Episode #221 - 01/31/2011
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  • When did you guys record this? :D
    Great show as always.
  • Great episode, guys! Nice to see something a little different, especially in this dead zone. I'm glad you guys enjoyed Amnesia. Thanks for being patient with it; coming from Dead Space 2 I can imagine that first hour would be infuriating. Rest assured the game gets much more scary and the action picks up.

    In order that Yuzo won't have to replay everything you guys accomplished during the episode, I wanted to leave this thread from the Frictional Games forums here. It has a large archive of save games and how to load them/where they are located I hope Yuzo gets one of those saves working and continues playing!!!

    Anyway, here's the thread. It's hard to tell which save is what you want, but I think the best would be the first. Ideally, have Tobin send you his.


  • Great show! Now is the time for some more indepth reviews thanks to the lack of games so I had a great time watching you guys play!

    True, Amnesia is probably a lot more scary when playing by yourself...however I think it's a good sign that the game eventually sucked you both in after a while even with all the joking around. And as a viewer of your play the commentary was lots of fun!

    I'm curious if either of you will continue to play the game alone. It'd be fun to hear you report back if the experience really was better playing alone.
  • I have something that might help you guys, check out this article about 18 best pc games of 2011 you don't know about. it has some really good-looking games, you might get a review out of them
  • Nice playthrough guys! Even if it was long before the scary part comes, i like to see both of you playing and having fun! I hope to see more of it to

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