The "Blow My Mind NoobToob" Contest
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    [center:6210820b80]Dr Flibble's "Blow My Mind, NoobToob" Contest/Challenge Extravaganza Bonanza![/center:6210820b80]

    To win, all you have to do is create a game plan. There are however a few rules, as I don't want to see things like:

    Fallout 3 underwater would be awesome


    Psychonauts 2

    The game you create must be an original, no sequels, no spin-offs, and no remakes. You can however draw comparisons using other games, for example:

    The controls are like Call Of Duty

    ETA: You may also base your game on other IP providing no video game has been made based on this IP to date, so no Star Wars, no 007, no Star Trek, etc.

    You must also provide the following:

    1. A title for the game

    2. Explain the genre

    3. Platform

    4. Gameplay mechanics rundown (controls? linear? FPS? TPS? etc etc)

    5. Any gimmicks or special features

    6. An introduction to your main character/s and villain/s

    7. A backstory

    Entries are to be either posted in this thread for all to enjoy or PM'd to me for the shy. Entries close on the last day of February (or thereabouts) and a winner will be announced in early March. You have plenty of time!! No excuses!! The winner can then choose either a 1600 MS point card or a $20 PSN card, and the codes will be sent via PM. And sorry guys, valid for the US Marketplace only I'm afraid.

    Have fun, get creating, and cure a jaded old bastard that's lost faith in the creative talents of youth today (bah humbug). You might even come away $20 richer! :D
  • Could a 20$ steam game be an acceptable alternative for a prize? Seeing as don't have an xbox or ps3 :P
  • im gonna enter this just for the fun of entering, im from the uk so a US points card is of no use to me, but would be fun to take part, if thats ok ofcourse
  • One silly question real quick - can I make it a licensed game off of someone else's IP (that is not currently a game), or does it have to be wholly original?
  • Waffles, if there's some way to present Steam $$$ to people then sure it's an option, but I've never checked. I'll leave that to you PC-only dudes to figure out :P

    Crymzen, go ahead. The more the merrier. Maybe you could whip up a US account? It only takes 5 minutes. Sorry you guys in the UK luck out, blame Japan and there being no UK cards for sale over here :(

    Sunflower, that's acceptable for sure.

    One other thing, for people with loads of ideas and plenty of free time, feel free to enter more than once!
  • I, like most people, began work on a story, got to page 2 and gave up. I think I could easily turn it into a game concept, I had a name, characters plot tools and device, endings etc. Should be easily. I also came up with another game idea, can we submit more than one?
  • 1. A title for the game - [The Rise]

    2. Explain the genre - First Person Shooter when not in menus or in strategy mode, Turn based strategy, 24 hours in the game you can go into a strategic menu, tell your fellow survivors where to go, what to do, and for how long, every ally has a chance of dieing too, so you have to be careful to arm them well or not to go out for too long.

    3. Platform - PC

    4. Gameplay mechanics rundown (controls? linear? FPS? TPS? etc etc) - Controls [Mouse1: Select/ok/shoot/use] [Mouse2: Gun butt/revive teammate/heal teammate/help teammate] [1: Primary weapon go to] [2: Secondary weapon go to] [3:Melee weapon go to] [4: Grenade/throw go to] [5: Healing item go to] [WASD: movement] [E: interact/use/talk] [Shift: sprint] [Spacebar: Jump] [Control: Crouch/lie down if pressed twice fast] - Very left4dead like combat system.

    5. Any gimmicks or special features - Very realistic survival shooting, meaning your character is affected by dehydration, starvation and ligament wounds, for example: you must send out some allies to scavenge for food and water in order to keep your makeshift town healthy and if you have a long jump or a zombie really gets your leg you move 15% slower and can't sprint.

    6. An introduction to your main character/s and villain/s - [Donovon Miles, your controlled character, hides behind a boarded up window breathing heavily as he starts to calm down a bloodied and destroyed arm splinters through the wood and begins to wave around, miles instantly gets up and shoots the arm with an uzi, as the arm stops moving, dead, a zombie hoard crashes through the wall and window of the house, literally hundreds chasing him. Donovon shoots down the crowd while attempting to find shelter, he grabs a makeshift transportation vehicle, most likely an SUV and hotwires and makes away from the zombie. The SUV takes him to a supermarket. He flips a switch and the generators turn on, it's empty of life but contains an excessive amount of food. Flash forward 3 days, Donovon has barricaded the market and found a couple of friends to hide with, flash forward a week. Donovon now has more weapons, a stash of medical supplies, and more friends, flash forward a month. Donovon now has a makeshift village, tons of weapons, a wealthy supply of medical aid, a fair amount vehicles and dozens of people to aid him. That is the trailer

    7. A backstory - The USA decided enough is enough and decided to pour trillions of dollars into making a virus to target China, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and any oher country that dare oppose the US, making them void of life, the scientists make a critical mistake in moving to prototype of the virus codenamed DEFTFALL. The container holding it falls out of the armored truck in New York's time square and has backfired on the entire world, creating stereotypical zombie apocoplypse 1 year later. It's up to Donovon to restore the world.
  • mrv321 said:
    I, like most people, began work on a story, got to page 2 and gave up. I think I could easily turn it into a game concept, I had a name, characters plot tools and device, endings etc. Should be easily. I also came up with another game idea, can we submit more than one?

    Dr. Flibble said:
    One other thing, for people with loads of ideas and plenty of free time, feel free to enter more than once!

    Trying to brainstorm through some ideas, and I'll hopefully have mine typed up in a few days. Looking forward to this contest!
  • 1. Title- 7 Minutes

    2. Genre - Adventure/Puzzle

    The game would play like a sidescrolling adventure mixed with puzzle elements, while the narrative would develop like a film noir/graphic novel in the style of Max Payne. Gameplay would be mixed intermittently with these stylized panels and sometimes, particularly in some of the more integral moments, the story will be woven into the actual gameplay experience - in other words, the comic book presentation will adorn the background environments of some levels and progress simultaneously as you proceed through the level.

    3. Platform - Downloadable (PC/Xbox Arcade/PSN/Wii Ware)

    4. Gameplay Mechanics - Traditional 2D-adventure controls using the D-pad to move around, a designated jump button, and other necessary features. The controls should be simplistic, so as not to bog down the experience. This is meant to be something akin to Braid, where the concept is easy to understand, but the puzzles themselves will provide the challenge, not the button configuration.

    5. Gimmicks or Special Features - The most interesting thing about the game is that the player-character has no means to fight. His entire objective is to simply get through each area unharmed, and when confronting bosses, find a way to succeed without killing them. Each boss and area will vary and reflect particular moments of his life, as explained below. Similarly, the various stages and puzzles will incorporate themes and elements closely tied to the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

    6. Characters - Arthur Price is a 56 year old man waiting out the end of his life on death row. Convicted of murdering his wife and son, and with a history of periodic bouts of amnesia lasting only seven minutes each time, the possibility that he did indeed kill his family is there, but a nagging doubt relentlessly tugs away at his mind. Convinced that he is innocent, he has only his dreams left to grant him forgiveness.

    7. Story - Arthur Price is an everyman marred by unfortunate circumstances. Through the vicarious dreams he is granted during his final week on death row, he believes he can change the events of his past to correct the mistakes in his life - some not entirely within his control. Though he only seeks to redeem his troubled life in the recesses of his mind, he is convinced this will grant him the salvation he has desperately longed for. He only hopes this salvation will buy him peace after death.

    Arthur's life is as much a victim of circumstance as he, having seen his fair share of controversy and criminal attention in the past. His illness has been the cause of many of his life's most traumatic events, none of which he can recall through will alone. The dreams he receives during his final week will take him back to various moments of his life when time seemed to stop for him. The truth will finally be revealed, and as a result, Arthur will be given a chance to redeem himself, leading up to the grand revelation of whether or not he actually killed his family. The dreams will take the form of the playable levels of the game, with the "bosses" represented by the various individuals he has wronged in his life. Each dream and memory will also in some way reflect the five stages of grief, particularly those forgotten memories of his life that represent one of the five stages.
  • Dr Flibble said:

    Crymzen, go ahead. The more the merrier. Maybe you could whip up a US account? It only takes 5 minutes. Sorry you guys in the UK luck out, blame Japan and there being no UK cards for sale over here :(

    sweeet. its all good though im not in it for the prize, i just wanna take part, seems like it could be some good fun
  • 1. Title: Dreamcatcher

    2. Genre: Puzzle/Survival-Horror

    The game would play with a mixture of puzzles, and a survival-horror element. The game would have a "grainy" look to the game, to make it fit the mood and hopefully immerse the player in the gritty, and dark story behind the game. The game would try to scare and terrify the players psychologically, as well as physically. The game also takes place in a kind of dream world, and the head of the character is somewhat twisted and fucked from years of abuse, and drug use. Thus hopefully the game could make the game even look twisted, and allow the player to experience what is exactly going on inside the head of the character.

    3. Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

    4.Gameplay Mechanics: Basic third person controls that allow the player to move the character from a third person perspective. The game would play very similar to games like Resident Evil 4, and Silent Hill Shattered Memories, where the player is constantly dealing with terror (whether it's psychological or physical), while adding puzzle elements which allow the player to progress through each dream sequence. The puzzles wouldn't be to difficult, but would make sure that the player had to think to solve them.

    5. Gimmicks/Special Features: Since the game is based in a dream, the players mind is their ultimate weapon. In some sequences the player would have to figure out ways to kill enemies, using their mind and the environment around them. For example, the player can use this handy ability called "Mind's Eye" which allows the player to stop time in the game for a limited amount of time, and gaze around the environment and see what tools, or items can be used effectively to defeat enemies in the area, or complete puzzles.

    Some puzzles will also use the twisted element of the setting to hopefully make the player think "That's fucked". Some puzzles would include moving the organs around of a person to find a key, or a group of numbers to unlock a door, or find the combination to a chest, or something. Players would only be armed with a standard M9 handgun that can fire different ammunition that the player can find, and or purchase. Some ammunition would include Light Rounds that are best used against enemies that are based on the Shadow sub-class or Sulfur Rounds which are best used on enemies of the Demon sub-class.

    Bosses would be encountered at the end of a Dream Sequence in which the player has to defeat the boss to move onto the next sequence. These bosses would take the form of things that happened in the character's past. For example, the first Dream Sequence boss would be the character's Father who physically abused him, and the player must overcome this boss to move on. The father boss would make taunts, and bring up memories of the past by yelling things like "You little bitch, I knew kicking your ass was a good thing!" Stuff along those lines to make the player understand how horrible of a person the father was, and then ultimately make them want to defeat the boss.

    6. Characters/Villains: Simon Burns is main character of the game. He is 25 years of age, and has had an extremely troubled life due to abuse from his father, his mother over-dosing on cocaine and dying when he was the young age of 7, and not to mention his problems with drugs in his teen years. Simon Burns is fresh out of rehab and is on his way home to attempt to start his life over when a car pulls up beside him and beat him senseless into a coma (we find out these people are some men who Simon owed money too).

    Dr. Edgar Smith is the main antagonist of the game, and is the Doctor who is looking after Simon's condition in the hospital. His colleagues suggest pulling the plug on Simon who's condition is not getting any better, and they're wasting money keeping the dead-beat alive. Dr.Smith refuses and when everyone is gone injects some sort of chemicals into the intravenous tube, which we found out is what causes Simon to have these almost realistic dreams.

    7. Backstory
    : Simon Burns is fresh out of rehab, and has now finally quit using drugs and alcohol, and is looking forward to start turning his life back around. During his walk home, he is jumped by a gang of men who beat him into a coma. The game then cuts to the hospital where Simon is being monitored by a man known as Dr. Edgar Smith and a group of his colleagues. The group suggests pulling the plug on Simon and finally allowing him to die, and not waste the resources the hospital is putting into him. Dr.Smith refuses and when the group leaves he injects an unknown chemical into Simon's intravenous tube, and as soon as the chemical hits his bloodstream, the dream sequences begin. The dreams almost seem realistic, and when he first enters the Dream World he gets attacked by a young child who screams like a demon and slashes him across the wrist (bringing up his past of self inflicting pain). The pain is real, and Simon realizes he is actually losing blood.

    Simon must then travel through these dream sequences reliving his past, and taking on his demons. For example he faces enemies such as a demon who is supposed to be his abusive father, a younger version of himself who crawls on the walls, and ceiling and a version of his mother who attempts drowning him, which she tried doing when he was a small child, when she was high on drugs.

    As the player completes each dream sequence, Simon's condition gets better, and better until he wakes up from the final dream sequence and must find out who put him into the torment, and nightmares he just experienced.
    I haven't read any of the other entries, but I'll take a look very soon!
  • Ok, this idea is actually a script i'm writing in the form of a video game. but god dammit, my genius writing skills can be a pretty fucking interesting sounding video game IMO.

    Title: Core

    Genre: A kind of Action adventure puzzle 3rd person kind of deal.

    Platform: Xbox, 360, PC (PC is best)

    Game Description: You are part of an organization of multiversial travelers, on the way to find the truth behind the known existence plane called the universe. This “truth” is considered to be the first ever created multiverse in existence, in which is also the creator. This truth is simply called “Core”. Core makes all the decisions in the known multiverse, which spans to a plethora of different parallel universes alike (and the stable universe is known as “Origin”, where the creators of the universes agreed of which they came from.) in this organization, named Magnum Elite, holds special members who have unstable molecules that able them to travel through these multiverses unwillingly. You are Mr. Harold, a veteran member of the elite whose job it is to complete tasks throughout different multiverses to create a chain reaction, or a sequence of events that will aid the discovery of Core. These tasks can go from assassinations to helping an old lady cross the street, all of which can change the course of history and the future in most cases. For example, if one were to eat a slice of bread in one multiverse, in the next where it is destined that another person would eat toast later in the day, the slice of bread wouldn’t be there any longer , then in the next multiverse it would be destined for him to eat no bread at all. That is the basic premise of this game.

    Mechanics/Gimmicks: (Example with an Xbox Controller) This game will be a 3rd person action/adventure puzzle solving thing, so the controls won’t go killer 7 experimental on your ass, but it will be different in terms of gameplay and thought process. The left analog stick is to move, and right for camera, yadayadayada. Clicking the left analog (Pressing control) will make you sprint, clicking the right stick (Pressing C) will make you crouch. A (Or space bar) is to interact with objects and such, select, pick shit up. Left and right bumper (Holding shift and scrolling) are to switch between multiverses at will, but you have a little ole meter to tell you to cool it down because that shit takes up a lot of energy from you. The more you do it, the more tired you become. So travel wisely, especially during battle. (Note: you are limited to about 3-5 multiverses depending on the mission you are on, so there’s no infinite traveling allowed. (During missions anyway ;) ) Y (Q) is to put on density lenses, which allow you to see up to 2 multiverses simultaneously, but not interact with them at all. You are allowed, however, to jump to that multiverse at will. You can also choose what type of vision you want to use, such as infrared, X-ray, and of course density. Pressing X (Enter button)will make you put on your glasses, but it will act as a menu to access items and power-ups. B (F) will allow you to place Markers in any square inch of the multiverse you choose. Markers are beams of light that can only be seen through the density lenses, it helps you determine what multiverse is which, and you can auto jump to a marker if you see one instead of flipping through with the bumpers. This can help you evade confrontation with battle or become a key to puzzle solving. You can also find hidden markers around levels to unlock bonuses and goodies. You can equally get rid of a marker with B, or by shooting it. One marker per universe is the rule. Up on the D pad (Tab) is to go to first person view, and the game can become an FPS if you wish. (Or to solve special super cool puzzles…) Left and right on the D-pad (Scroll) is to flip through weapons. Down on the D-pad (E) is to switch items. (The number keys could just be the items themselves.) The left trigger (right mouse) is to aim and the right trigger (Left mouse) is to shoot the gun equipped. When there is nothing equipped, you could use the trigger to throw objects or throw punches. (you can also use this button to use items, such as the Multi-Bomb)

    Items and coolio thingies: In Core, there are many cool items and gadgets at your disposal, all bought through the Density store. For one, there’s the Multi-bomb. The Multi-bomb is a bomb that has molecular disarrangement so that you can set the bomb in one universe, and it will affect another universe instead. (Since all different multiverses have different densities and light speeds, these bombs have explosive chemicals made from the molecular displaced cells from the Elites) you can set the bombs to any multiverse you like. The Density lenses, in greater detail, work like onion layers in adobe flash. Once initialized one can select the multiverse you want to view. Let’s say a couch is in a different spot in universe B as it is in A. With the glasses, you can look at the couch, but you can’t interact with it. The time belt (Better name pending) is the device that lets you stay in the multiverse instead of jumping from universe to universe in an unstable manner. It can also sync up with your lenses or with the markers to travel to a preferred multiverse. You can manually set density levels on the lens to discover new and exciting multiverse to which you can roam around.

    Characters/villains: since this is an adaptation to a script I’m writing, I want to create a completely separate story but still maintain importance to the initial manuscript at the same time. Your character, Mr. Harold, a veteran scientist in the Core research, is a man with a messed up past and psychological problems. With his incredible misfortune in life, his wife divorcing him, his kids dead, no friends, etc; he often wondered if this was the doing of Core and chain reaction. His motif in the game is to find the meaning of life, and when he does he will try to change it for the better. And he will do anything to make it so. With a lot of heart and a surprising amount of compassion, life status regardless, he keeps up a generous attitude among life with others, but maintains a horrible addiction of trying to change what’s already set on stone. The “villain” or “Villain’s” of the game are a terrorist organization, birthed from the Elites called “The Nomads”. These people cause disruption in the multiversial field by killing important people, messing with the physics of universes, and so on. They believe that the discovery of Core will lead to the end of the universe and the lack of free will with anyone existing in existence. The argument with this is of course that there is no free will in life, but Elites can make the existence plane a much better place to live in, and easier access to the meaning of life so one could accomplish it with ease.

    Why this game will stand out: Or Gimmicks. This game will allow the player to solve puzzles thinking in multiple layers simultaneously. For example, if there is a door needed to be opened in universe B, and it is guarded by a guard per say, and that special thing inside is ONLY in universe B, you would kill the guard in universe A so that maybe there will be an effect to the guard in B. Maybe he’ll die on the spot when you get there, or maybe he just won’t be there all together. Or maybe there will be a different guard and that method just didn’t work. Or maybe, nothing happened, but in universe C, the guard isn’t there and you set up a time bomb explosive and kill him though the inside. (or something like that.) Also, there will be puzzles in which you see many screens at the same time side by side (like that scene in Jackie brown) and you only play in one at a time. You can shift through screens (Multiverses) and orchestrate a sequence of events. It will be experimental as fuck. Also, since we have not only a time travel element, but a Multiverse travel elemnt, this game won't just be limited to modern times. It will take place in the today, tommorow, the past, and even fucking space. FUCKING SPACE!!

    Look and feel: This game will be a sort of heavy rain-ish art style. I'm going for gorgeous graphics, really coolio effects, and sort of a warm, modern feel. Dark and well lighted levels, with literally an endless multiversial existence to roam around in. You know games that have an awesome universe to it? Now imagine that, times a million, where there will be THOUSANDS or even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of great universes. Ranging from different points in time, to even space and different planets, the possibilities are literally endless. [/spoiler:9402c6aa5a]

    I hope I weeeeeeeeen. :^D
  • Cool concept and some really ideas being generated. Ninsaru's multiverse's are blowing my mind!

    Below is my awesome-o idea :)


    2. Octavius is a top down 2D adventure game set in the age of Julius Caesar, Emperor of the Roman Empire. The narrative will follow Octavius in a as he combats the attempts on his young life, through to his adoption by Julius Caesar and his struggle to take control of the Roman Empire. The game is displayed in a top down 2D style reminiscent of the early Legend of Zelda games.

    Octavius is armed with a sword and a spear which can be used with devastating effect against the enemies of the Roman Empire. The combat system uses a combination of quick attacks, charged attacks and a combat system which rewards combination attacks and elegant game play. the player's ability to explore the Roman world, gain the favour of the Gods and to destroy his enemies will be crucial to successfully taking his rightful place as Caesar.

    This game is designed to appeal to gamers that enjoy the combat, puzzles, collecting and exploration of the Legend of Zelda games. Octavius has the added serious fun appeal in the historical significance and learning opportunity that a historically accurate game like Octavius can offer.

    3. Platform: XBox Live

    4. Core Mechanic

    The primary game mechanic is the use of different Roman weaponry for melee and ranged battles. Sword combat and ranged spear attacks will be the primary means of defeating enemies and this will be controlled by facing the character in the direction of the enemy and using the assigned ranged or melee combat button.

    Other weaponry will be designed for other purposes such as freezing or blinding enemies and will be controlled by assigning one or two of these items to controller buttons for quick use. A Gladiator tournament in the Colosseum will allow refinement of combat skills.

    Collecting different weapons and upgrades is a key to progression and weapons and are unlocked by exploring the world, collecting weapon parts, completing puzzles and completing quests.

    An interesting feature of the game is the affiliation with the Roman Gods. Certain actions and tasks will increase the appeasement meter of one or more of the Roman gods and as God Quests are completed, special moves, Virtues and unique upgrades to weapons and equipment are unlocked.

    5. Point of Difference

    Main differentiator is the combination of the type of fun found in Assassins Creed surrounding the experience of actual historical events and mixing these with adventure game mechanics similar to Zelda with modern touches like Virtues (Fallout 3 Perks) and an upgraded combat system

    6. Characters


    Octavius is the adopted son of Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar and a future Emperor of Rome. Octavius is the character that is controlled by the player and seeks to revenge the treachery played onto his adopted father and later on himself.

    Octavius will have changeable clothing to give players the ability to somewhat control the identity of their character. These clothing changes will be superficial in most respects to allow players the freedom to make design choices without fear of disadvantaging their character. However, some items such as a shield and helmet will impact the look of the character and will have an effect on player abilities.

    Marc Antony

    Lieutenant and close friend of Julius Caesar, Marc Antony is a skilled combat veteran who has earned the respect of Caesar for his outstanding valour and command of men in battle. After Julius Caesar's death, Marc Antony makes a deal with the conspirators and takes control of the Roman Empire. Octavius is forced to flee Rome in safety.

    Once Octavius gains the required strength to return to Rome, and defeats Marc Antony, Antony flees to Europe and halts the grain trade to Rome. This causes Romans to become angry with Octavius and in response, Octavius goes to Egypt to defeat Marc Antony and his mistress, Cleopatra.

    Antony will be a final boss character for Augustus to defeat briefly at the end of a Roman dungeon stage, and then finally in an Egyptian final dungeon.
    Antony, wears gold armour and a red cape in battle. He has black curly hair and is a man of early 30's. His personality is one of a strong proud man, with a short temper.

    7. Backstory

    The game Octavius, uses the background and setting of Ancient Rome during and after the time of Emperor Julius Caesar. The player takes the persona of Octavius, a young nephew to Julius Caesar. His mother, Atia, is the niece of Julius Caesar and part of the noble class of Roman society.

    Octavius is a strong willed young man and spends much time learning military arts and political theory. Upon completing his military training and schooling, Octavius takes the opportunity to travel to Germany to join his uncle in the campaign against the barbarians.

    Upon defeating the barbarians, Caesar chooses to move back to Rome and lead a more political life in the Roman Senate. Jealous and fearful of Caesar's power, the Senate declares Caesar a traitor and a tyrant and exiles him from Rome. His best friend and co-consul, Pompey instigates and leads an army against Caesar. Octavius joins with Caesar and defeats Pompey and his forces.

    Julius Caesar takes control of the Roman Empire and as he has no legitimate children, Caesar names Octavius as his sole heir. Octavius takes this opportunity to assist Caesar in stabilising Rome. He meets with a Collegia gang leader in the Aventine area of Rome and watches him brutally murder a group of young women. He ventures into the gang hideout and defeats the gang leader.

    On the Ides of March (15th of March), Caesar is brutally assassinated in the Senate by Marcus Junius Brutus. Octavius is named in Caesar's will as his sole heir and inherits not only a fortune of gold, but the name of Julius Caesar. Octavius takes the name Caesar Augustus but as a result, he is forced to leave Rome to escape the wrath of the conspirators. Octavius returns to defeat the conspirators and kills Brutus in revenge for the murder of his adopted father.

    As Octavius returns to Rome, he finds that Marc Antony, the pro-consul and defacto leader of Rome has gone to Egypt and taken control of the food supply for Rome. He has joined with Cleopatra and is causing the people of Rome to starve. To take final revenge and gain control of the Roman Empire, Octavius must travel to Egypt and defeat the traitor, Marc Antony.
  • TITLE:
    Inferiority complex

    PS3 and Xbox 360

    3rd Person, action

    The controls are your typical 3rd person game, you use the left stick to move your character, The right stick to move the camera, The start button to pause and enter the pause menu. The select/ Back button is used to veiw your current objectives, map and inventory when you press the Belect/ Back button the Map screen auto matically pops up to change to the Inventory or Objectives screen you use the R1/ RB and L1/LB.
    Up, Down, Left and right on the D-Pad are used to sellect your weapon and your weapons can be changed in the Inventory Screen.
    You use your weapon buy pressing the Square/X button.
    To Run you hold the X/A Button.
    the Circle/B Button is used to enter and exit cover.
    To improvise with objects in your environment you walk up to it an press Triangle/Y, when you interact with your environment a D-pad menu pops up with 4 options to choose from on how to use your environment to your advantage.
    Durring conversations/cut scenes you use R1/RB, R2/ RT, L1/LB and L2/ LT to interact with the AI and find hidden clues and items to use to your advantage

    There are some puzzles based around timing your attacks and luring your enimies into certain areas to attack them and navigating your way through certain areas without being spotted or raising suspicion.
    The special features of Inferiority Complex are you are able to interact with your environment in alot of ways that you would never expect EG: A man i the hailway is on guard you press Triangle/Y, You can call out to make him leave his post and kill him from behind, Run towards him and attemp to take him out, Spray the fire extingisher on the ground and then shove the hose down the guards throat when he is near you suffercate him or grab a hostage and kill them brutally infront of the guard to enrage him and then use the dead hostage as a weapon to kill the guard. (something like that)

    Hayley Blackheart
    You play as Hayley Blackheart a 21 year old Australian brunette photography student at Monnash University, while studing at home in your appartment when your boyfriend Alex stubbles in the door wielding a bowie knife in his right hand and he's covered in blood he drops to the floor dead.

    Alex Weir
    Hayley's boyfriend, Alex works for a small hunting and camping store. struggling for money to support him and his girlfriend Hayley, Alex turns to selling crack from the back room of his camping store and when a deal goes bad then turns to murder.

    Ashleigh "ex" rose
    Ashleigh rose had a troubled time as a child having to deal with a insestious father and a mother who was turning tricks for drugs and alcohol in the same room as Ashleigh for most of her life. Ashleigh was forced by a crazed addict to murder her family, from then on she has spent her life murdering to quench her thirst for blood its said that she drinks the blood of her victims.

    Hayley Blackheart comes home from Monnash University to study in her apartment, she begins ready some photography books and all of a sudden her boyfriend Alex Weir stubbles through the door wielding a bowie knife and he is covered in blood splater, he drops to the the floor and with a dying breath says "Hayley find ex".
    Hayley is distraught, crying and cursing she picks alex's body up and carrys him out side and puts him her car and drives to the hospital. When she arrives at the hospital the nurses and doctors take Alex from her and begin trying to treat him but unfortunatley they can not save him as he has lost to much blood. Hayley is handed a piece of paper by the surgeon that operated on Alex, the paper is crumpled up and has a small splater of blood on it but it is adressed to Hayley the not reads " Hayley my darling i dont know where to begin its all gone soo wrong, it was never supposed to happen like this the drugs were only supposed to raise enough money to pay for your courses it was never supposed to end in murder" the writting on the note had not been finished the ink slid off the page.

    Flashforward 2weeks and Hayley Blackheart is crouching in cover behind a car holding the Bowie Knife that Alex had in his hand when he died, how did she get here, why is she here and what wil she uncover.
    Play the game to find out

    So there you go theres my entery to the contest i hope some people like it
  • My humble entry:

    1. A title for the game

    Vampire: The Masquerade Online

    2. Explain the genre

    V:TM Online will be an MMO - sort of. It's more like Phantasy Star Online - where people can gather and talk, but there is a mechanic in place to split up groups for "quests" which are instanced and set apart from the rest of the game world.

    3. Platform

    PC only. As console-friendly as PSO's layout is, a PC would be required to work on the gimmicks as well as other things in the game.

    4. Gameplay mechanics rundown (controls? linear? FPS? TPS? etc etc)

    Third-person ala PSO as well. Standard hotbars like World of Warcraft for abilities, etc.

    5. Any gimmicks or special features

    The Masquerade will be the biggest gimmick as far as all of the game is concerned. You may not know this ahead of time, but the V:TM world is our world, replicated, just with supernatural beings and such around us. The Masquerade suggests a costume, which you as a vampire will need to 'masquerade' as a human, which means no visible use of vampire powers around other humans. If you do use your powers around humans, you will be subject to punishment by the Camarilla (which you are a member of, and you'll see below) and incapacitated/punished in some gameplay way, whether it be XP loss, time-out, or something else. The punishment will not be avoidable or exploitable, and the punishment will get harsher when people do it on purpose.

    Another special feature is the issue of Bloodlust - as a character uses his powers often and in succession, he starts to lose his grip on humanity and turn into an unthinking, instinctive beast. Which means if you let that go on, you might end up hurting your friends (think "Confuse" in RPGs) as well as foolishly use powers in front of humans. So, yeah, bad stuff!

    Furthermore, the quests can be user-generated as well. When a user creates a quest through their editor, it'll be submitted to the MMO lore team to look at and implement, assuming the user-generated quest is submitted properly and isn't full of shit like, "a Nazi vampire wants to eat your jewish mother, what do u do???" and garbage like that. Credit to the user will be given, and there will be a rating system as well to separate the garbage from the gold. The quests will be initially structured for four-person teams, which will be assembled via a tool in-game to find other players to fit the requirements. So, the quest creator can ask for a specific mix of Clans and write dialogue pertaining to all of them.

    The quests can have added parts where, if your character passes a check for the needed skill/ability/etc they can glean some additional information from the quest. For instance, "rolling" (I use this word loosely, as all the 'dice rolls' of the V:TM world can go on behind the scenes and not be an important mechanic) a check against your Intimidation talents could branch the quest in a different direction, or give you more information from NPCs. Having Conscience/Conviction virtues could also penalize you in interesting and creative ways as well, depending on the quality of the story.

    Ideally, the Quest Editor would not be released when the game is, but later on. Initially, the dev team will use it to make proper stories that are canon, and leave the fanwank for the masses later, if they so desire.

    Finally, the game is meant to have story, and have the best of it created by the community, so you have your own backstory and you must role-play it properly. Seeing as how this is very hard to achieve and many people just want "a game" there needs to be a way to weed out the 12 year there is a PvP component to the game. If a character violates the Masquerade, as the Camarilla punishment is incoming (there will be a time delay for it) they are flagged as targettable and can be killed by any other player in the game. This will result in further punishment beyond the Camarilla punishment, so staying in character will be key. The easiest way to break character will be to use your vampiric abilities around humans.

    6. An introduction to your main character/s and villain/s

    The main character is you. From a handful of different V:TM Clans, you can be whatever you want in-game. The game focuses on role-play and story. The immediate enemy is the Sabbat, a sect of Vampires that feels there is no need for the Masquerade, and that humankind is meant to be their prey and it shouldn't be hidden, it should be open to all. This clashes with what you are a member of (and all players in the game, the Camarilla, which believes in upholding the Masquerade. We'll get more into this in the backstory section next, but the main villain ends up being someone from The Inconnu, which is an organization of powerful, old vampires, irrespective of clan. They have apparently made some pact with a demon, and all vampires' lives are at stake. In further expansions, being able to play as the two clans that are under the Sabbat may happen, but the overarching evil is the Innocu.

    7. A backstory

    You are a member of the Camarilla, a vampiric sect sworn to uphold the Masquerade. Choose from any of the seven clans that belong to the Camarilla, and wage war from underneath the private veil of the Masquerade against the Sabbat, who fly in the face of the Masquerade and all it stands for. Rumor has it that the Sabbat are not the ones pushing themselves on to war, and some say the Innocu may be pulling the strings...
  • Wow, ninsaru's was amazing

    [spoiler:df5e1641b7] Title Noodle

    Platform xbox 360, ps3, and PC

    Game descriptions You are Dennis Harvey, a college student studying to become a dentist. He traded his imagination to study harder, this causes him to one day pass out in the middle of class where his brain explodes with creativity. However this massive flux in creativity allows Insanity to enter his body. Insanity is an evil entity who manipulates the minds of people and causes them to go to the crazy house, but Dennis's mind now has so much flow that Insanity can use him to become physical and use every creature created through everyone's imagination to conquer the world. As Insanity's next victim you will travel into your brain to defeat Insanity. but you will also have to interact with other people in reality and as the day progresses and Insanity's hold grows stronger your perception of reality begins to warp creating a surreal environments to exist not just in your brain but in reality as well

    The game is an action/plat former with rpg elements. You can level up in the game, find weapons, use potions, all the basic stuff you do in an rpg. However the levels are set up like plat formers, these will be things like jumping on floating rocks, riding clouds across different areas all while set pieces explode in background. I want to create the feeling of chaos in some areas but at the same time create surreal environments based in urban areas and jungles. Examples would be cities where the buildings a warped and bent heavily or jungles where flowers have teeth for petals, or faces in the clouds, stuff like that.


    your controls are pretty standard, a is jump, y is punch, b is kick right analog stick moves the camera and left analog stick moves character. However when it comes to summoning you press L1 or left bumper + a/b/x/y and for finishing combos press R1 or right bumper plus a/b/x/y.

    The combat in the game all takes place when you enter your mind. I want the combat to be like Bayonetta and the imagination will be the only place a dentist can pull of the massive amount of combos. You can also summon some allys to help you combat enemies, all dentist related such as Toothy tooth who zips across an enemy encounter and ramming into people until he eventually breaks or Tools bill who has a cannon that shoots dentist tools at enemies. There can be up to 30 enemies on screen but the right amount of challenge will be added so its not too hard and not too easy.

    This brings me to leveling, exp is not given for every enemy you kill rather how much damage you deal so every punch and every kick gives you some exp. This is to give players incentives to pull off longer strings of combos as the finishing move of your combos deals more damage. But you can choose when you want your combo finisher to be. The longer your combo string is the more damage your finisher will cause and the AOE range be greater. However your combo finishing move must be done precisely after you land a punch or kick as to prevent you form just walking around and using a finisher. Back to exp, the longer your combo lasts you will get multipliers, such as 20x moves done your final score is multiplied by 2, 30x its multiplied by 3 ect. The higher your level is the more combo moves become available to train in which brings me to...

    Reality is supposed to be a break from the chaotic action of the brain. This plays out as a sim game but this is also where you train in new combos or train to be stronger or faster and spend your level points. Whenever you level you get a set amount of points that you distribute into strength, vitality, dexterity, or speech.

    The rest of reality is making friends to gain exclusive combos, you have to pick and choose your friends so you can never get all the exclusive combos in the game. you do this by going to study groups or joining clubs. The closer your relationship is to these people the more combos you will earn from them.

    As your perception or reality begins to distort itself, puzzles will come into play. While other see a skyscraper, you see a skyscraper with a huge fungus growing on the side of it shooting baby squids that hinder the simplest path to the tippy top. Every puzzle rewards the player with items that will aid them in combat such as weapons or armor. the puzzles becoming gradually harder as the game progresses. However teh puzzle element is optional

    Characters Dennis Harvey as explained is a future dentist, he has all A's and is top of his class, this is because he has no time for frivolous things such as fun. His brain has been basically like a clogged pipe, imagination ash been blocked so it kept building and building until it erupted causing the very things he meant to block out to take over

    Insanity has never been seen before and changes his shape to whatever he deems best. He has been around since the beginning of time and and plans on being here for the rest of time but he has grown bored with minds and has decided now is the time to conquer, this is where Dennis comes in


    if you haven't caught on i called it noodle since thats supposed to be a nickname for the brain.
  • What a cheap way to buy people's IP Flibble, you genius! ;)

    1. A title for the game

    The Theatre

    2. Explain the genre

    You own a Theatre! A real time strategy simulation, riffing off the Lionhead game of a few years ago, The Movies, which is still available on steam. Expect The Theatre to be more complex.

    3. Platform

    PC & Steam exclusive

    4. Gameplay mechanics rundown (controls? linear? FPS? TPS? etc etc)

    Standard mouse driven interface, common to games of this genre.

    The devil is in the detail: unlike the movies, in the theatre people often need to do something that isn't their normal job in a pinch because someone is unavailable, and the show must go on!

    There are so many jobs in the theatre - acting, directing, set construction, theatre maintenance, usher, theatre manager, show security, nightwatchman... and because they need to be flexible, everyone has stat columns for all professions - but it doesn't end there.

    There will be stats for openness to learning different things, openness to doing different jobs, and openness to the material, etc. You can choose to have any mix of permanent (part or full time) staff, contract staff for certain runs, and early in your career you may want to set up your theatre to appeal to amatuer theatricals who will perform for nothing (but you have less control over what they put on).

    They more you put on a certain genre, the more the local audience will become open to that genre (especially if you do it well). but the more closed they will become to other genres, and repeating plays too regularily will lead to lower attendances.

    5. Any gimmicks or special features

    Occassionally your staff will visit your office to complain, thank you, ask for a raise or advise they have rec'd a better offer (permanent employees give notice) and wonder if you'd like to match it, or advise they want to learn another job (an usher wants to be an actor, for example) - salesfolk will also pop in the same way, trying to flog the latest and greatest - it's your job to sort the time and money sinks from the opportunities.

    Things you cannot plan for will happen occassionally - a ghost will appear, causing the timid or gossipy to give poor performances (or do a bad job as an usher or whatever) and the brave and focussed to give better ones.

    Opening night is crucial - everything needs to be as perfect as possible as the resulant media will effect the rest of the run. You need to invite celebs to bring the press in, the celebs typically want a free ticket, but some celebs will cost you a lot more than that with their wacky demands!

    6. An introduction to your main character/s and villain/s

    You choose from a large list, each with many randomly assigned stats. A certain amount of homages to famous folk from the industry (ie Jake Guildwood for John Geilgud, etc) with predefined stats will be available from a much larger pool in each game.

    7. A backstory

    You're a 9 - 5 er, who doesn't enjoy their job, with a passion for the theatre - a passion that's been influenced by your eccentric aunt, who has owned a beautiful old theatre all your life.

    Sadly, she passes on, but in her will, she leaves you the theatre, her house, and a significant debt. It's a tough call... do you sell the theatre and pay off the debt and have a lot of money to spare - enough to live comfortably but carefully for the rest of your life, as long as you keep working like you are... or... perhaps there is another option... do you have the courage to change your entire life?

    You decide to sell the house instead, and after paying off your beloved late aunt's debt, you have the theatre and some capital to get started. It's not enough to fully renovate the theatre the way you might want to, but you can see how you would be able to get it into a workable condition and hire enough staff so that you can start to earn more cash... so you give notice at your crummy office job, and in two weeks, you are living the dream!

    Break a leg!

  • CapnRedChops said:
    What a cheap way to buy people's IP Flibble, you genius! ;)

    Shit! The secret's out!! :P

    Yes, all entries are actually being auctioned in an underground gaming black market. Curses! (removes Dr Flibble mask and reveals true identity as Hideo Kojima a la Scooby Doo).

    It would have been cheaper for me to just use the Search function and find one of the many threads we've had like this in the past though, and saved myself $20 :lol:

    On a more serious note, great entries so far! A lot of love and effort has obviously gone into these ideas. Keep 'em coming!
  • February is upon us, which means time is running out!

    Are these few brave souls all the mighty NoobToob Army has to offer? Perhaps you should be the NoobToob Cub Scouts instead.

  • ah man Ninsaru had a good idea. I have to come up with the idea for my Blade Runner JRPG with western RPG mechanics :3.
  • Ah, can't believe I just found this. I'll have to grab hold of one of my fleeting ideas and get them into a post. When is the 'official' deadline?
  • When the NoobToob clock says March 1st, Game Over.
  • Title: Madagascar

    Genre: Post-apocalyptic MMOFPS

    Platform: PC

    Backstory: In unknown near future, an mysterious developer covers the whole landscape of Madagascar in city. When the job is finished, the "New Madagascar" is established as a new, utopia-like country. After several years, despite of expert's prognosis, the whole island is crawling with people, mainly because of war threat around the whole world. Soon after that, the island is attacked by an massive fleet of unmarked ships. After defending the Madagascar's weak defenses, an army of black-dressed, masked soldiers walks into the city, murdering everyone on sight. After an hour, the whole fleet disappears. This whole event causes global agitation, leading to another World War, but you don't care. You lived on the Madagascar, and the only thing you want, is to survive.

    Gameplay mechanics: After choosing your character's appearance, you are told to divide ten points between four statistics - Strength, Endurance, Senses and Agility.
    Strength increases your carry weight, increases damage dealt by melee weapons and decreases the recoil.
    Endurance tells you how long can you sprint, how long can you take without food and decreases penalty for gun spraying.
    Senses increases your chance to pick up a lock, hack computers and similar.
    Agility tells you how fast you are reloading, running and how far can you jump.

    After that, and choosing your appearance, you are dropped in a random place on the island, with exactly nothing. From this place, you have one goal - to survive.
    At the beginning, the timer counts down ten minutes. After that, you level up, and gain one point for your statistics. Timer resets, and now you have to survive for twenty minutes. Then forty, and so on. The timer is working only, when you are logged in.
    When you die, you lose everything you had, and two levels. Still, your friends can pick up your loot, so it's important to hang out with other people, but remember - they still can stab your back if they want.
    Survival is impossible without food, so you can't just hide in a corner, but you still can set up a "base", guarding it with traps. Or maybe get into coalition with other players, building a "city", setting up guard times and trading with other players? You can do everything you want to survive.
    No monsters. Or maybe only monsters? Every player can be your friend, or your enemy. Your only goal is to stay alive.
  • This is certainly a strong field. One of the more interesting threads on NoobToob in the last year.

    The three that pique my interest are:
    Arsenicknife’s 7 minutes (mainly for it’s story and non violent approach to conflict), Sunny’s Vampire: The Masquerade Online (for it’s depth, forced role playing and UGC potential), and Koza’s Madagascar (I love the concept of the automatic level up over time and the co-operative aspects of this MMO).

    An idea for Madagascar:

    I could see a reputation meter being useful here – after you are killed, you get to rate the co-operation skills of those around you at the time you died on a sliding scale from ‘Betrayer’ to ‘Co-operative’.

    If someone has betrayed many other player characters and gone a long time without dying, they have a red aura that is instantly apparent, and if they’ve only been rated as a betrayer by a few people, the aura only becomes apparent after being around the person for a predetermined time: the more people rating badly / the higher betrayal rating increases the speed at which the aura becomes visible, and it’s intensity.

    Conversely, the same could be said for a cooperative player, with a green aura instead.

    This would cause red auras to be shunned by most groups, reducing their chances of survival, while green auras would be welcome in any group. Perhaps red auras would band together in evil and untrustworthy groups?

  • CapnRedChops said:

    I could see a reputation meter being useful here – after you are killed, you get to rate the co-operation skills of those around you at the time you died on a sliding scale from ‘Betrayer’ to ‘Co-operative’.

    If someone has betrayed many other player characters and gone a long time without dying, they have a red aura that is instantly apparent, and if they’ve only been rated as a betrayer by a few people, the aura only becomes apparent after being around the person for a predetermined time: the more people rating badly / the higher betrayal rating increases the speed at which the aura becomes visible, and it’s intensity.

    Conversely, the same could be said for a cooperative player, with a green aura instead.

    This would cause red auras to be shunned by most groups, reducing their chances of survival, while green auras would be welcome in any group. Perhaps red auras would band together in evil and untrustworthy groups?


    I don't like this idea, because Madagascar is all about showing the worst sides of player's behavior, so we cannot punish players for beeing "bad", as again - you should do anything to survive. Also remember, that players need to be careful all the time, and this "red aura" thing just tells you that you should shoot that stranger in front of you.

    But thanks for choosing me ;)
  • Koza said:
    I don't like this idea, because Madagascar is all about showing the worst sides of player's behavior, so we cannot punish players for beeing "bad", as again - you should do anything to survive. Also remember, that players need to be careful all the time, and this "red aura" thing just tells you that you should shoot that stranger in front of you.

    But thanks for choosing me ;)

    No problemo.

    That's the great thing about feedback - you don't have to take it on.


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