(360)Pinball FX 2 biolab, I am better than YOU!
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    Tthis is a open challenge to see who is the best at Pinball FX2.

    Which noobtoober can have the best score on the Biolab table off Pinball FX2 in the next week ?

    This wil be running between Monday 28th of feb and Monday March 7th.[EDIT: no-one entered *sad face*]
    Whoever gets the best score in the Biolab table will be getting the awesome prize of bragging rights, internal pride and ... a noobie! (unless anyone else can think of a better prize).post up often so you can see where other noobtoobers are in the rankings and maybe you can say HEY! I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

    1.richthechef: 20,438,296
  • I keep hearing great things about this game.. maybe I should try it out.. The game says it's free. Can I play without paying anything or do I have to buy tables? If so what do I need to buy to play this table? and which ones are the best?
  • its an awesome game. You download the game, but its just the demos of all the tables, you can unlock individual tables or groups of 4 tables. personally my Favourite is the iron man table but the best ones are the pinball fx 2 collection.
  • Hey I must of done that tourney and I could not beat your score it was in the high 6's and now I got it to 11 million by the way it one of my favorite tables. I would like to add you as a friend on xbox live i'll make a message with my nt name on it so you know it is me/.
  • Link please or how to get it for people who don't know.
  • Chris Brusier some of you got invites from me too so check your xbox accounts.

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