Get Your Noobies Restored
  • Since the new site was introduced the biggest question has been "Where are my noobies?" Well I'm happy to report I've found a way to restore your noobies. Unfortunately, it has to be done manually which means if you want your noobies back, you need to post here. NOT SO FAST!

    I need some specific information from you to help make this easier. Use the below format.

    User ID #:
    Old Noobie Count:
    Where can I find my User ID?

    Your user ID is not your username! Click on the Profile tab in the top right corner. Now look at the URL of your profile. It should look something like 276 is my user ID.

    How can I find my old noobie count?

    If you are logged in at the old forum, it says it right after your username under the old tab navigation.
    If you do not know how many noobies you had and can't get logged into the old forum to check, write "unknown" for your Old Noobie Count and I'll look it up for you. Remember though, if you have changed your forum name since then include your old forum name so I can look you up correctly.

    How will I know when my noobies have been restored?
    After I have restored your noobies, I will post 'Done' or something similar in your post. So look for the purple edit.

    Hey! What happened to my half (.5) noobie?

    The new database only accepts integer values (whole numbers) while the old system accepted float values (decimals). So all noobies will be rounded up to work in the new database.

    Why does my noobie count next to my post no longer say how many posts earned noobies?
    Since the imported number of noobies won't match up now with the number of posts in the new system; we have simplified the noobie count next to your post. To see how many noobies you have in how many posts, go to your Profile and look under the About Me tab. There is a section titled Noobies which shows how many noobies you have given and how many you have earned.
    You can also now search for posts that have received noobies.

    Chip said:
    Seeing as this is a re-occuring thing I'll save people some time. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to go on the old forum to check your old noobie count. Mainly because there's nothing there to look at. Everything that was on the old site was moved across to this one.
  • Me!

    User ID: Sunflower
    Old Noobie Count: 179.5

    210 noobies for you sir!
  • User ID: 5890
    Old Noobie Count: 8

    11 noobies
  • user ID: 7170
    old Noobie count: 17

    19 for you!
  • User ID: 302
    Old Noobie Count: Unknown
    I get kicked out of the old site way too fast to log in, sorry. Also I laughed that sunflower did this wrong as he has the most noobies.

    You had 59. So upped your total to 64.

    And is anyone surprised that Sunflower doesn't follow instructions? Not I. :p
  • ProfileID: 991
    Noobies: 7 or 8, pretty sure it was 7.

    Wrong sir! It was 8. Cutting yourself short.

    Yeah, I have a tendency to do that.
  • crymzen was my id on the old forum same as this one, also i had around 3-4 noobies

    Was 4. Now its 7.
  • wow that was fast thanks swoopes
  • User ID: 5267
    Old Noobie Count: Unknown

    Had 10. Now 17.
  • User ID: 671
    Old Noobie Count: Either 40 or 50............ I think 40.

    Obviously noobies weren't that important to you that you thought to reminder them. 50.
  • User ID: 1922
    Old Noobie Count: I think like...15ish?

    15. 22. Same difference.
  • ME!

    UserID: 64
    Noobies: 113

    Awesome job swoopes

    Here's someone proud of his noobies! He knew exactly how many he had.
  • User ID: Manio
    Noobie Count: Unknown, believe it was in the 50's D:

    How does 55 noobies sound?
  • User ID: 963
    Old Noobie Count: Unknown 20ish at a guess

    Or 14.
  • User ID: 346
    Old Noobie Count: 28

    We have a winner! 28 was right.
  • User ID: 158
    Old Noobie Count: I don't know and I can't check. Would you look it up for me pretty please? :o

    Well since you asked nice. 78 noobies for you.
  • Alright, let's work some magic. Hopefully Chip did not eat all my noobies.

    User ID: 3718
    Old Count: Unknown (33?)

    Come on man have more confidence. If it's 33... it's 33!
  • User ID: 622
    Old Noobie Count: Unknown (22?)

    Too tired to think up anything witty. :o

    Don't worry about it. I'm witty enough for the both of us. Who ordered the 22 noobies?
  • User ID: 173
    Old Noobie Count: 28

    Didn't realize I had joined that early on; though probably largely due to the removal of inactive accounts. Thanks :3

    Is that a kind way to hint that you are old?

    Just never really realized it before. XD
  • User ID 4417
    Old Noobie Account: I think I had like 8.

    I think it was more like 10. How does that suit ya?
  • User ID #:5224
    Old Noobie Count:unknown (maybe 11?)

    Pulled 11 out of no where? I think maybe you knew all along, but didn't want to seem like one obsessed with their noobie count. Just saying.
  • User ID #:3878
    Old count: 7


    Lucky #7 it is!
  • I don't actually care that much but the idea of giving you more work to do is absolutely delicious.

    I mean, umm, I'm very attached to my noobies.

    User ID: 347
    Old Noobie Count: I can't remember, but I'm going to make a guess! A GUESS! 91.

    If you don't care about them that much maybe I could take a few of the 92 off your hands?

    If it would please you, my dear, you are more than welcome to some commission. Perhaps I shall give you some! <3
  • User ID:597
    Noobies: 5. But a strong 5.

    Quality over quantity!
  • Letters are numbers. Mine, in number form, works out perfectly to Sunflower. Thank you. :)
  • USER ID: #1701
    Noobies: Unknown

    Might need to use my old username ZeroX4270.

    That Zero kid had 2. He put up a fight, but I wrangled away those noobies from him. And 1701 .... are you related to HP now?

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