Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer
  • Ok guys. This game has seemingly been around forever, but we finally get some substantial gameplay via a leaked trailer. Take a look before it gets taken down:

    This world appears to be one of the most "realistic" in terms of aesthetic when compared to our world. Combat also looks very fast paced and flashy.
  • ....Just release this game goddamit!!!1 i want it sooo bad!
  • aaahhh the video was removed i really wanted to see it
    but i did find this vid, its very short but its still somthing

  • The official Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, viewable in HD up to 1080p.

    This looks fuckin' badass.
  • Looks graphicly impressive.. Game looks shit though. Looks like theres going to be a lot of combat, and for the most part the combat looks like - run in, keep mashing square, dodge, repeat - There "might" end up being more to it for bosses, but I doubt it. Shame really. After all the hype, it looks to be another generic action based button masher.

    This would actually be a very smart marketing move for SE if they do this, in more ways than one.

    Couldn't find a Versus XIII thread and this was the most recent. Thanks to CloudEnvy for sharing this yesterday.
  • I agree, although it might cause some controversy about its position in the series considering its combat would be more action orientated, rather than turn-based or sort of real-time combat.

    I don't care though, this game looks brilliant. Also it's great that it's suddenly being developed for the Wii U as well. :) Didn't think it would go multiplatform after such a long time in development only on PS3.
  • video faked - confirmed by square-enix

    Seems strange they'd confirm it fake so soon. They could have ridden the hype train until E3. Then again. Apparently Versus 13 isn't being shown at E3. Which is stupid if they are still working on it. It's kinda been forgotten about as it is and they've even made XIII-2. They may as well just stop working on versus 13 if they don't do anything at E3 with it.

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