(360) Forza 3 - The Game That Keeps Giving
  • Almost dead on a year since the last Forza event here at Noobtoob, I figure it's time to dive back into this bad boy. The idea for this was largely inspired by a discussion on this week's NT Comcast (what, you mean you haven't listened to the Comcast? Why ever not?!? Head over here and have a listen to the wise words of your Content Director. Well, sign up for this event and then head over there). Turns out Locke has recently acquired the finest console sim racer this generation (yes, you heard me) so maybe he'll be able to join us?

    Game: Forza Motorsport 3

    Date: Sat 5th March

    Time: 10pm GMT

    Post up up your Gamertag if you're interested!

    Here's the list of races that we took part in last year. I'm planning on updating it with a new mix of tracks, but it will probably use a similar mix of cars. Grids will be set to Random and Damage will be set to Cosmetic. If you have any difficulty obtaining the cars or are completely lost by all this 'F200' and 'R1' business, let me know and I'll be able to help.

    [spoiler:f1f32564cf]The Season

    1. F200 Renault Twingos @ Fujimi Kaido New Down Hill
    2. D350 '03 MINIs @ Tsukuba Short (3 laps)
    3. C425 Supermini* @ Suzuka West (4 laps)
    4. Any A class car @ Road Atlanta Short (5 laps)

    Mid-Season Break - Demolition Derby!: 1 lap of the Benchmark High Speed Ring in Range Rovers, no holds barred, everything goes!

    5. Any S class car @ Maple Valley (5 laps)
    6. Stock Viper SRT-10 ACR @ Laguna Seca (6 laps)
    7. R3 Race Car @ Sunset Penninsula Reverse (7 laps)
    8. R1 Race Car @ Sebring International (7 laps)

    * - you can take your pick of car for this race, any small hatchback like a Abarth SS, Corsa VXR, Renaultsport Clio, Scion xD (Sunny) or even another MINI as long as it's tuned up to C425 spec. I have tunes for a C425 Abarth and MINI up on my storefront.

    Once we've done with that lot, if people still want to keep driving we can do some of the other race types - tag, team races, pursuit etc.[/spoiler:f1f32564cf]

    I'll be digging through my garage for prizes for racing prowess and also the following things, but will gladly take suggestions for other ideas:

    - Best Crash
    - Best Paintjob
    - Best Photo/Video

    Hope that all makes sense, here's some links if you need help finding out about cars/tracks or Performance Index/classes. Give me a shout if you want anything clarifying!

    The Starting Grid:

    1. Littleg (Penelope Pitstop)
    2. Winsord (Peter Perfect)
    3. Slapmedo (Professor Pat Pending)
    4. Amardillo (Dick Dastardly)
    5. Sunflower4000 (Muttley) :P
  • I'm all in, like a poker hand - provided real life doesn't get in the way.
  • I'd like to sign up but I think I might have some visitors on Saturday, if they are off home before 10 I should be on.

    Crud I gave most of my good cars away! Or at least that can be my excuse.
  • Of course im in :D GT: JustinLovesTheD
  • I'll try to be on for this; I should be able to make it. My file is pretty funky though, since I dealt with some mild corruption; there's a certain R1 car which essentially breaks my game when I look at it (I can't save or see any of my vinyls until I reboot). It also screwed up my currency counter, so I was auto-banned from the storefront. I am still able to go online however, and having the R1 race be last means I shouldn't run into any trouble.

    GT: Winsord
  • Super, thanks for your interest all. I'm thinking that if we have relatively small numbers as with last time, perhaps we focus instead on just doing a random collection of races and game types rather than a fixed set. Or do people prefer having a defined end-point and a proper competition? Kind of: do you want an Event (note capital 'E') or a Gears 'n' Beers-style Social?

    We'd probably end up using a similar selection of cars as the ones listed above, but I'd also be open to suggestions from everyone if they have favourite car/track combinations that they'd like to race. And, of course, to avoid borking Winsord's Xbox, I'm more than happy to get rid of the R1 races :) .

    Slapmedo - Freind Request sent. I see you play BFBC2 as well as Forza. That's the sort of person I'd want on my Friend list anyway!
  • I sadly do not have a Xbox mic at the moment but i will be in vent
  • Event was pretty fun, though we were two short on the turnout. I definitely enjoyed just doing random races, and it gave me a chance to use my Animal Kingdom Alfa ;) Ended up having to leave a bit early for dinner, but still got a good seven or eight races in. Thanks for hosting, LittleG.
  • Well i suck at telling time
  • It was a good event. I never played the non-race events like tag before and it was fun creating custom rules and race.

    Thanks for setting it up Littleg.
  • I knew there was something I meant to post...

    Yeah, was a fun event - we could've probably squeezed more races in but for the fact that I have no idea how most of the alternative events work. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't think of doing a Drift challenge around the full Fujimi Kaido course. What on earth was going on with those tag races was completely beyond me :) .

    Thanks for turning up all, would people be interested in just having regular Friday Night Forza sessions?

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