Indie Game Spotlight ~ A Series By Manio
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    Indie Game Spotlight is a web series where I take a few moments to showcase an indie game that has caught my eye. Indie Games can be suggested for future episodes, since I can't find all the amazing indie games on my own. Most of these games will be done on a first impression sort of deal, so bear with me.

    I will update this thread with episodes when they are released. Enjoy!

    [CENTER]Episode 1: Blendimals

    Episode 3: Masked (Episode 2 was corrupted)
    Spoiler: [youtube]e9IecCwroZg[/youtube]

    Episode 4: No More Room In Hell (HL2 Mod)
    Spoiler: [youtube]O_ZrDVKqO0U[/youtube]

    Episode 5: ORION Dino Beatdown
    Spoiler: [youtube]yLE1Ozrp92A[/youtube]

    Episode 6: ZEQII Lite


    Episode 7: WW1 Source

    Episode 8: Project Zomboid

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