(PS3/PC) Shatter Multi-Ball Score Tournament
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    [center:e37ae5a870]Shatter Multi-Ball Score Tournament
    January 30th - February 11th[/center:e37ae5a870]

    Between Jan 30th and February 11th I ask you, the members of NooBTooB to participate in this Shatter tournament.

    1. Start from the first level
    2. Use a minimum of 2 balls at a time. (If you lose lives and only have one, you don't have to stop but you MUST shoot out a second ball when you get an extra life.)

    Now get to playing Shatter.... GO!

    Tips: Be careful for ends, you don't want a wall of blocks slamming into your paddle. That's how i lost all my lives. Although I'm not that good :(

    1. XxBarretxX - 178,991,290
    2. Plankton - 151,280,900
  • Had this game for ages... I personally don't understand the scoring. The time bonus at the end doesn't change all that much no matter how long you take, it seems more about luck for if you get x2 multipliers or not. Only way I can garintee myself some points is getting the no walls hit bonus (10 mil points for clearing a stage without hitting any walls with the ball).... And I swear fragments on the bosses don't matter, I spent ages on the first boss just getting fragments and still didn't even beat my own highscore lol.

    Anyway, What if you only have 1 ball left? If you can't launch another ball is it considered game over and you need to record your score or can you keep going till you get another ball?
  • 151,280,900 is what I have at the moment and that was basically played using 2-3 balls in the field. I might give this game another go now because of the tournament.
  • ALRIGHT more people need to sign up :)
  • I hope it should be a great event..

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