Little Big Planet 2 Custom Event
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    Hello everyone! With the recent release of LBP2, I realized how much content is being released every day for the game. With that, I asked myself "wouldn't it be great to play all these levels with my fellow noobtoobers?" Thus, I have made this event, in which we play each others favorite custom levels, help each other get stickers, and play each others own levels too! There is no set date(s) yet, but instead I ask for a sign up sheet, just to see how many people are interested in playing with one another.

    Leave a post below, saying that you're interested and we'll plan a community event sometime soon. Also, I think you should just add each other to your psn to play together outside of this event! Why not? LBP is definitely a game worthy of playing with the NTA outside of events

    Sign Ups:
    1. Slixshots
    3. SIapmedo
  • I sadly don't own this game yet but if I get it in the near future I would love to hop on some LBP2 events! I played a few levels at a friend's house and I loved it!
  • Let's go. I'm down.
  • Im in :D, SIapmedo With a i not an L
  • you cant play all the levels in one life time
    but yeah im in
    GT is the same as my username
  • westsw - sign me up
  • depending on how many people sign up, I figure we will split into groups :)
  • I just got a copy today so sign me up too :D

    Disclaimer: I SUCK at this game :|

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