad to hear though that you might throw up something special here and there. :D
  • I can't believe it's all over. What a phenomenal run, it has been deeply enjoyable to share this experience with everybody. I don't think I'll ever find a podcast duo that will ever match the greatness of Tobin and Yuzo.

    The work reveal was fucking hilarious, especially the fact Yuzo worked on Kinect! I knew you guys worked for Tellme and remember stumbling upon the website at one point years ago, I believe after chatting with Yuzo but it never occurred to me how Tellme being owned by MS could effect the podcast or your work relations. It could also be interesting to go back to the early Natal E3 episodes and watch Yuzo's body language. What an awesome career path though, from Sun to eventually working on Kinect.
  • I find the work reveals funny too since Yuzo questioned me at PAX about why I was excited for Kinect. Doh!

    And then not long after Yuzo's 360 profile gave his true intention away. Sneaky Yuzo!

  • Pretty touching stuff. In the end, the show was about friendship. Also, after the ass-raping you gave LA Noir, I am kind of glad you passed on Killzone 3. Looking forward to sporadic episodes in the future. Thanks guys.

    Originally I wouldn't of considered going to PAX, but after this I think I'll have to save up for a flight over to the US next year to do just that.
  • Damn, in times like this I regret that I am living in Poland and I can't show up at PAX :/
    Thank you guys for this fantastic 5 years.
  • You guys had a great run with the podcast, But at least its not completely over yet, hope to see the videos you post in th future :D
  • I know I've had a problem with staying consistently active, but that didn't stop me from watching every single episode when it came out. It gave me something to do late at night while I worked on my school stuff. I really loved each episode and no matter the game, Tobin and Yuzo always managed to give me a chuckle, a snicker, or just made me piss my pants laughing. So I'll be missing the podcast. My week will always have an hour void in it now, but that such is life. Shit happens and you deal with it. I'll miss you guys nonetheless and with me on the precipice of summer, I can hopefully be as active as I was last summer.

    Anyway, it was a hell of a ride and I hope to see maybe a few more in the future.
  • Without Noobtoob i guess I just gotta QQ my life. I will miss the times but I will always have about 200 video episodes to remember you by.
  • Ah, the one true opinion that pushed me over the fence when it came to buying games or not. Hopefully we can continue to carry that beacon of light where gamers can continue to play only the titles with actual value.

    I too, enjoyed the ride.
  • Thank you Tobin and Yuzo for creating the most amazing thing on the planet, Noobtoob. I cannot wait until the next episode you guys will do, hopefully there will be a Games of the Year episode. I will miss the weekly show as I looked forward to it each week but I guess now each future episode will become more Epic as they are very much anticipated.
  • I tuned in to watch this over my lunch hour at work today - I expected to feel sad or maybe even that strange hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck, last-day-of-school feeling you get when something significant comes to an end. Instead, I just laughed all the way through and felt enormously grateful to the two hosts for everything they've given us. I felt at my most emotional when the guys were talking about the future and the fact that the site isn't going anywhere.

    The NTA marches on, Brothers and Sisters!
  • Fantastic last episode, almost shed manly tears. I'm really going to miss the show, to me it was the best podcast on the internet. Well, not a podcast exactly. watching you guys talk and laugh was just as important part of the experience as listening. Really gonna miss you guys, I'll probably visit the channel out of habit regularly thanks to it being located right on my favorites bar. The idea of the "highlights" video sounds great, hopefully I'll run into it someday when I visit the channel.

    But not to kill the sentimental mood, Yuzo trading in the pc version's experience of the witcher 2 for the sake of better tutorials of the notably inferior 360 version is almost cringe worthy. Expecting that CD projekt is even going to bother with a tutorial.
  • I love that tobin and yuzo worked for microsoft kind of a funny thing and its even better and cooler that yuzo worked on Kinect. I know they can't talk about where they work but I want to believe that tobin is working at the pentagon probably not true but i like to believe he is
  • I'm guessing the hotel in Tokyo, Japan, that Tobin and Yuzo refer to is the Century Southern Tower Hotel. I loved that there was a Starbucks and Krispy Kreme store right outside of it. Epic! Also my claim to fame. I stayed in the same hotel that Tobin and Yuzo once stayed in! MEGA! haha :-D

    All the best guys! Hope to see at least a 'best and worst games of the year' vid at the end of the year!
  • dammit you guys what am i going to watch now?
    anyways thanks for the ride.
    i hope you guys get more involved in the forum.

    on another note this is a perfect chance for a spinn off ,
    noobtoob westcoast podcast and noobtoob eastcoast podcast :p
    yow !!!!!!
  • Had a lump in my chest at the end of part 2. Been watching since the I can has ps3 skit, seems like a lifetime ago, ive now seen all of the episodes and im sad to see it stop. :'(
  • Nice final episode guys I always was curious to what you did for work and it was interesting to see that you worked for Microsoft.
    Also to Tobin about Witcher 2.
    You can play it with an xbox controller, just plug it into your computer and play it.
    To change your key-binds use options at the flashscreen before starting the game, it will also allow you to change your control for the xbox controller as well.
    For tutorials push J to look at your Journal and go over to the last option, it is all the tutorials.
    The game is rather hard but that is what they were aiming for as they took inspiration from Demon's Souls, Batman Arkham Asylum and Assassins Creed (Hence the reference to Assassins Creed in the 2nd tutorial).
  • Great last episode guys. I am sadden also to hear this, but it's for the best in the end. (I'll be in Washington D.C. myself soon. Maybe I'll see Tobin there.)

    By the way, does anyone know the link to the full playthrough Tobin and Yuzo did? I enjoyed the first 5 minutes with the humor and would like to see the full thing if possible.

    Tobin, Yuzo, thanks for making 4 out of my 17 year life (started watching at age 13) go by. Had a lot of fun. :) May Precious Time, Glory Days be with you!

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