The Things That Annoy You Thread
  • just a little idea i came up with so everyone can share the things that annoy them most. characters that come out of somthing like an explosion or a car crash and dont have a scratch on them
    2.poeple that post a realy depressing facebook satus to get attention and then say nothings wrong when you ask whats up
    3.pop music
    4.things hanging off edges
    5.white guys trying to be black guys
    6.people saying you dont apreciate them when you blatantly try and do everything you can for them grrrrrrrrr
    7.that step thats just a tiny bit higher than the previous
    9. spitters, people who spit out on the street get on my nerves is it kool to spread your gunky saliva where poeple walk?? no no it
    10.washing machines that try and take off
    11.lists that end in odd numbers haaaaaaaaaa
  • If I tried to list the myriad of things that annoy me, we'd be here all day, so I'll sum up my rage with two words:

  • I know how anti-social this is going to sound, but it seems that this word sums everything up pretty well:

  • Cloudenvy said:


    Especially the politician species.
  • Pop Music, Country Music, Any show on MTV, Passive Aggressive Facebook posts, People who try to act way cooler then they are, Anyone who uses one move over and over in fighting games, the list goes on lol.
  • 1. Cars that are not police cars, but look like police cars.
    2. Parking meters that do not give change.
    3. Hypocrites.
    4. Sycophants.
    5. Dragon Age 2.

    EDIT: Cars that are police cars but do not look like police cars.
  • Cheese, Twilight, Harry Potter, Moody ladies, subway and Mcdonalds
  • 1. People who go to the internet to complain about things that annoy them. Oh wai... ;P

    2. Console fanboyism
    3. Telephones. All of them.
    4. That customer who messes up my perfectly stacked shelf full of eggs just to find a carton that will last a day longer.
    5. Actually, you know what? All customers ever.
    6. Co-workers too,
    7. Yeah, just people in general.
  • farmers
    3.having no car
    4.losing stuff that should'nt be so lost I.E Keys ,glasses, dice.
    5.some babies (they bite hard )
    6.Ladies who are sad and be like there ok when you chat with them ( we have similar view on this crymzen)
    7.the fact I burn food on stove. (I mean come on you would think from seeing it on tv gives you some experience)
  • killswitch423 said:
    1. People who go to the internet to complain about things that annoy them. Oh wai... ;P


  • People who watch MMA and suddenly think they know everything there is to know about fighting and martial arts. Similarly people who play a lot of CoD and think they know all there is to know about guns.
  • Chip said:
    People who watch MMA and suddenly think they know everything there is to know about fighting and martial arts. Similarly people who play a lot of CoD and think they know all there is to know about guns.

    i share that anoyance along with people who watch the xmen or piderman movies and think they now know everything about spiderman or the xmen
  • having a stuffy nose or listening to someone that has one
    having to cut the grass...isnt that like a holocaust to those innocent grass blades?
  • one month ago i lost a one of a kind impossible to find hat....just 5 minutes ago i broke a one of a kind impossible to find beer glass.
    the annoying part isnt that the money is kind of wasted, its that they can never be replaced.
  • Chip said:
    People who watch MMA and suddenly think they know everything there is to know about fighting and martial arts. Similarly people who play a lot of CoD and think they know all there is to know about guns.

    I know a few like that, i openly admit to only knowing about the big hitters in UFC, only MMA i watch due to the one's shown on UK TV being presented in such a awful manner
  • 1. Babies crying
    2. Birds chirping
    3. Alarm clocks
    4. People who run into one bad person, so they associate everyone in that job career as incompetent
    5. People who think because their major in college is harder than others, they can put down other majors for being easy and enjoy calling the people in those majors useless and stupid
  • cats constantly whining, thats another thing that annoys the hell out of
  • People that use Filesmonster. The bastards corrupt all files over 100 megs by "splitting" them if you don't buy their premium shit.
  • *Inhales deeply*

    Racists, sexists, homophobes, ageists, etc.
    Ignorant people who genuinely don't care if they learn or not.
    My dog barking, holy SHIT.
    Seroquel ;(
    My mom hiding my Ativan
    When Youtube videos need to buffer.
    Zubats and Geodudes - nobody fucking wants to catch you!
    Earbugs that keep falling out of your ears.
    When good bands break up.
    People who don't "get" Catcher in the Rye.
    s.darko - WHY WERE YOU MADE?
    Jim Carrey's persistence - just stop, man, I love you, but your embarrassing yourself.
    Fucking swinging a Wiimote around.
    When pens run out of ink.
    J.R.R. Tolkien - yeah, I said it.
    Mood swings.
    Crickets (they actually horrify me.)
    Cavemen commercials for Geico.
    People who smoke pot and just talk about it ALL THE TIME.
    That girls either won't lose their footing or fall so fucking hard that they break their back.
    Donovan McNabb.
    Lebron James too.
    Onions! JESUS CHRIST, the ONIONS!
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
    Ex girlfriends.
    Not having money ever.
    That there is war. Seriously, what are we, five years old? Let's hug it the fuck out.
    When CDs (yes, I still use them sometimes) skip.
    Peeling mangoes. That's so ridiculous.
    Religious freaks.
    Atheist freaks.
    Backstabbing friends.
    Divorced parents.
    That there are never any reds in bags of candy (Starbursts, Airheads, etc.)
    That one time where the people behind me in the movie theater kept laughing and talking on their phones. Fuck you guys. Fuck you.
    Not being creative.
    Getting clawed by my cats.
    HORRIBLE Chinese buffets.
    pEoPLE whooO TypE LYk DiS ;)

    *returns to breathing regularly*

    So, that's it for now.
  • that my friend, was pure awesome
  • People who are extremely fake, and pretend to like something just to get noticed by a certain group of people.
    Dubious amounts of wrestling, UFC, MMA talk. It's all annoying in my world.
    People who judge based on appearance.
    Men who abuse women.
    Country music.
  • 1.people who post song lyrics as a status on facebook
    2.GameInformer(a GameStop employee talked me into getting a 1-year subscription, MOST USELESS MAGAZINE EVER!)
    3. Anime fans(not the anime, just the hardcore fans)'s marketing strategy(make something cool and revolutionary then after a year make a better one and make it where the apple updates dont work on the old one so you HAVE to get the new one so you can get the cool updates)
    5.macs(yes, they do everything but i dont WANT everything and i don't want to pay for everything which is why i go for PC so i dont have to pay for everything)
    6.every reality tv show except Pawn Stars(cus apparently Pawn Stars is a reality tv show and i didn't even know it)
    7.Lady GaGa(she got horns installed HORNS!!!) kardashian(why is she famous?)'s durability(or lack there of)
    10.3D(ya know if this catches on game prices will increase)
  • things that annoy me...
    quitting smoking...
    not having any smokes...
    people that help me quit smoking because I asked them to but no longer want their help...
    People that take my smokes out of my mouth and break them when I really need a smoke because they are helping me quit...
    Kids that drive me crazy and make me want to smoke...
    stupid roommate that smoke right in front of me and not give me a smoke...
    deciding that I was going to quit smoking...
    I really want a smoke and its only been three days...
    and lastly not being able to have a smoke after i fail at a song on gh or rb...
  • Karnage said:

    Crickets (they actually horrify me.)

    you would hate mississippi
  • 1. Cars that look like Police cars
    2. Cops
    3. People who say Cops are just "doing their job"
    4. People who take pleasure in your pain
    5. People who are mean for no reason
    6. People who are mean for a reason
    7. People who don't take credit for shit they do wrong
    8. People who can't read their audience
    9. People who think Political Parties work
    10. People who blame others that aren't at fault
    11. Hummers, Pickups that are jacked way up, and other completely unnecessarily large cars
    12. Tailgaters
    13. People who tell you "I have an app for that"
    14. People who make fun of you for being you
    15. People who call drug users, "Losers, Low-lifes, ect" (It's amazing how many of these people drink like fish)
    16. Hypocrisy (see #15)
    17. People
    18. The T.V. show Friends
    19. The T.V. show 2 and a Half Men
    20. Materialism (to a degree)
    21. Littering
    22. Angela from "The Office"
    23. Making arbitrary lists
    24. Panic Attacks
    25. How confusing it is to get into/keep up with comics
    26. Room mates who don't do their share
    27. The DEA, RIAA, and MPAA
    28. Laugh Tracks
    29. Black Sabbath once Ozzy left
    30. The new Sci-Fi channel
    31. Saying Mac is better than PC/PC is better than Mac/PlayStation is better than Xbox/ect.
    32. Dr. Phil
    33. Jerry Springer
    34. People who EVER doubted Obama's birth place
    35. People who preach outside of their respective places of worship
    36. People who think building walls on borders will do anything
    37. People who buy brand new cars, but still warm the up
    38. The fact that I can't carry a conversation without feeling awkward
    39. The inevitability of a shitty, dead end desk job

    So I've decided these are all things that USED to bother me, but I'm gonna work on some personal growth and get over this stupid shit. I spend too much time being annoyed, and I need to move the fuck on! YEAH!
  • integrated video cards, and my internet

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