[PC] Indie developted title " Interstellar Marines&quot
  • About a years ago I heard the name mentioned in a youtube video that I saw. I've checked the site out and it got me intrigued. Several demos and videos on the site got me hooked to the point where I already prepurchased the entire trilogy.



    Before you go on to read a wall of text of me trying to tell you about the game how about you hop over to their ongoing Kickstarter campaign to hear about it from the horse's mouth.

    About the game

    Interstellar Marines is developed by an indie developer Zero Point Software with what they call as AAA indie

    AAA Indie is a vision to change the game industry (Not very different from what Kickstarter managed to achieve in past year). It is about empowering gamers, it's about reminding you all that you are not just passive mindless consumers, but individuals with the power to bring games to the market. You can read more about it here http://www.interstellarmarines.com/articles/aaa-indie/why-aaa-indie/

    Well, Interstellar Marines is at the core a Sci-fi First Person Shooter (I prefer to think of it as RPS - Roleplaying Shooter).

    It is open ended world with a skill system, intense combat and cooperative play. In a way all of it have been done, but rarely in the same game it's very ambitious and at the same time it is basic evolution of the genre. (Something that I hope Guild Wars 2 will do to MMOs)

    IM (Interstellar marines) aims to give players the freedom to shape and mold their character themselves. In the game the characters will enter the solar system as rookies, but during the progression of the game the character gradually become more and more experienced as the story unfolds. With experience comes new skills and abilities as well as access to new and better weaponry, and it is all up to each player how they want to build and equip their Marine.

    Just like the character is growing and taking shape by gaining skills during the course of the game, so are the weapons of the marine. In a somewhat similar way to traditional RPG character progression, the players will be able to "personalize" their weaponry and equipment.

    As an Interstellar Marine moves up in rank, he gets to choose more and more weapons and weapon utilities from the vast armory of the IM corps and customize his guns and items. If you pick an assault rifle you could choose to improve it with the shotgun extension and hollow point bullets or perhaps a silencer, piercing rounds and a scope.

    The options are plentiful and it is all up to each player to freely make the decisions that suit his or hers preferred play style.


    In Interstellar Marines you will have the option of teaming up with up to three of your friends and play through the game in co-operative mode (co-op). From the very beginning of designing this game, co-op is a core element and because of it all of the other features are shaped to enhance the co-operative game play.

    The skill system will give players a vast number of options for all kinds of team play and all of the levels of IM have been designed with the clear focus of supporting co-op game play. Even the story line is written with multiple protagonists in focus so that all players in a group will have their unique place and doing in the upcoming saga.

    Open Ended Level Design

    Game is constructed in such a way that there are always several ways to achieve the main objectives/complete the level. The locations are open ended and in no way force the players to just take a predefined path through, players will have the option of using brute force, stealth tactics and/or make use of the various skills as a mean to successfully clear a mission.

    Similar to the combination of System Shock 2, Deus Ex and Stalker. IM wants to give players the freedom to have very cool story objectives and then have it be absolutely up to the players how to approach the situation. So it's kind of the realism in the level design from Stalker with the freedom of choice from Deus Ex geared by the focus on story from System Shock 2.

    However not only should players be able to explore the areas of the game freely, the levels are as dynamic as possible, so that the game would stay fresh and exciting even when you came back again. The cool thing about a dynamic environment is that it allows for tactical choices, and the player should consider the effects of shutting down the lights, turning on the sprinklers and how the enemy AI will react to such changes in the environment.

    To add to the re-playability all levels are non-scripted and the various “inhabitants” of a location will have a life of their own (guards patrolling, scientists working, crew personnel cleaning, etc) until the players intervene one way or the other, so there are no monsters jumping out of the closet when players step on that exact trigger on the floor.

    Here is the link to the site http://www.interstellarmarines.com/

    Addition things that is worth mentioning.

    The game will be offered as a digital download, directly from ZPS at first. The game is already have been approved for Steam through Steam Greenlight program, there has been no official announcement other third party digital distribution platforms (D2D, Impulse, etc.)

    IM uses the Unity engine, which currently supports the PC and Mac, the Unity engine is expanding it's platform support shortly to include Xbox 360, and a version of the bullseye teaser has been ported over as a tech demo. As of this writing, the most info we know from ZPS is that they are very interested in supporting console versions, but they may come later than PC/Mac versions due to licensing costs. Console platforms other than the 360 are in the hands of the Unity devs.

    As digital distribution will be the primary method of sale, you will need an internet connection to get the game. Afterwards, you will be able to play offline.

    No release date has been announced but slices of the game are released every couple of month. So far, ZPS has released Bull'seye (Shooting range minigame), Running Man (Movement prototype) and Deadlock (Multiplayer death match). All of them are currently playable if you follow the links from the Community or Kickstarter webpage

    If you have even a slightest interest in the project please checkout the currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign.
  • I really don't see much of a difference between this and most of the shooters out there. Even the 4-players co-op campaign has been done before.
  • A game that has skills progression, weapon customization, co-op campaign and multiply solutions including several none violent ones? Frankly, I can't think of a single game that was released in the past three years that fits all of these. Several others fall short of co- op like Stalker, Bioshock, Fallout,Mass Effect and Alpha Protocol. If you know a game that actually fits all of these I'd love to get the name. I can't wait for Deus Ex 3 to play something like that (which still doesn't have co-op campaign). Let's not forget that this game is indie that is made by eight guys.
  • i am intrigued, the only thing i don't like what i saw was the marine design, they look like generic motocross dudes with guns
  • You can't say you are trying to be terribly original, and then turn out something that could not be more generic. Your new vision is space marines in helmets? Halo was derivative when it came out. Perhaps I am missing something, I am all for new ideas and indie guys trying to change things, but I don't get what is so wonderfully new.
  • The vision of AAA indie(publishing) is the original concept, basically saying that you do not need money grabing publishers to create a high quality good budget game.

    In itself the game is NOT original. In fact it burrows from hell lots of games, what is unique about it that no other game have combined all of these elements. To my knowledge currently there is no other game that offers what these guys are trying to do. Just like it was stated in the begining it is evolution of the genre, not revolution.

    Here is a glimpe of what I am seeing - video of CoD and IM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-6Lp-5XYFo Skip to 2:05 .

    You all might be right and it might fall flat on the face like many other promising games.. But from what I can tell, most of those half done games *Cough* Alpha protocol*Cough* could have been great if the publisher wasn't presurring the devs to release it. In case with IM this will not be the case and right now they are working very closely with the community and already have adopted many of the suggestions and ideas. So as a vocal member of the community you have the chance to actually move the game in the directional you feel is the best.

    Again I might be overlly hopefull just cause I want a game like this so badly. On the other hand they are giving it away for free, what do you got to lose?
  • it looks pretty and might be good for a casual play but so far i havent seen anything mind boggling, but then again this could also be because im tired of first person shooters promising to be something you have never played before and its COD with some gimmick. I might give the demos a try sometime in the future when i can pry myself off of minecraft
  • At first I thought the name was a joke. It truly striked out as one and I got even bigger laugh when I noticed that it's not. But as I went to check the site, played all of the parts they had offered and checked the forums, faqs and so on I must say I am impressed and hopeful in more than just one way.

    I really must say thank you Jerom! I'm not a fan of FPS games, but this is one of the few exceptions. I'm really exited to see how this title will grow up.
  • I just played the running man demo and it was a lot of fun. You only fight simple android enemies, but the controls, visuals, and sound were all very well done(make sure to hit "p" and up the graphics quality to "fantastic"). It felt a lot better than many AAA titles these days. And the shark-dog creature models in the vault demo look AWESOME! I will definitely be checking this game out. Even if it ends up having a lackluster storyline, I am positive that it will be a blast to play, especially with 4 player co-op!

    I hope its on Steam when its released.
  • Nuoli said:
    At first I thought the name was a joke. It truly striked out as one and I got even bigger laugh when I noticed that it's not. But as I went to check the site, played all of the parts they had offered and checked the forums, faqs and so on I must say I am impressed and hopeful in more than just one way.

    I am happy to hear that, I've felt pretty much the same way.

    Nuoli said:

    I really must say thank you Jerom! I'm not a fan of FPS games, but this is one of the few exceptions. I'm really exited to see how this title will grow up.

    You are welcomed, glad that I could contribute.

    Schizophriend said:

    I hope its on Steam when its released.

    I don't know, and can't tell as I am just sharing something cool that I found. But from my understanding Valve is more indie friendly and quite happy to add more games to their steam stores so it is a quite likely possibility.
  • An article was posted on the game site, the developers takes a step further in working with a community.

    It is possible to support the game by buying the unfinished product but now you can even get paid back for your support!

    Gert Haar Jorgensen the main investor and share holder in the development team says.
    "My idea is simple; I will give away 100.000 of my personal shares in ZPH for Support Medals, which could potentially accumulate to $500.000 in revenue and take this AAA Indie initiative to a whole new level.

    To anyone who owns more than 20 Support Medals, I will personally transfer 10 of my ZPH shares for every 10 additional Support Medals owned. Hence if you own 30 Support Medals – the first 20 Support Medals “pimp’s” your marine badge and the next 10 Support Medals earns you 10 of my ZPH shares."


    The "support medal" up until recently was their version of donations in light of virtues donations by the community .It was decided to reward the donors with the shares of the company .

    Frankly I am quite impressed by such a move, needless to say it is a risky type of investment in itself but if looked from a different perspective it is satisfying . Your donations are noticed and rewarded in the most real way by making you part of the company(the shareholder).
  • The fact that a small independent company can achieve the same result as the big one is pretty much whats good with this project... All FPS are clone of each others now anyway...

    What will make the difference with this one in the end if it work, is that it wont die after 1 year, because the share holder wants to make a new version and call it 2...

    Instead it will probably have a way to allow the community to make new content (like all the best game had back in the days...). Maps, scenario, guns, etc... and they will be free...

    Games from Big Corp(COD,MOH,etc.)... are not there to last, they're only meant to make quick sale and profit. And they even push there luck by selling maps in DLC...

    Its easy to see why some of the older games(CS,COD4,etc) still have more player than the newer one, they weren't made to be exclusively control by greedy share holder.

    The original Counter-Strike still has more people playing it daily, than both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops COMBINE on PC... (its hard to know for COD 4, but Iam sure it has even more) http://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  • Looks like I am coming back to this thread and it might need some updating, I'll try editing the first post. Regardless they are doing Kickstarter campaign now, if you feel like supporting the project check it out.

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